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Alec Bradley Black Market Reviews

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Overall Rating 4.7 out of 5 Based on 23 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “Alec Bradley Black Market”

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3 out of 5
Not happy
Little punch I like mild this not mild
5 out of 5
Great job
I got a coupon in my email, decided to order a box, they came prompt and packaged perfectly.. I am beyond pleased with my experience !
5 out of 5
Exceeded all expectations
After sitting in the humidor for about 2 months I decided to light this up tonight. Absolutely phenomenal!! So creamy and paired so well with this brandy in my hand. Enjoying it so much this is my first review. I will make sure I have some handy at all times. Great stick!
5 out of 5
My favorite till my last smoke ever. Thank you Alec bradley for this one.
By far my daily smoke i try start most days with this one and always go back to it. Last cigar i want before I die i tell every one and i swear by that statement. never an issue and will buy every time im in a parlor or online. MUST have....!!!!!
3 out of 5
Good cigar, but not a good value considering size/price
5 out of 5
Very good
I love this cigar it's smooth to smoke and I don't have a bad after taste. Very good. My one cigar
5 out of 5
One to get!
This is one of my personal favorite cigars. If you like full flavor and great taste then I recommend this cigar. Tell'em MG sent you ;)
5 out of 5
Burns evenly and a nice smoke
5 out of 5
A Great Strong Smoke
I'm not gonna get into the spicy, nutty smoke side of things. I smoke cigars, strong ones, and the Black Market line is high quality stuff, regardless of the pricing. I hate to say it ('cuz the makers are probably listening, like when I was nuts over Padrons in the '90's), but this is a great strong cigar at a more than reasonable price. Buy now, while they're (relatively) cheap, as these are the real deal for full flavored cigars. Just make sure you have the time to smoke 'em to the nub, or you're going to be wasting a great smoke.
5 out of 5
Alec Bradley Black Market
Very tasty and very affordable .It's one of my new favorites .
5 out of 5
Alec Bradley Black Market Robusto
Great anytime/everyday smoke. Smooth smoke
5 out of 5
They are my favorite
5 out of 5
Very good
Very good
5 out of 5
Great Cigar
I rarely order more than 10 cigars of the same type because I like to try different brands/types--having said that I tried the AB BM and ordered a box-so good, creamy. Love it.
5 out of 5
Black Market Gordo Rocks!
My go to cigar. Never disappoints me. Great cigar on the golf course.
4 out of 5
I like it
I have had two of these sticks now. The first stick was superb, great draw flavor and awesome burn. But unfortunately I smoked another from CI and it was not what I anticipated. However, I might have received a dud. Overall, good earth and spice from the smoke and I received somewhat of a marshmellow flavor from the retro-hale. Besides the second stick, great value and construction from Alec
5 out of 5
Extremely smooth, medium bodied cigars.
Extremely smooth, medium bodied cigars.
5 out of 5
Robust yet smooth
One of my favorites as a "go to" smoke; either as a end of day or as a gathering of friends event. Never disappoints!
5 out of 5
This is my baby! My #1 go-to cigar of all time. A great medium-full body that releases a plethora of beautiful thick white smoke. Smooth draw with a nice peppery finish. Plus it comes in a pretty cool box if you order the 20ct. Give it a try!
5 out of 5
The go to standard
This one of my favorite cigars and I would recommend them to anyone.
5 out of 5
Alex Bradley black market
Awesome cigar with a nice slow even burn
4 out of 5
Great Smoke!
Not a bad cigar... great price!
4 out of 5
Alec Bradley Black Market Churchill
I could only give it four stars since the cigar has a 3 inch wide lower label when pulled off scars the exterior of the cigar which when burned, drops hot ash until passed the scaring. Attempting to simply 'peal' the label is laborious. The taste and flavor is good and typical Alec Bradley.
Customer Testimonials
.... It's a very woodsy smoke. Every second or third puff I'd exhale about 10% through my nose and every hit was a woodsy, earthy, straight tobacco smoke....
5/3/15 Last Thanksgiving, my wife's stepdad ( my step-father-in-law? ) gifted me a few different cigars. The AB Black Market was one of them. This thing has been a staple in my humidor ever since. And a steady companion on my back patio. I see no reason to change things. I just love this cigar.
Excellent cigar.
Not very flavorful, and too light of a draw.
I had the pleasure of smoking this cigar and I have to say its one of my favs. It tastes and burns great and is well constructed. Can't wait to have another. Im fairly new to the cigar game but im starting to appreciate the charateristics each cigar brings. The Alec Bradley Black Market is definitley full of character..
This cigar was a great smoke till the end. Had a couple issues with removing the wrapper but other than that I will be purchasing more of these in the future.
Bought one from a local shop today. Love this stick. Burns perfect. Deep and rich flavor. I will buy a box ASAP with Cigars International price. Can't go wrong here!
Am smoking the robusto. Lots of smoke, good taste but I find it strong. I have to admit though that I prefer a lighter smoke.
I am a newer cigar smoker so I have been trying different smokes and I found this one to be pretty decent. On the first light mine was a bit peppery but none of the bite. The flavor changed more to a woody flavor and stayed that way through out till the band then the peppery flavor returned. This stick put out lots of smoke which i liked the burn was a little uneven but it could be my fault as I do not have a proper cigar torch just a cheapo from the gas station. I will be picking up more of these. Smoke time was about 1 hour and 20 minutes.
I received one of the toro tubos in a sampler about 3 weeks ago, and after figuring out how to get the damn band off (I'm new to cigars - don't judge me), I finally lit it up. My God, what a cigar! I was quite impressed right off the bat. The wrapper was flawless with virtually zero veins and no discoloration, and it lit incredibly easily. The thorough burn, pure white ash, and easy, but not loose draw all speak for its high quality construction. As for the flavor, well, like I said, I'm still new to cigars, so I'm not going to embarrass myself by qualifying the flavor artistically. What I can say is that it was a damn good tasting medium strength cigar, quite easily the best I've smoked so far. Do yourself a favor and pick some of these up - I know I will!
A peek into my big 125 count humidor tells the tale of what are & who makes my favorite cigars. I Keep it filled with dozens of different blends.... However, there are always at least 10 blends of Mr. Ruben's on hand including Prensado, Tempus, Maxx, Nica Puro & my personal favorite medium bodied/full flavored puro, Black Market. I am smoking one of the limited edition large figurados as I write this review. Alec Bradley is the purveyor of so many delicious medium bodied treats, as well as their heavyweight champ, Prensado, that I can rotate & never grow tired of any of them. Affording them is my biggest concern... Plus, I lean more toward full than medium with most of my selections. However, Black Market is special. Truly medium bodied, yet extremely full flavored, its pristine Nicaraguan wrapper smooths & mellows the 4 country long fillers to create a uniquely exquisite smoking experience. One that I highly recommend to almost anyone. Oak, leather, caramel, black tobacco, currants & peppery spices abound here. Complexity is a strong suit in this one. Black Market's uniqueness stems from its ability to remain mild enough for most people to enjoy, while delivering flavor that will satisfy even the most jaded fullhead. Like me! I order the 2nds that are 1 specific size & assure I am getting the BM blend. Hint is that it's a gordo corona. This trick puts them in my grubby paws for less than 3 bones per stick. The best part is I can't tell the difference once the band is removed from a 1st run sample. In closing, get yourself a few of these outstanding cigars & see if you don't agree with my assessment. 94/100 & a top 10 blend, in my book.
I was gifted two of these from a buddy of mine, he told me they were great cigars. Man he was an idiot - for giving me these and not keeping them for himself! These are beyond great. If you want a nice flavor, if you want white ash that doesn't stop all the way through, or if you want to let your manhood show, smoke one of these down to the nub. Perfect cigar!
A very good smoke, plain and simple. Very smooth and gets steadily more complex throughout. A little pricy for me, but I enjoyed it thoroughly. Can't go wrong here!
I am not sure if there is a better Gordo out there, than the Alec Bradley Black Market. The massive 6" X 60 frame is cloaked in a dark Sumatran wrapper, over a 4 country blend of powerful tobaccos. Firm & heavy, the prelight lets you know that you are in for a treat. Voluminous clouds of thick white smoke bring flavors of peat, black tobacco & an underlying sweetness that takes this vitola over the top. Expect a full 90+ smoking time. Another medium bodied full flavored winner from the leader in medium cigars. Highly recommended & highly rated. 93/100
I don't know earthy, chocolatey, nutty, taste leathery. All I know is this stick burned like a charm. Thick and heavy, but not the burn heavy (I know you know that flavor) smoke. I almost smoked some thumb. This Black Market by Alec Bradley (it was so good I must refer to it by it's full name) is really worth the money. Smokes like a $250 box. I got the Alec Bradley flight sampler with the purchase of something else and I had to come back and got a box of the Black Market.
Got a 5 pack of these on special....couldn't wait to burn one, but was disappointed that the draw was pretty tight. I let the others rest in the humi for awhile and wow...what a difference. This is one great cigar! The ash is dark, but everything else is top drawer. I ordered a box and this is now my favorite after dinner smoke, expect to enjoy this one for an hour or so. The draw and burn is excellent with lots of smoke, and it has a slightly sweet taste. You owe it to yourself to try this one!
This is one of my go to sticks. I've tried all the AB family brands but this one is my favorite. My experience is that it has always lit and burnt consistent. A definite recommended by my standards.
This is a great, flavorful maduro. I would expect nothing less from AB.
Tried these on a 5 pack deal. Truly memorable. A really medium cigar. Not complex, but had great clean fresh taste. Tasty, had hints of citrus(?) Would recommend to anyone. Well made and lots of smoke. I puffed on a robust (5 x 52) for over an hour, and I can puff!
Had my first one today. Wow. Gotta make room for a box of these.
The only problem I have with this cigar is sometimes its tough to get the band off... it's really a phenomenal smoke. Highly recommended.
I simply love Alec Bradley cigars! Their newest offering found its way into my humidor recently. I purchased a 5-pack of Black market robustos & was not surprised to find the 1st one I smoked was thoroughly enjoyable. I am having another now, as a post dinner smoke. Pre-light toasting gives a hint of the delicious tastes soon to follow. It burns evenly, with a firm, white ash. Medium bodied, flavors of mild spices immediately swath the palate. These medium strength Alec Bradley offerings always seem to be mild in the beginning & slowly increase in power, without ever becoming harsh or cloying. One look at my big cigar ashtray & I can always tell which butts are Alex Bradley sticks. They are the ones that are so small, that I have smoked them right down to the nub.
This is a great cigar. Smooth draw, generous smoke, even burning, and tastes and smells great. I can't make out nuts or spices or cherries or whatever, but its a cigar that gives a ton of pleasure and never fights with you. Worth twice the the price.
I am currently sitting in my backyard on my day off work, feeling the nice so cali breeze. So i decide to kick it up a notch, i grab a cigar out of my humidor and toast it and take the first puff. I have many brands in my humidor and i pulled out a Alec Bradley black market churchill. The first puff is a really nice mild cherry flavor, following with a little bit of leather and spice. It is a nice dark wrapper with a tasteful aroma, slow burn just the way i like it. This cigar is a definite keeper in my humidor, matter of fact i will buy a 5 pack, why not?
The Black Market is a wonderful stick, great draw and the taste is awsome, very aromatic smoke, except my wife doesn't think so. I think this stick will be in the top 25 sticks in 2012 best cigars.
Fugedaboudit....Great Cigar to the max!
I must admit I'm addicted to this stogie, it won't let me light up anything else! Very aromatic indeed as the scent reminds me of a good smelling man; earthy, with a little winter pine and a hint of java. Great smoke all the way to the nub, very balanced with smooth notes of pepper and nuts. I also think this cigar will become even more spectacular with aging. I have 5 that have been aging in my humidor since November, will not touch those until March....if I can hold out!