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La Perla Habana Black & Tan Reviews

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Customer Reviews of “La Perla Habana Black & Tan”
Received my order today and had to try one. A tasty little smoke. A must try for anyone who only has time for short smoke, nicely flavored. La Perla Habana has created a good one.
TS of Kissimmee, FL
Tried these on a MMAO deal, and am really surprised. These are the best mini cigarillo I have tried, similar to an Al Capone, but no sugar on the wrapper, and more flavor in the blend. Does have a certain sweetness to the smoke. Probably the best thing I have tried from the entire Perla Habana brand.
MS of Evergreen, CO
Impulse bought these. Couldn't be happier I did! They are great for relaxing in the yard when you have 10 mins to spare. Friends love them but I never wanna share them! Want them all to myself. One buddy of mine got his own box after trying mine. I made him reimburse me with his for the ones he brook from me! Smoking them as I write this.
JK of Lindenhurst, NY
A mild, pleasant taste somewhat like coffee with cream, but what makes these a winner is construction. Even when you're done, it's still holding its' shape, not leaking out one, if not more (all?), sides as most of these small cigars do. Yeah, a Swisher Sweet blueberry, etc. is still together at the end, but they're in a totally different & lower taste category - at least to my taste & mind. The Black & Tan can go in my car in an old tin (from some other brand) & still be tasty a day or 2 later. I'm buying more.
A great smelling small smoke however short on taste.
A great tasty little smoke for when time is short.
RB of Annville, PA