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Ashton Heritage Puro Sol Reviews

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Customer Reviews of “Ashton Heritage Puro Sol”

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This cigar (Ashton Heritage Puro Sol) is definitely a "special Occasion" cigar. It packs what it promises, a very unique and natural sweetness. I've smoked a lot of cigars and the Puro Sol tasted like no other cigar I have ever smoked.
This is one fine smoke (Ashton Heritage Puro Sol)! Pricey, sure -- but well worth every penny. The Heritage Puro Sol is at the top of my all-time greats list. Save your sheckels and buy a couple of these. You'll be convinced by the first one. The second will be pure pleasure. Smoke a third only at your own risk. You'll be hooked for life, I ger-on-tee!
The Ashton Heritage Puro Sol is so unexpectedly marvelous that it's responsible for me smoking my husband's cigars-now he hides them from me for goodness sakes! I usually buy his cigars for him and usually taste the ones he thought I'd like, but I never did until I smoked this Ashton Puro Sol. It's heavenly, relaxing, great with an after dinner drink or talking heavy subjects with friends. Oh, it's a perfect accompaniment to deep conversations with the spouse in the hot tub, too! The cost? You get what you pay for!!
First one i smoked was at a friends house (Ashton Heritage Puro Sol). Put it this way -- these are so good i actually paid i think $26 for one at a cigar bar.
this ashton heritage puro churchill is quite simply, marvelous. the pre light aroma and draw gave me a hint of cloves and coffee, after the light i notice a mild body , with nuts and cream, it quickly develops a cinnamon spicy character that builds to a paparika and black pepper core while staying balanced and smooth, then i notice coffee and vanilla flavors at the mid way point. the last third becomes full strength in body, with more paprika and cinnamon. the finish is long and reminds me of cuban cigars ive smoked. i kid you not, this cigar is so complex my pregnant wife's mood swings cant hold a candle to the changes in flavor. this was a nubber all the way. i hated putting it down. this is easily worth the 10 dollar price. spectacular!!! 100 points from me. i am sad ,that i dont know if i will ever smoke a cigar this good again. i wonder what 10 years of aging would do to it, i wouldnt want this to mellow to much though. that spicy character really lingers on the palet.
This cigar was made by a thousand angels
I have been a fan of Ashton Cigars since the Cigar craze of the 1990s. This is Ashton's finest cigar, VSG and Cabinet cannot compare. I would put this up against any of the Cuban Cigars I have smoked as well. This is a medium body cigar that is perfect for anyone wanting something more than the mild Macanudo or 5 Vegas Gold they have smoked thus far. Even when the humi dips bellow 65pct at the start of the winter season this cigar is never a harsh smoke. It does run through a wide variety of flavors, constantly returning to a sweet smooth smoke. Ash is always white to light grey with no salt and peppering. Ocassional sun spotting on wrapper. Pricey yes, but worth every penny in my book.
Well worth the money paid. You'll want to save these bad boys for a special occasion. Ashton Heritage. Great cigar.
You can't go wrong with Ashton. All of them are good. I am a full bodied smoker mainly but I really enjoy these. Very nice.
Remember when you were a kid and you had a delicious ice cream cone and you ate it slowly and carefully and savored every single lick? That's kind of what smoking one of these is like. Sure, they're expensive, but worth every cent. I only smoke them when I've been very, very good or very, very bad. Like next week, on my birthday, when I'm blowing off work and lighting up a Churchill by the pool in the middle of the day with a nice, big Grand Marnier by my side. Aaahhh!!!!!
If you have never smoked one of these Astons Heritage Puro Sol. Save your money!! Do not buy this cigar!! Okay I warned you. If you buy this cigar you will never want another cigar, you will have nightmares about having to smoke another brand. All kidding aside, these are why I smoke cigars. You might find a less expensive cigar but you will not find a smoother, richer, cleaner cigar anywhere. Like I said save your money, you will want to cash in the kids college fund and buy all the Ashtons you can find.
It's a good cigar. Not the best I've ever had; but its solid. Great flavor and medium bodied for sure. I like the Maduros better. Call me crazy.