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Staff Reviews for AVO Domaine

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Avo Domaine

Posted by Brandon S

I was introduced to the Avo brands pretty early into my foray as a cigar-enthusiast and found that each blend within the line was uniquely different yet each shared a common flavor that I have come to associate with nearly all cigars produced by Davidoff. Over the years my tastes and preferences in cigars have changed as is often the case with many of us who enjoy cigars regularly and when choosing a cigar from my personal collection I will typically opt for something on the stronger side with plenty of flavor and complexity. But, every so often I’ll reach for an Avo Domaine because I know it will deliver the goods and meet my expectations time and time again. I can honestly say that I have never once clipped an Avo and experienced a problem with the draw...the quality and consistency are just that good. Getting to the good stuff…the flavor that the Domaine produces is exquisite. The opening draws are incredibly flavorful; very creamy with distinct notes of cedar and a hint of cinnamon. Almost immediately the Domaine begins to develop a subtle peppery nuance that starts in the back of the mouth and works its way towards the front of the palate as the cigar continues to burn. At the half-way mark the Domaine is in high-gear offering a fantastic balance of flavor and strength although in this case strength is relative considering that the Domaine is a solid medium-bodied smoke. The second half is even better than the first as the flavors continue to change right on down to the finger-burning nub. In fact, the only thing “wrong” with this cigar is the price. With suggested retail prices topping the $10 per stick mark it probably won’t find its way into your daily rotation but, for a special event or just the occasional treat you simply cannot go wrong with this cigar. Lastly, if you’re reading this hopefully it means that you are a loyal fan of all things CI and as such you probably already know that we won’t bone you with the full suggested retail price. However, even at CI’s retail prices these babies ain’t cheap….but damn are they good.