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Ashton Aged Maduro Reviews

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Customer Reviews of “Ashton Aged Maduro”
These really are great cigars. I favor maduros and these are some of the best by taste,strong but not overpowering, with a sweetness throughout. A very attractive cigar as well that smokes perfectly with an even consistency one after the other. If you like maduros these are blue ribbon all the way.
MM of Oakland, CA
I remember smoking my first Ashton Aged and thinking I had discovered some wild secret that I wanted to keep to myself. Well, folks see you smoking one and protocol says you should offer a smoke to friends-well that's the end of it-another instant convert! Consistent, smooth, spicy, deep-oily,full bodied smokes that never ever disappoint. I buy two boxes at a time because they are frequently not in stock.
RF of Austin, TX
I smoke three Ashton's and three only... this is one. The VSG Wizard, and the Heritage are absolutely out of this world smokes. I love the subtle shadings of the Aged Maduro, and have always held that America produces one of the finest tobacco leaves in the world in the Connecticut Broad-leaf. This is a sexy smoke... but kind of straight forward. It has a graceful disposition, that meaning it doesn't bwl you over and is easy on others who many not enjoy cigars the way you may. The plume is majestic and bouquet easy one the nose. This is a great Irish Cream and coffee stick... yum! My rate this stick: 89
CS of Southern, CA
This is one of the best maduro's I've had thus far. (Ashton Aged Maduro) Well constructed, good draw and nice burn. The taste was sweet with a slight coffee after taste. I now see why these are more expensive than the 5 vegas series A (another favorite of mine). I burned this baby down to the nub and was sad when I had stop. Great cigar!
BL of Hesperia, CA
Aged Maduro no.40 is in my top two all time cigars. If you let them rest 6-12 months they get into a league of their own. Sweet on the lips, slow, cool burn. Smooth as silk. These are not an every day smoke, but once every couple months its worth a treat.
RZ of The Woodlands, TX
This is one outstanding cigar, all I have to say is try it, you will love it
MC of Henderson, NV
Ok guys so im one of those people who never writes reviews but this baby right here made me. I lit up my first robusto and started puffing on it only to find that when I pulled the stick out of my mouth I was literally drooling over myself because of how tasty this baby was, it smacked me right off the bat with a dark chocolate, cocoa, and a very mellow sweet taste to it. Very little pepper to it except on the retrohale. All in all this is the best stick I have ever smoked, with I would have bought a box of these instead of my Padron anniversary 45. to me this stick is worth three times one of those padrons.
JP of Albany, GA
this cigar is my favorite- ashton the #50. just wish i could afford to smoke them every day
JG of Garden Grove, CA
Mellow, round in flavour and aroma, this is an exceptionaly good Maduro. From experience I can say that if you want a good cigar, you will never go wrong as long as that cigar is an Ashton.
JS of Arlington, TN
My wife gave me an Ashton Sampler for Christmas 2011. She knew I loved the VSG and thought I would appreciate the sampler pack. They have been nesting in my humidor for over 6 months. The VSG was the first one I tried. I was not disappointed. Tonight I tried the Aged Maduro. OMG. I am a big fan of CAO maduro Churchill. This my friends, was even better! Cool draw, sweet taste, with a hint of coffee. It burned perfectly. It was a 45 minute cigar of pure smoking pleasure. At $250.00 plus a box, they are a little steep. But, are certainly worth it. If you like a maduro, give it a try. A 5 pack is about $55.00. Will I smoke 3 a day? No. But, for a once a week special cigar, this is the one! Sit back with a glass of merlot, torch the end and enjoy life. I am 63. Slow down, love the people around you, and take the time to celebrate life with a truly wonderful cigar. Be good to yourself. You deserve it!
Ashton outdid theirselves on this maduro folks. Do yourself a favor and open up your wallet to try these gems. If you like a mild-medium maduro you have to try one!!
AF of Minneapolis, MN
One of my all-time favorite cigars. The first one I had I was thinking to myself this is what a cigar should be. Excellent taste, excellent burn. It reminded me of the cigar store that I used to go to with my dad in the 80s.