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Al Capone Reviews

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Overall Rating 4.88888888888889 out of 5 Based on 9 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “Al Capone”

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5 out of 5
Good service and fast delivery
Good service and fast delivery
5 out of 5
Al Capone sweets filters
I enjoy the Al Capones - for being filtered, not too sweet, mildness and size
5 out of 5
Great Business
5 out of 5
Al Capone Sweets
LOVE these little devils. Unfortunately, CI sent me a Vendor Rack of 2 packs instead of 10 packs so they were a bit of a pain to carry. Good smoke, decent price.
5 out of 5
Only place i order from..
Great deals n prices with quick delivery...Either I order or if I'm in PA I'll hit the shop.. Great place ta enjoy a drink n a smoke while walking around the store..
5 out of 5
Always reliable
All my transactions with CI have been timely and efficient, not to mention economical. Looking forward to a continued relationship.
5 out of 5
best prices and best quality.
I love the Al Capone sweets as a daily smoke. Always come to me fresh and shipping is fast.
5 out of 5
Al Capone Master
Great service and stock of Al Capone comment!
4 out of 5
Good little smokes, but expensive.
Good little smokes, but expensive.
Customer Testimonials
Capones are very delightful and smooth Perfect for the occasions that call for a small cigar and the aroma is pleasing
i like Al Capone cigars
i liked these little guys (Al Capone). I got the cognac dipped ones and the tasted great for such a cheap little thing. smoke was nice and thick. this is a fun little smoke.
The "Al Capone"......good thing he's not alive now. Too sweet, too hot, too bad, really bad.
When do you plan on getting more (Al Capone) in stock?!!!
Al Capone is unequaled when it comes to cigarillos.
Al Capones are great. they are a great little smoke. the cognac diped are the best. thet are my replacement for cigarettess and most other cigars. i wished the came out with a full isze cigar!!!
I tried the regular and rum flavored. I thought the rum was too harsh and the regular was marginally tolerable but I wouldn't buy them again.
Al Capones are a good cigar if you're in a pinch and need that nicotine to make it through. Be aware that they burn pretty hot though. I wouldn't spend the money on the rum or regular ones though.
The Cognac is the way to go. I love the size for my ride home from work and sitting out after a barbeque with the guys. They all loved the smoothness and taste. I was paying $11/box of 10 in gas stations, but no more. I would recommend these because you can inhale, and I have never coughed. Enjoy!
These are great little cigars for a quick 5-10 minute break. the only down side is that the large pack is NOT the standard 10 pack hard case brick, they come in a stand that is a sales display set and 2 packs. The quality is still great though as with all CI merchandise.
Best little cigar I've found! Be sure to get the sweets! These things taste sweet, smoke is very mild and I could easily smoke a pack of these a day if I didn't watch myself! I inhale these and have never come close to coughing! You won't be disappointed!
I Love the Al Capone Sweets (non filter). There Smooth, Taste Good, & Smell Good! Cant go wrong buying them! I go Through about a Brick of them every 2 weeks.
First thing I ever smoked was the Al Capone Rum and now am a huge fan of all their products.
Have had a few 10-packs of the cognac non-filtered. Originally bought because the hard packs looked liked they would fit well in my jacket pocket while on my motorcycle. Burn hot and are on the sweeter side, certainly wouldn't make it my daily smoke, but I've enjoyed the ones I've had.
These are my favorite smokes. I really enjoy the flavor and aroma of these. They are very mild but taste great. I smoke these daily instead of cigarettes. Much to my wifes dismay I must add.