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5 Vegas Relic Reviews

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Customer Reviews of “5 Vegas Relic”
A very good cigar. Strong, but smooth steady flavor and burn with a fine after taste. If the price meets your budget it is worth the investment. Otherwise, take advantage of C.I. price reductions when available.
RH of Coraopolis, PA
Scored me a five pack of these beauties not knowing what to expect. Being a fan of the Series A, I was a bit skeptical until they arrived. This stick is just amazing to look at. Oily, dark and rolled by a true expert. The flavor is what does it though, a nice spicy rich flavor that leaves an impression on the palate. I had a Tatuaje this morning and thought I had the best of the whole day.....I was wrong. In 3-6 months this blend will be just as good. It still hints of youth, but if this is the opening act the finish should be a real treat! Try it!
BM of White Horse Beach, MA
The 5 Vegas Relic is a great looking cigar. Hard as a rock and uniform to the touch. I have had a few with tough draws. The flavor profile on these is spicy, with decent flavors. There is a bitterness and bite that I get from this cigar that is unpleasant. I have aged mine for a few months so far hoping that it would help the bite settle down. Overall, this cigar is just okay. I don't find it to be full bodied or full flavored, medium is more like it. This is the first time that I have written a review where I disagree with most of the other reviewers. I need to age these more and come back to them.
JW of Chicago, IL
If you like feisty, spicy cubans look no further. The "5 VEGAS RELIC", is for you. Enjoy.
VB of San Francisco, CA
When I first lit it I wasn't impressed, it was good but nothing great...but after the half-way point, WOW things changed. It's how I would imagine sex with a porn star on bucking bronco while on a roller coaster during the fireworks on the 4th of July must be like. The best I can describe it is a spicy meaty beef jerky flavor topped of with a splash of coffee and Tabasco finish. Fantastic! The best I have ever had.
SD of Hamilton, IN
This cigar is fabulous! I smoked the classics about 9 years ago and thought they were good and just recently started amoking again. I came accross all these new 5 Vegas varieties and had to try some. I started with an 'A' animale and thought it was tasty then moved on to this gem. Flavor started slightly sweet at first and started building spicey pepper notes about halfway through. The ash is a white and gray marbled look that holds together quite well (about 2"). I did have to touch it up a couple times with the lighter, but nothing too drastic. I'm not yet done smoking this stick but i think it should finish fine. highly recommend!
TR of Fleetwood, PA
What a pleasant smoke, Flavors of Dark Chocolate, Espresso and toasted almonds, the kind you get off of a cart on 42nd and 7th Avenue in New York. The cigar is somewhat a beauty dripping with dark brown goodness. Pre light draw 8, construction 8, performance 8 and taste is also an 8 making this Cigar an 8 out of 10. A nice cigar that has become a staple in my box, Enjoy.
WS of Woodhaven, NY
This is one of the BEST cigars I have EVER smoked. It was medium to full-bodied, never harsh, gave off beautiful blue clouds of smoke and had a great aroma. Overall it reminded me (taste-wise) of a cross between an RP Vintage 1992 and an Opus X, but it was smooth and not as in-your-face as an Opus.
CD of Shrewsbury, MA
WOW guys...I have to disagree in a big way. I was really disapointed in the 5 sticks I bought. I even smoked them at different times over a month period in case I was having a bad smoking day...which is rare, but does occur. I found this smoke very boring and average. The first I don't like from 5 Vegas. This is a gimmick that is apparently being eaten up by some folks. The internal roll was inconsistent and required many, many touch-ups to keep burning straight, and lacked flavor until about half way in. I won't be buying any boxes just because someone thinks they look cool. Don't waste your taste buds or your money.
PR of San Diego, CA
The (5 Vegas Relic) is a good cigar. I had a wee bit of trouble with the wrapper, but only because I didn't do a good job of clipping the thing; be careful. Mine was a rough-looking thing, but that only made it look a bit like a 'relic'. Excellent draw, wonderful flavour and quite an even burn. This one rates right up there with the 'A'. I'll buy more.
MC of MLeesburg, VA
....The flavor is great but it is too stout for me, 3/4 of the way thru my head started to swim- 20 minutes later it still is swimming. I also had trouble with it having to be re-lit. Glad I didn't order a box, just a tad too strong for my liking....But for flavor you can't really go wrong, near the end it almost started tasting a bit like a good bourbon, unusual but flavorful nonetheless. The rest will make good gifts......
HA of Watauga, TX
Wow, what a great smoke! Five stars!! Spicy, with a slight coffee flavor. This stick burns evenly from start to finish. I've tried the entire line of 5 Vegas cigars and the Relic is by far the finest.
MM of Jacksonville, FL
Two words for this stick: Pimp Slap I was ordering my usual stash when I got a recommendation from the guy I usually order from. He said "I really like this stick, you might too considering what you usually order" what he failed to mention was the "Popeye" like guns that materialize from the smoke of this stick to clock you square in the face! Wow... this smoke has it all! Dark , sexy, oily wrapper, heavy bouquet and a back hand straight from the Motor City. My rate, this stick: 90
C of SSouthern , CA
Got my 5 pack (5 Vegas Relic) from UPS yesterday....could not wait..."WOW" If it tastes this good right out of the box I can only imagine what these will be like after a couple of months or so in my I would be able to wait that long. I am a big 5 Vegas fan and the "Relic" will become part of my rotation.....hey CI....when do the Cask Strength 2's start rolling out in boxes of 20??? You guys are great...Thanks CI
SB of Tucson, AZ
Oh my brothers. This stick is it. I have never written about a brand before, but I can't contain myself. The Relic is indeed an eye opener. The flavor is imense and the texture and composition of this beauty gives hint as to what experience awaits you. Truly a gar that needs to be in your rotation on an overly regular basis. This is definitely not for the weak of heart. Mild cigar lovers stay away. This is NOT your Grandma's cigar. TWO THUMBS UP!!
DA of Council Bluffs, IA
Tonight I had the (5 Vegas Relic) cigar and it was wonderful. I'm sure it was enhanced by the fine microbrews I had with it. Have to say it was the most enjoyable to date of the 5 Vegas cigars that I have had. So when I see the photos of the "Relic", see the box and read the description, it sounds out of sight. Look forward to trying it.
S. of P.Northern, VA
Lush complex flavor profile in a beautifully crafted perfecto. No bite down to the nub. Comparable to a Rocky Olde World Reserve.
GH of Chicago, IL
I've heard a lot of joking remarks saying the Relic tastes like old shoe leather. I just had a couple that were well aged ... if that's what old shoe leather tastes like, then give me more! I really like the rustic appearance and odd shape of the perfecto ... you really have to clip both ends, but don't expect the most even burn ... which doesn't bother me, because I have a lighter and know how to use it ... but it's worth the rich tobacco flavor that booms out when the cigar hits that sweet spot in the barrel of the cigar. I finally got a box of them, and it's a very interesting shape and weighty ... like a treasure chest. I like these cigars, which do well with significant cedar nap time.
SL of Mclean, VA
A unique- scrumdiddlyumptious treat! I have to say that the 5 Vegas RELIC is now my current favorite. I am at a loss of words to begin describing the complexity this fantastic smoke offers. If you enjoy complex, full flavored cigars-than this ones for you, my friend! Relax an enjoy!
JB of Midway, GA
I have to agree with JW. These were medium at best in flavor and strength, and I have aged them for close to 6 months. Did not match any of the descriptions I have read. Not impressed
PM of Laurel, MT
Wow....powerhouse. Cigar looks great. Love the old school roll, but be advised, this one packs a wallop. Great flavor of course, but the dreaded cigar gut rot may happen. If you likes-em strong, buy the Relic.
MR of Dell Rapids, SD
These cigars were ok (5 Vegas Relic).
LD of Long Beach, CA
I sure am glad I got my order in quick on these babies ( 5 Vegas Relic)! I check the list of brands almost daily, and about put my index finger through the mouse when I saw this addition since every single time 5 Vegas has put something out there it's always followed by bliss. I started reading what these cigars are made of, and by the time I was done my keyboard was rendered useless from drool damage. Start with the size Perfecto, probably got to be my fav. size. That beautiful corojo wrapper that looks very toothy with a wonderful leather color. Then comes the ligero!!! I am a ligero nut, and when you put ligero into a 5 Vegas cigar the end result has to be something very special as was the Miami. Wow they even went a step further, and added a 12 year aged leaf as well!!! Unfortunately, at the time I could only afford to get the 5 pack, and needed to get some of these asap so I ordered them, and the wait was on. BTW, I'm glad I did get these ordered fast, and didn't wait till payday to get a box cause the next day the boxes where backorded then the next day 5 packs where backordered, and still are so I would still be waiting. They arrived on Tues. 2-24, and I wanted to rip'em open and smoke one right off the truck, but I used great restraint, and tucked them into my humi till the following Saturday morning to give them time to acclimate. Finally, the moment came. I took out a stick and looked it over, and wow what a specimen unlike at a burger joint when you see a gorgeous burger on the menu, and when you get it home it looks like it was ran over by a truck this stick looked just as pretty as advertised. Very toothy, and firm felt great in the hand. The prelight aroma was fantastic. After a quick clip, and light I was off on a great ride. The ligero taste is distinct, and accompanied by a nice sweetness I think may be from the aged leaf inside. The burn was flawless all the way no touch ups. All I can say is try these asap the 94 Keith gave it is solid!
R. of T.Norwood, OH
The Relic was the first cigar I lit up at CigarFest... a few draw problems but other than that I have no complaints, was a great way to start CFest.
JK of Chicago, IL
Easily my favorite cigar. Definitely on the medium side of full. Goes perfect with the nicer spiced rums. Recommend it with Captain M private stock on the rocks.
PS of New Orleans, LA
Well, what to say about this cigar. I ordered a "Horn-O-Plenty" sampler and received five Relic's. I've been wanting to try one of these for a little while now. Upon light up, the cigar had a nice aroma to it and there were no construction issues at all; it was nicely built. I tasted some nutty/earthy flavors which stayed very consistant through-out. The only problem was having to re-light it 5 different times during it's 1:35 minute burn time, that was a drawback for me. Hopefully, it was just that one and my four other Relic's will burn better. I'm going to let them sit in my humi for a while before trying the next one. Overall, a nice cigar and I have no buyers regret.
TS of Riverside, CA
Man, i love this cigar.....! They were a little rustic looking, but what flavor.These 5 Vegas Relics are a must try for all full body cigar lovers.This puppy put out tons of full flavored complex smoke from top to nub.Started with a 5 pack moving on to a couple of boxes.ENJOY.........!
TP of Nashville, TN
MAN O MAN. THIS is another great blend from 5 VEGAS. this cigar is great and it gets better when you first light it. DRY BOXING IT is the best way to enjoy this wonderful puro. I will recommend this to all my brothers at my command
AG of Portsmouth, VA
Bought a 10 pack during a Jam awhile back. Tried one right when I got it, and while good, I was not overly impressed. Stashed the rest in my Humi for a few months and forgot about them. Well let me tell ya, aging made all the difference. This might be the best cigar I have ever had! The flavor is full and complex, getting better as you reach the end. The look and feel of the oily wrapper is impressive. Probably the best looking cigar on the market. The Relic has replaced the Opus x as my go to cigar, and at a fraction of the cost. Buy these now, but let them sit at least a few months before judging. I am glad I did.
DW of Argyle, NY
5....Vegas....Relic....mmm....mmm....good!!! Great smoke, one of my new favorites
TM of Lubbock, TX
Two words "great cigar"! "I really like this stick", Wow... this smoke has it all! Dark , oily wrapper, heavy bouquet and flavor from the start to finish. I was so pleased with the first five that I bought a ridonkulous box full. Cant wait to get them home to have one.
JH of Olmsted Twp, OH
Pow! If you like a strong cigar try these. Interesting shape. Smooth and flavorful until you get to about the last inch and a half and then the power really kicks in. This cigar really surprised me because it felt soft so I figured it would burn quickly. That was not the case. Take your time and enjoy one. I got five in the horn of plenty. I consider myself as above a novice smoker. I've smoked At least 75 different cigars in all levels of strength. I would Put this a double ligero/opus strength.
MT of Arnold, MD
I am resposible for ordering products for the unit i am with for resale purposes. We had just gotten the order from CI that afternoon and were selling them that night. i was the first to buy a relic and take it to the cigar club (yes we established a cigar club). There were a few interested people when i pulled it out and told them what it was. when i lit it the taste was interesting but good, i passed it around and the same remark came up. After about 5 minutes when i loosened up the draw i hit a zone, just me and the cigar relaxing on a roof in Baghdad. it took a few minutes to realize everyone was waiting for me to "come back". The flavor was good and is now my favorite smoke. Now i need to order more because they flew off the shelf. Not every cigar is for every person, smoke one and find out if it's for you.
AH of Baghdad, AE
I smoke a lot of Cigars (good ones)... In fact, I put down 2 opus in the last 6 weeks or so. This cigar is one of the best!!! On par with the OPUS!!! Killer buzz!! Super smooth! Best looking cigar -- better than the Flor de Demincana!
KL of mobile, AL
The 5 Vegas Relic definitely holds up to the standards of the 5 Vegas line. A nice, oily wrapper gives it that sheen and the smoke is full of leathery flavor. Wonderful construction and even burn. Very very nice!
GR of Sterling, VA
WOW....These things are amazing. I got my 5 pack today and could'nt wait to try one. Had to relight a couple of times but overall it was an awesome value! 5 stars!
JB of Pittsburg, KS
This is a delicious cigar that offers up a wide array of fermented, complex flavors complemented by the toothy, succulent wrapper. Starkly different from all other offerings from 5 Vegas, you owe it to yourselves to give this a shot. My only complaint is the construction and burn often vary wildly. The cigars appear to be rolled free-hand and regularly leave a stripe of the wrapper unburnt. Additionally, although I don't really care about cosmetics, the coloration is all across the board. Even still, these are fine cigars if you crave flavor and aroma.
CZ of Gainesville, GA
I bought 20 off of Joe's Daily Deal. This is an excellent cigar. It is as good as some Cuban cigars I have had. A real flavor monster with a pretty good burn. I am not a big fan of the old style shape but it is well worth the money, even at full price you can't go wrong.
CS of Rock Springs, WY
I don't very often post twice about a cigar. One year ago I bought 20 off Joe's Daily. The first few were really good. One year later I fire up another and WOW! What an awsome, full bodied but smooth smoke. Please buy some now!
CS of Rock Springs, WY
Best 5 vegas I've had to date.
TB of Mount Sterling, IL
This was an unbelievable smoke. Well over an hour of flavors with an even burn throughout. Hands down my new favorite.
BC of Feeding Hills, MA
Great tasting cigar! couple of problems though, some have been spongy and burned irregularly.
KB of Konduz , AE
Got these from a Daily Joe's Jam and I can say I'm impressed. Just started into the Cigar thing a few months ago and found early on that my tastes tended toward the full flavor end of the spectrum. These Relics don't disappoint. :) Nice even burn and an easy draw on 5 out of 10 so far. Consistent nice full flavor across the board. If you're a Full Flavor fan, I'd definately recommend these. Bet ya can't smoke just 1! :)
CS of Reno, NV
OH MY! only ordered 2 singles and shared one with my boss, I went home after working 14 hours to buy me a box! Awesome smoke! Easily one of my top favs
JB of Livonia, MI
Holly crap is right!this is one ass kicken cigar!can I say ass? Ok pretend I said donkey..ok..LOL.Oh my god/gosh! I ment gosh.FULL butt kickin flaver.Just a gem of a cigar! nice burn,nice ash,well construckted,even burn.your gona love this cigar if flaver is what you kringe for.Its a great price for such a great cigar.Not recomeneded for girlymen!-Warning!
RM of N.ogden, UT
I was a bit apprehensive of this stick because I'm not usually a full flavor dark cigar kind of guy BUT, is a 5 Vegas. Holy Smoke. Mmmmm, Mmmmm, GOOD!! Not at all overpowering, smooth, nice draw and burn plenty of chewey billows of luscious smoke right down to the finger frying nub. Excellent cigar. Now I won't be afraid to try the cask strength. Insidious of CI to stick this lovely in a sampler pack. Diabolical marketing but I'm not complaining. It's a grand smoke.
NW of Brevard, NC
This is a great, complex stick. The Relic, to me is med or med full. Typically I like med to med full smokes because I inhale every other drag or so. This cigar was all creamy, toasty, and buttery smooth full flavor. Its definately not full strength. The three that I have smoked (writing a review after only having one just doesn't seem fair) were fantastic, but just past the second half, I got a bitter taste that became increasingly potent. Maybe I smoke too fast. I have a hard time agreeing with the 94 rating Kieth gave this stick but that may be splittin hairs. Its still a 90 or 91 in my book. The Rocky Patel decade and the Graycliff 1666 (two of my faves) taste more like a 94 to me, but they cost twice as much! Dont be turned away by its alleged full strength and some of these wierd reviews saying its too strong (they havent had the Particular or Camacho Corojo; those babies are strong!) My regulars are Charlie Torano exodus 1959 toro, Graycliff 1666 espresso, El Mejor Espresso gordo and Rocky Patel decade and vintage(when I can afford any of them). The Relic is a great smoke, its just not a 94 smoke.
JP of Fredonia, WI
Just finished one of these beauties. I'm very impressed with this cigar. Everything about it was... well.... Perfecto... From the draw to the flavor and construction, I really like this stick.
ST of Fpo, AP
I have to say wow. This is a lovely smoke. Almost chewy and bursting with flavor from start to finish. Not overpowering but definitely an attention grabber. The Relic now has a permanent place in my "keep on hand" list of sticks.
AT of Winston Salem, NC
I was introduced to the Cinco Vegas Relic puros through the CI MATASA/Fonseca sampler.... I would not have ordinarily been attracted to the 5 Vegas Relic because of the fancy packaging in wooden chests tied with cord and $100 per box price tag. However, they are worth the price for the excellent flavor profile and consistency of the cigars. One of the very few smokes I could recommend without reservation to any red blooded cigar lover for a special treat.
CB of Murfreesboro, TN
It's easy to be a 5 Vegas fanatic when they offer so many tasty options. Funny thing is, my least favorite is the one 90 rated vitola in the stable. The Classic. All of their bolder offerings are delicious & Relic is no exception. The Corojo wrapper is unbelievably oily & dark red colored. This special Dominican grown leaf is as gorgeous as any I've seen. The 12 year old leaf adds a dimension of aged premium tobacco & compliments the rest of the long filler perfectly. I remove the cellophane & keep this stick in a special humidor for a few weeks of dry aging, before I smoke it. The results are well worth the effort. Highly recommended to Corojo lovers & full flavor junkies alike.
5 Vegas' indescribably delicious blend is my Special Occasion puro. Like tonight, I am celebrating receiving two Relic Perfectos in a wonderful closeout deal from Fonseca. Quite possibly 5 Vegas' crowning glory, Relic sings out full flavor & full bodied spiciness that coats the palate, clings to the nose & delivers smooth notes of caramel, oak & a level of pepper that is perfect. Construction is flawless, draw is effortless. The 12 year old Dominican wrapper leaf glistens with oils that both promise & deliver maximum flavor. Highly recommended to full bodied enthusiasts & full flavor freaks alike. Coming in at just over 4 clams, they aren't cheap. They are tremendously delicious however & well worth finding in a deal, as I do to obtain a few to stow away for a rainy day. Truly one of my 5 favorite blends.
I'm a 5 Vegas fan. I like the variety that the brand offers in flavors from multiple blenders. I typically prefer the AAA from AJ Fernandez and the original Miami from Don Pepin Garcia. The Cask Strength is great as well, although I'm not sure who's blend it is. I believe I bought my first box of Relics on MMAO for $69.99. When I tried my first Relic, I was impressed with the look, smell and feel. But was somewhat disappointed in the burn and the flavor. It was rolled too tight and the draw was terrible. The flavor was bitter and much like the Fonesca F. I have thousands of different cigars in my basement humidor, so I set these aside and forgot about them for over a year. I was looking for a quick smoke one afternoon. Nothing special, just something to smoke that I wouldn't miss. I came across the box of Relics and figured I'd start smoking them as yard cigars get rid of them and to make room in my humidor. I lit one up and was absolutely amazed at what I was smoking. I'm not a huge fan of Manuel Quesada. In fact, his Fonescas are typically my yard cigars, but this was not the same Relic I remembered smoking a year ago! Rich, earthy flavors with a tangy, almost fruity finish. I wouldn't describe it as spicy or strong. The burn was much better as was the draw. I was shocked at the transformation of this cigar over a year of aging. I never really believed that letting cigars rest in the humidor for a few weeks or months made much difference. After all, they've been sitting in a warehouse for who knows how long. Whats another week in a guy's humidor going to do for them. But in my experience, one year transformed this cigar from a yard cigar to my top shelf. Buy em. Let em sit for a year. Be patient. Its well worth the wait! And if you like the Relic, don't be afraid to try the 5 Vegas Limitada 2013 while you still can. Another Quesada blend, better than the Relic!
JC of Lakewood, NY
Too much of a chore to smoke even after dry boxing constant relights, touch ups, and constant double puffs, I want to relax smoking a cigar, not work hard
....relic is something else great flavor nice smoke a very smooth ride only thing I wish they had more selection in size options but still try it.
LA of Ridgewood, NY
One of my favorite smokes. A little pricey but worth it.
Loved it, got to get more!!!
NS of Hemet, CA
A very good cigar that packs a punch, yet very smooth.
EW of Virginia Beach, VA
One of the best cigars I have smoked. Very favorable medium cigar.
SM of Kent, WA