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Staff Reviews for Oliva Connecticut Reserve

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Oliva Connecticut Reserve

Jeff K

Oliva has more than a handful of great blends in their portfolio, but no Connecticut among their signature lines…until now. Enter the NEW Oliva Connecticut Reserve.

Utilizing a striking Connecticut wrapper and Cuban-seed Nicaraguan long-fillers, this Oliva is a welcomed addition to their already healthy sized line. The band is very similar to their other lines, but with a stark white background. You’d think a white band on a lighter cigar would look horrible- not the case at all. I love the packaging; it’s well designed, definitive and eye catching.

The Connecticut Reserve is on the milder side, but it still retains a solid amount of flavor. Smooth for sure, but with some strong notes of coffee and white pepper, complemented by a meaty, earthy core- it’s a very different tasting Connecticut. Although I think its one of a kind profile puts a refreshingly, unique spin on a typical milder Connecticut, the way it finished was a little unsettling. It had a lingering aftertaste, which almost tasted a little dirty. It really stuck with me and put a damper on my enjoyment of the cigar. I kind of have the feeling that it’s something that could grow on me, but I’m two sticks in and no such luck.

As far as quality goes- no qualms here. The Connecticut Reserve burned exquisitely; it honestly couldn’t have gotten any better. The draw was consistent and comfortable and the ash (although a bit lumpy) was firm and white. 

This cigar is a definite stick to try. I’d be willing to bet some serious cash that this will quickly become a lot of people’s favorite cigar. Mild is popular, different is good, and it’s very reasonably priced- so it definitely has a strong appeal. For me personally, I’d say it is just a few steps away from a great cigar. I feel it has a lot to offer in terms of creatively blended tobaccos and complex flavors but it’s missing that polished, refined edge.