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Torano 1916 Cameroon Reviews

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Customer Reviews of “Torano 1916 Cameroon”
Excellent cigar,(Torano Cameroon 1916) one of my favorites. The best thing about it is the slight taste of fruitiness I get, probably from the wrapper. It's subtle, but definitely there... I'd say plum, if I had to pick a fruit. In addition to that pleasant flavor component, these sticks have a great medium body, smoke very smooth, and have an excellent draw and an even burn. Try one, and you'll be ordering a box the very same day!
HW of Wilkes-Barre, PA
The Carlos Torano Cigars (Torano Cameroon 1916) are by far one of the smoothest cigars on the market today. I've smoked many great Cigar makes and I'd have to rate Carlos Torano a superior cigar maker among the best. *****
JD of Folsom, CA
I smoked my first Torano 1916 Cameroon this morning and all I can say is, "Wow"! This may be one of the finest smokes in my 1000+ stick humidor. I was reminded of a couple of excellent Cuban cigars by this lovely puro. Cedary, spicy, with a kind of woody finish. Good burn and draw and lots of satisfying smoke. For those who like Cuban cigars, this could be your "legal" choice.
AN of Goodyear, AZ
In my latest sample pack were two Carlos Torano 1916 cigars. I tried one for the first time last night and could not wait to come home and have the other one tonight. What a great cigar. It held my attention all the way to the end. So now I look it up by your list of brands and I see what you say about it. Like wine I can tell when something is good and this smoke will be in my chest as a staple. Thanks for sharing your brand in thoses sample packs. I truly found an enjoyable smoke.
FK of Clovis, CA
To be honest, I considered the 1916 a through-in with other brands I wanted to try in the CI mild-medium sampler. (Torano Cameroon 1916) I smoke it as a last of the night on crisp night by the water in Savannah. It turned out to be one of the best I've ever had from CI! I was smoking in the dark outside and the only way to tell I was done was when I my finger got hot. It was medium body but smooth as a hot towel shave at a barber's. Just great. When I go milder I like CAO gold, Gurkha Boer, etc. I also like a full-bodied. CAO, Black, Montecristo, Gurkha Legend. The 1916 is in the middle, but it has wonderful flavor and was exceptional by all standards. Try this Cigar! I is strong enough for full bodied smokers, mild enough for beginners, can't say enough
PM of Savannah , GA
Tried a five pack and i'm already back for more. The "Carlos Torano 1916 Cameroon" is a delicious cigar. Nutty, spicy, earthy, sweet, a taste of leather......did i miss anything? Oh! Yeah! The coconut......subtle, but very welcome. What a friggin' smoke. Just wonderful. Relax with thus baby, rated 93.....later.
VB of San Francisco, CA
With out a doubt, the Carlos Torano Cameroon 1916 is one of the best cigars I've smoked to date. The quality of the tobacco,wrapper,and the slow and even burn is always 1st class, always what you get with Carlos Torano cigars. Throw in C.I's cant beat prices and fast shipping and the hardest thing for me is to choose what cigar I buy next. Thanks guys,keep up the great work.
JB of Springfield, MA
WOW!! This is by far the best smoke I have had (Torano Cameroon 1916). Smooth and Tasty with a nice even burn. Felt good in the mouth; in fact, I didn't want to take it out of my mouth. The smoke was a pleasing to the nose as it was to my mouth. It defiantly has a place in my humidor.
DN of Canyon Country, CA
Thank goodness for samplers that include my new favorite. This (Torano Cameroon 1916) is indeed cigar heaven. Everything you want in cigar; draw, clean burn, and great flavor. Too bad they are back ordered or I could smoke 'em sooner.
DS of Moreno Valley, CA
I have been smoking cigars for about 6 years and this is by far THE best cigar I have tried (Torano Cameroon 1916). I've had a range of cigars from Davidoff, to some Cuban Montecristos right on down to Swishers. This is at the tip-top of the list hands down. If you like cigars with real flavor, pick up a box or 5 of these. You will not be let down.
CC of Opelousas, LA
I was very surprised at this smoke. Holy cow. Great draw tons of smooth smoke and dynamite flavor. (Torano Cameroon 1916) If I didnt know any better I would of thought somebody handed me a 15 dollar cigar(or a cuban). cheers
RB of Hellertown, PA
I bought the Carlos Torano Sampler and these were the best out of the bunch. The wrapper flaked a little but the smoke was awesome. These are in my top picks list for sure.
VM of San Antonio, TX
No surprises here. Once again, Torano Cameroon 1916 proves he is one of the best. I found the flavor to be on par with a La Aurora 1495, maybe a little better. This cigar burns consistently with plenty of spicy smoke, and has a smooth draw. "Show me a woman who likes the smell of your cigar and I will show you a man in a dress."
BG of Akron, OH
carlos torano, this medium cigar was very ,very smooth, a even burning smoke billower,the wrapper was beautiful.lightly earth, mild spice and creamy coffee notes.i did seem to smell what i thought was vanilla, could have been coconut. they both smell similar to me.this also became a very chewy cigar halfway through.this was the torpedo.
JS of hamilton, OH
1916 Cameroon!!!!!!!!!!!! so sweet I would eat it another winner I think Carlos Torano should devote all their time to making their own cigars can not get enough great cigar!!!!!!!!!!!
DT of auburn, CA
Let me jump on the bandwagon and sing the praises of this elegant, smooth and creamy stick (Torano Cameroon 1916). I haven't had good luck with some other cameroons, but this one hooked me. Like every other 'aficionado' that tries this particular medium bodied, multi-flavored Torano and has his first '1916' revelation, this puro practically sends you into rapture as it satisfies from first spark to last puff. After dinner, skip desert and just savor this superb blend. I'm sold! "Honey, put a box of these on my Christmas list." These will be regular stock in my humi. Perdomo Reserve Champagne - move over!
MD of Dania Beach, FL
I like Toranos period, but by far this is the best one ever. I did find draw issues because of my own impatience. Leave them be for a month in your humi & GET READY FOR AN AWESOME TASTING SMOKE !
CC of Sharps Chapel, TN
I am typically a mild-med. smoker whose favorites include RP vintage, Romeo & Julietas and Ashtons. I first purchased this cigar from my local store on a whim with about a half dozen others. I went back home and cu the cigar an loved it. The draw was smooth and consistent and the flavor remained consisten throughout the entire stick. This has become one of my favorite cigars and rarely do I not have one in my Humidor. Torono is now one of my top brand cigars.
MS of Waterbury, CT
Wow. Wow. Wow. Talk about an absolute flavor (Torano Cameroon 1916) explosion. I recently got two of these cigars in a humidor combo pack I had ordered... and just finished ordering a box of 25. A wonderfully smooth, medium bodied smoke. This cigar is not about potency, it's about draw and flavor and they're not remotely short on either one of those. Buy them now. Buy them often.
ER of Hot Springs, AR
THE best Cameroon you can buy. Just get some. You will not be disappointed. Guaranteed.
TJ of Sterling Heights, MI
Very good smoke, enjoyed it very much!
ES of redford, MI
Fantastic cigar (Torano Cameroon 1916) for those who like a Cameroon wrapper. Good burn, great flavor, nice draw. Up there with the CAO Cameroon and the Perdomo Reserve Cameroon.
RA of Birmingham, AL
I lucked out and caught these beauties in a "Two-Fer" deal and man am I glad that I did! I have been smoking the CAO counterpart for the last Five years or so and was (still am) VERY pleased with them. IMHO. I think the Torano's just edge by the others. The differences are so small that I can't pinpoint what or if there's anything really significant to describe. They are both almost dead on price point wise. Both have exceptional construction, appearance, firm ash, burn time etc...... Maybe because the Torano is new to me and I'm excited by it? Who knows. Without further comment. Go get yourself a few and see for yourself. With CI's great prices you can't go wrong either way. I now have boxes of both makers Robusto size and I'll give the CT's a chance to "relax" in my humi for several months and report back if I discover anything worthwhile. Enjoy your summer everyone!
DM of Herndon, VA
This has taken place as my favorite cigar I have smoked to date. Bought these on a Joe's Daily deal and given a couple to friends for helping me move and other stuff.. Regretting that decision because it means I have less of these amazing cigars.
EL of Tallahassee, FL
I love Torano cigars. I have not had a bad one. This was one of my first and it's still one of my favorites.
KB of Shelbyville, KY
Finally had a chance to visit the store and all I can say is that the staff member that helped me choose this smoke gets a huge thank you! Could be my new favorite smoke! Great flavor all the way through and burns perfect!
Without question one of the best medium strength cigars I have ever smoked. If you are a veteran cigar smoker, it is a rare occasion that a new smoke will actually make you say "wow, this is fantastic" and make you keep the band so you can remember what is was and what to order. This is one of them...very smooth, kind of citrussy and outstanding construction. I have nothing negative to say about this cigar at is a stunner right from first sight.
Bought a five pack. Great cigar, smooth easy draw and great taste. I already ordered another batch. The cedar aroma is just the icing on the cake, relaxing anytime you need a quality smoke.
JB of Davie, FL
Great cigars that taste and smell so good. Burns even with a beautiful white ash. Enjoyable to the fingertips.
EW of Virginia Beach, VA
What a great smoke! I agree with the above reviews. This is a really fine cigar..... Loving it. Thanks CI
JC of Vero Beach, FL
This is the best Cameroon I have smoked to date. I place it above all others. The wrapper is impeccable, with a burn and draw that exceeds any other Cameroon I have smoked. It will always have a place in my humidor! If you love Cameroon's or just want to try one that's top notch, this is your stick!
BH of Columbia, MO
This is one fine cigar! I'd call it mild-medium. It's very smooth with an unmistakeable flavor. I'd put it in the same category with the AVO classic and Monte white. The wrapper is a bit delicate, but that's about all the downside I can offer about it. They'll have a home in my humidor from now on.
MP of Benton, AR