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Customer Reviews of “Maker's Mark Cigars”
“I was very excited today when they finally arrived and could not wait to try one. The first few puffs were magnificent, but was soon .... The flavor was inconsistent and at times nonexistent. It was also an inconsistent burn until about three quarters through, then the burn was even.”
“Easily one of my favorite cigars. Great flavor. Good steady burn. I will say, I would have the cigar on it's own or with a very light drink. Bourbon and these cigars oddly did not pair well in my opinion.”
JH of Albion, NY
“One of the best smokes I've ever had!!!”
BG of Kenosha, WI
“I'm about half way through the anniversary edition and am impressed thus far. The draw is excellent and the smoke is thick and creamy. I'm not getting an explosion of bourbon, maybe just a "hint". The burn is not perfect but I haven't had to make any adjustments so far. The flavor profile has really stayed consistent throughout, very mild but nice. 7 out of 10.”
MS of Conway, AR
“Only one word: wow. These are in my top 5, no doubt”
DB of Weatherford, TX
“A friend introduced me to these and they are one of my absolute favorites. I try and keep extra on hand so I can let my friends try them and enjoy them as well. A stout cigar with a hint of MM in every draw, great at parties or on the golf course.”
MV of Ft wainwright, AK
“Bought them for a friend, he says they are fantastic, said he would save me one, cannot wait. ”
RO of Anaheim, CA