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Customer Reviews of “Arturo Fuente”

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A very well made cigar (Arturo Fuente), with a strong flavor not for a weak pallet.
AF Chateau Maduro... Great smoke (Arturo Fuente). Slow burn, plenty of smoke. Hearty, refined taste right to the nub. Excellent!
By far the best cigar (Arturo Fuente) for the money. Smooth drawing and well made. 8-5-8s are my favorite
Just had a couple of "Fuente Fuente OPUS X" (Arturo Fuente)stogies and must say there were superb smokes! Any of the Fuentes is a good smoke for the money.
Ok, I know you guys at times at CI have thought that A. Fuente's were over rated and you have suggested alternative less expensive, lets call them better value cigars. And at time I have agreed, Opus is quite expensive and anyone with any patience can have a great ages cigar if they just wait, and not have to spend some $20+ a stick. I have an Anejo in my box now that I cant wait to have on a very special occasion, and I am sure that it will be wonderful albeit not worth the $30 it cost. But i do have to say that the 858 and the Gran Reserve Churchill are very worth their price. They are not astronomical smokes like the Anejo or the Opus yet they exude great flavor and aroma that goes along with their value. I had the joy of having a Fuente Churchill just the other night right out of th box and it was quite lovely. Nice burn, great draw and great flavor through and through. Not a smoke that changes and jumps around, just one that stayed consistent throughout. I would highly recommend some of the lower line Fuente's anyday. And at CI's lower prices $100+ for a box of premium cigars is by no means outrageous. Try them I think you will be quite happy.
One word comes to mind when I think of Fuente... Consistency Without question, Fuente is the most consistent brand of cigar I smoke. I don't think I've ever had a bad one, and I've smoked a lot of them, all sorts of shapes and sizes. They virtually never tunnel nor canoe, nor do they ever irritate the throat, and the draw is nearly always perfect... Seems to me a lot of time is taken to guarantee quality both of the tobacco and the roll.. Bottom line - Overall, Fuentes quality is top knotch and although there certainly are more flavorful cigars out there, Fuente is not far off the pace and they remain so consistent in terms of quality, I easily smoke more of them than any other top shelf brand..
There is always at least a couple of AF's (Arturo Fuente) Royal salutes in my humidor. I call it the magic cigar. It shifts flavors 4 different times. It starts out a little spicy from the cedar wrap. Then it immediatly shifts into a macchiatto flavor,then to espresso. The magic comes when at about 2 inches from the nub it moves to coffee with sweet cream. A magic cigar at a magic price.
I don't think I've ever had a Fuente cigar I haven't enjoyed. Always beautifully made and flavourful. Can't go wrong.
A. Fuente...Churchill 7.5x48 was a pleasant mild smoke with a quality construction. Great morning cigar, even burn, and a nice aroma. This stick has enough body and flavor to satisfy the palate and leaves you wanting another. Good stick to share with your free loading buddies and even the ladies might enjoy this one. A pleasant smoke in every way....The flavor (almost) approaches a Casa Torano or Perdomo Cabinet Series Champagne.
Double Chateau (Arturo Fuente) is the best smoke for a round of golf bar none. Has a smooth but distinct flavor that is not matched by any cigar in my humidor (I carry about 8 brands at a time). You will not be caught saying "I can't taste my smoke". Ever so slight bitterness to the wrapper keeps you lips kickin.
Arturo Fuente's have never let me down. A delightful smoke with an exquisite taste and wonderful aroma. I prefer the Double Chateaus with a tasty libation. And for those times when I just want to relax; a Canon fills the bill. I've tried others...Montecristo's, Macadnudos, Guhrkas and others, but I still come back to the Fuente's. For my money and taste a leader by far. I have never had a bad Fuente.
AF (Arturo Fuente) has been one of my favorites for many years. One exceptional smoke for the money.
Looking for an everyday cigar I ordered a box of curlyheads.(Arturo Fuente) Nice for the price.
I have to agree with the "86" rating and I am a longtime AF smoker.
I have smoked quite a few of the Arturo Fuente cigars and to be honest with you I really don't see what all the excitement is with their cigars. Don't get me wrong, I like them and don't have anything bad to say about them well maybe one thing, (I do feel they are a little over priced). I really don't see why everyone puts them in such high admiration, sure they are a nice smoke with good taste and made exceptionally well, but there are a lot of other brands out there that are much better than a lot of theirs and they are less costly then a lot of their cigars are. I could name several cigars on the market that are better than the Arturo Fuente cigar and they are a better buy for the money but I will not start a debate right now. No doubt I will get those of you that will debate my thoughts on them but we all have our opinions on the cigars we smoke. I like them but I don't put them above other cigars that cost less then they do.
I have been smoking cigars for years now, and Arturo Fuente is NOTHING of what it used to be. They should be ashamed of themselves for demanding such a high price for their sticks. I picked up some Hemingway Short Stories and Chateau Naturals at my local Brick and Mortar while waiting on my C.I. shipment. The short stories wrappers are so delicate the slightest abrasion will send flakes of it flying off and as you smoke it about halfway down both of their wrappers came unraveled. Oh and did I mention I had to use a drawpoker on both of them as they were so tight you couldn't draw through them. Now on to the Chateau Fuente Natural...Pre light aroma ehhh, upon toasting and first light OMG it literally smelled like cow manure and dried grass, I almost gagged and even my wife freaked out and she tolerates my cigars quite well, I had to put it out. From here on out I will never purchase another AF cigar, they are nothing more than an overrated shadow of their former self.
The Arturo Fuente is just an average cigar, nothing to jump around about. It wasn't too complex, but lit and smoked well. Meh....
I remember smoking this brand a few months ago and it was excellent but now their different. The wrapper slightly comes apart. It also looks and feel loose. They need better quality control. Don't get confused it's still a good tasty cigar. As for me I'll move on an try other brands. Then maybe I'll purchase later down the road an see if their quality has improve.
I tried one just recently. Not bad an not great just good enough. Strange how there were no band. I was hoping for one to add to my collection. They burn just fine an the aroma smells great. The flavor was okay for me that is. I had no problems with the draw. The construction are perfect. I'm going leave the rest in the humidor for awhile. I know for others will love this one but for me it's just a change of flavor from time too time. There nothing wrong it's just not one of my favorites or maybe with a little age it might be different.
Mmm... This cigar (A. Fuente candela) is always kept in rotation. Not the absolute best smoke ever, but I enjoy the subtle change the candela provides me. It's smooth, and burns super nice. It has its own little unique 'green' flavor that really is unique.
The candela 8-5-8 is a gem, super mild with that fire cured taste that is unique to this type of wrapper. A bit expensive but worth extra coin.
A new favorite - the 858 natural. Wow. The complexity of this cigar is impressive. At least two round trips between spicy and sweet. Definitely a new regular.
Every Thursday after work, I go to the humidor and reach for the Rothschild Maduro. I grab my flask full of Jameson and take a drive to the beach.... do at your own risk. This smoke is a great week wind me down, full of spices and a leathery blend that lasts right to the nub. This, my friends is heaven, of course till the wife starts calling, but that half hour is fantastic. I highly recommend the Fuente Maduro if you appreciate a full flavored lip numbing smoke. The finer things in life.....
Love this smoke. The Chateau Fuente Maduro is a fabulous cigar. I have enjoyed them for many years. The only possible thing that could be better are the old double Maduro's, but those are a thing of the past. Enjoyable smoke vs. value Arturo Fuente is among the best. Get a few, relax and enjoy. A perfect companion to a nice Small Batch Bourbon.
This is one of my favorite
I am probably in for the same flogging as Steve-O. I just finshed my third sample of the Fuente Chateau Robusto. First, I have to say this cigar has a bit more strength to it than some Fuentes I have had, and the flavor was pretty decent. Here are the "buts"... But, there was a grassiness that I did not enjoy. But, it was a one-note cigar; I did not get any real evolution in the flavor other than some unpleasant bitterness in the last third. Not too exciting. I will say that it was a solid medium-bodied blend, great burn and draw, and had an okay flavor profile....
I am new to cigar smoking, but i loved these. If this is cigar smoking, then I am hooked. Arturo Fuente for me.
8-5-8 Natural or Maduro are one of my favorite sticks. Long ashes my friends.
One of my long-time faves for almost two decades: Maduro Canone. A 2-3 hour smoke! Recently, smoke it less as I gravitate to stronger Nic offerings. But still a treat whenever I burn one! This one NEVER disappoints!
I normally lean towards more budget end cigars, but my local shop was out of my staple. However, they were having a New Years sale so I decided to go on a palate adventure with some nicer cigars. I ended up smoking two of these that day. The time after I bought a couple more, then decided to just take home the remaining nine. Very nice construction, burns evenly, great taste, nice smell. I'll be ordering a box of these when there's room in my humidor.
Great cigar! Good construction,even burn, great flavor. I ordered a five pack of the maderos. First one I smoked had my heading spinning when I got through with it. The second one I just finished up smoking after it had been in my humidor for a couple of weeks. I smoked it down to the nub! Delicious cigar!
Breva royale: I bought these on a whim. They were easy light easy draw but left a lot for want of a decent cigar. First third gives a ashen after-taste and the last 2/3 are harsh and short on flavor. I will stick with the 8-5-8s if I chose Fuentes again.
The cigar has hints of wet dog, yes, Thats the word that comes to mind when i light one up. They should have called it Labrador.
Really like the Cheteau Madura
The Arturo Fuente 8-5-8 and Cuban Corona are undisputed masterpieces, but to me the unsung hero of the Gran Reserva series is the Exquisito, the cigar that made me a lifelong Fuente loyalist in the first place. This little cigarillo packs all the power, nuance, & complexity of the Gran Reserva blend into its tiny 4.5 x 33 frame, and in my estimation it — along with the slightly larger Punch Bolo— are the best small cigars money can buy. Like the Bolo, the Exquisito is a perfect scaled-down representation of the series as a whole. Try it in either the natural Cameroon or the maduro Broadleaf wrapper — you won't be disappointed. It's basically a 25-minute synopsis of the Fuente Churchill. It is THAT good.
A really good 20 minute cigar for the price. My wife doesn't let me smoke in the house and, let's face it, it gets really hot in Texas this time of year. So I can enjoy a really good cigar in a short time with a great price too.
Very good cigar. Will be ordering more of these. Super smooth!
The Cameroon was my taste. Not smooth, medium body with a harsh tobacco finish. Not great. (3/10)
Great smoke. Quality build, even burn, nice mild strength. I absolutely love smoking these and wish I had a bigger humidor so I could store a whole box.
This is my standard smoke at the house or the golf course. They are my standing order. 4*
The most reliable 1st class smoke.
Smooth and enjoying stick; A stoggie that you can enjoy whether you are on the golf course or just chillin' in your backyard.
The 8-5-8 is THE cigar that made me a cigar smoker. I'm a maduro smoker, but the Natural wrapper is just as good on to me on this one. Also, for a cheap stick, the Curlyhead Deluxe Maduro is my go to.
I haven't had a FUENTE I didn't like yet. Every one has been perfect from the construction to the burn. Can't get enough; keep them coming please.
I had the A. Fuente Grand Reserve and it was a smooth taste with a rich smell. I originally thought b/c of the dark roast of the wrap it was going to be a full taste with a tobacco after taste, but none whatsoever. Love it.
Always a favorite every day smoke for me. A lighter smoke for summer time. Even draw and tastes great. Consistent box after box.
Ok, I try many cigars, and by far Arturo Fuente has impressed me the most from the humidifier package on the box to the cigars themselves. Great smoke, consistent burn, and great taste. I'm glad I got them. I'll be buying more in the future.
The Double Chateau is one of my favorite cigars and in my opinion, the best offering from AF for the money. These cigars are very smooth from start to finish and are complimented with any beverage from a nice single malt to coffee after dinner. This is one cigar that everyone should try at least once.
These are all strong cigars despite the description. They are excellent, but be aware you may go down for the count if not a seasoned smoker.
I've always been a Arturo Fuente fan. I like the 8-5-8. Always know it will be a quality cigar finely constructed.
Great taste! It came fresh and fast!
Found cigars a pleasurable smoke, but, they burned very uneven.