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Ashton Reviews

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Customer Reviews of “Ashton”
Ashton's cigars are the smoothest ones out there in my opinion, and you can't get a better deal than what CI offers!
JZ of chicago, IL
Ive had a few of the churchills and they are smooth and a top shelf blend for sure,but more than once there have been construction seems the heat splits open the wrapper in spots and once it starts it only gets worse. Very unfortunate and not expected for a brand with this reputation..maybe I just had bad luck with a batch.
MM of Oakland, CA
A friend on the job gave me a 7 x 50 Ashton Vintage. Oh my God that was good- I mean too dam good. Perfect burn and that aroma was great...These are a for sure buy. I need to stock a few in my humidor. Ashton Vintage I really can say that I've enjoyed every puff, smell an taste.
FD of Gardena, CA
Just getting into cigars and the Ashton corona is by far the best I've had. Tried Hemingway Short Story, liked em so I bought a box. Tried an Onyx, tried a Rocky Patel 1999 torpedo, tried some others. Nothing has come close to the smoothness of this smoke. Hate that I'm gonna have to fork over so much $ for these, but they're too good not to.
MM of Algonac, MI
This is quality all around. I enjoy the Magnum on the way to work in the morning. This cigar is a creamy, mild and mellowy sensation. The aroma of this cigar is heaven sent! When I arrive at work, I get compliments from the ladies; "What kind of Cigar's do you smoke?" "I just love the way those cigars smell on you". Robert Levin does it right and this is one of my all time favorite smokes.
JS of Arlington, TN
A great cigar. I bought the 10 sampler and just top quality all the way. I got the feeling they were made with pride by the way they were packaged, the perfect construction and high quality tobaccos used. Sure they're pricey, but sometimes you just have to splurge...I will be back for these!
DG of Pearcy, AR
I'm new to the whole cigar thing but I just got done with a Robusto and I thought it was awesome. Really smooth flavor but kinda one dimensional and leaves a light after taste on the tip of your tongue. Build quality was superb but the draw was a little tight. Idk if it was worth the $10 I paid for it at my local shop but a good cigar. Give it a try, I don't think you'll regret it.
AH of Detroit, MI
AH and MM, Im guessing you are having humidification problems. This cigar has so many transitions its hard to keep up. The construction is always top notch. I have never once had a burn issue, and I have smoked over 2 boxes of them. Make sure you are storing them properly, and if buying from CI let them rest for a few weeks in a properly maintained Humi before smoking. If you got them from a B&M they nay not be keeping proper humidity. B&M's are terrible at that. You can never go wrong with CI, but take their advice and let them rest in a humidor for a few weeks to recover from shipping.
AMAZING. I smoked one of these bad boys a few days ago; even burn, perfect construction, and consistent in flavor. Even though it's mild to medium, it's still a good smoke. Pricey? Yes! Is it worth every penny? ABSOLUTELY
RS of Ladson, SC
I bought 4 tins of 10 blue Ashton Senoritas. Great, little cigar; nice 15 to 20 min smoke.... nice, smooth taste and creamy. I would tell my friends about these gems....
DD of Hanover, MA