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Customer Reviews of “Alec Bradley American Sun Grown”
“Superb cigar in the fashion of Tatuaje or Illusione. And at this price? Phenomenal! It has all my fave flavors that a nice cigar should have and a powerful stick. Kudos Alec Bradley folks.”
PK of Milwaukee, WI
“I almost hate to let the cat out of the bag on this one. $80 something a box? They smoke like $200 a box cigars. I've only had the corona size and it was awesome. Complex and flavorful, not a single harsh note and it didn't get hot until it was a half inch nub. The best stick for the money, hands down, and I've sampled hundreds of different cigars. Yeah, you NEED to try these.”
JG of Watkins Glen, NY
“The AB American Sun Grown is a fantastic smoke. In my opinion every bit on par with the Ashton VSG for less than half the price. I work for a cigar shop here in VA and this is absolutely a regular go to smoke!”
BM of Williamsburg, VA
“I tried the Alec Bradley American Sun Grown last month and since I have smoked at least 5. This is clearly an outstanding smoke from lighting to finish. Very smooth and flavorful with an excellent burn and a creamy smoke. An excellent cigar when paired with a good Spiced Rum or Cognac.”
“I had the Alec Bradley American Sun Grown Toro. Found it to be medium-bodied, leaning toward full and real tasty!”
JM of Waipahu, HI
“Received an Alec Bradley American Sun Grown robusto as part of my Cigar of the Month Club shipment. It is an outstanding cigar that fits my medium-full body cigar criteria. How would I rate it? I will become a part of my regular rotation and I will purchase a box ASAP. That's how I rate it.”
“....I can honestly say that the AB American Sun Grown is better than the 96 rated Prensado. I don't know nutty, chocolate, leathery. That's all BS to me. This cigar is well rolled; the burn is second to none. The flavor is re-riculious. Really the Rocky Patel sun grown is like smoking a backwoods flavored cigar compared to the AB sun grown. The price is great the stick takes about hr , hr&1/2 to smoke but then again I only smoke the gordo. Word to my CI BROTHERS & sister this cigar you should really only smoke the gordo. It really brings out the true flavors. I regularly smoke this stick to the finger tips.”
RE of tujunga, CA