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Arganese Cafe Dominicana Reviews

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Customer Reviews of “Arganese Cafe Dominicana”
Great taste and great quality. Thoroughly enjoyed the cigar to the last inch.
JG of Cookeville, TN
I got one of these in a 10 cigar sampler from CI months ago. The label didn't look too enticing so it went into the bottom of my humidor for a long winter's rest. I finally decided to fire this one up so I retrieved it from the dark place and went to my back deck with a cutter, lighter and adult beverage. It had to have been 10 minutes before I lit this this guy up, just letting the flavors from the perfect Connecticut wrapper dance on my taste buds. After I lit it, I wondered why I ignored it for so long. That flavors are wonderful in this very mild coffee infused cigar. I prefer mild flavors... I love coffee... This is a match made in heaven for me. My full box of 12 just arrived yesterday.
SS of Huntington, IN
This is a great cigar. It's mild and satisfying. If you're not sure, try it.
KK of Martinsville, IN
Excellent cigar. One of the best infused I've ever tried. Whenever I fire one up, folks around me comment on how great they smell. Exceptionally good quality and even burn. A bit pricey but worth it.
TM of Ellicott City, MD
Great cigar. Good flavor.
DL of McCutcheon Field, NC
This is an incredible cigar. It blends natural espresso and chocolate flavors with a natural sweetness. This is the sweet flavored cigar that isn't a flavored cigar. Highly recommend this if you like a naturally sweet cigar with incredible flavor.
I really like the flavor of these cigars and the aroma is outstanding. However the construction is so tight they are difficult to actually smoke. I am going to let them rest for awhile and see if that helps. I would purchase again if the price is right simply because of the flavor.
JS of Ocean Springs, MS
Great constructed cigar! Hints of chocolate, coffee and cream. For the price they can't be beat!
JA of Middletown, NY
Outstanding coffee infused cigar, not sweet, wonderful flavors coming thru, unsweetened chocolate, coffee, wonderful tobacco flavor, stays consistent thru the burn. I will buy again! Thank you CI.
MS of Muncie, IN
Simply delicious. Awesome with the morning coffee and flavor lasts throughout! Very pleased with this one!
DR of Portsmouth, VA
This is one of my favorite cigars, however, majority of orders I've purchased are rolled too tight making it hard to enjoy this cigar. Taste smell and price are all great but still rolled too tight to enjoy. Probably won't order again!
JR of Beech Bottom, WV