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Staff Reviews for 5 Vegas Relic

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5 Vegas Relic

Posted by Keith

I’ve just polished off my 12th Relic in 4 days and at this point and can confidently state that I’m a certifiable fanatic. In many ways, the new Relic blend takes the 5 Vegas brand to a whole new level.

5 Vegas Relic is a Dominican puro, made with 100% Dominican tobaccos – but it ain’t your daddy’s Dominican blend (the misconception that Dominican cigars are always mild seems to widely persist). Take the wrapper for instance: this leaf is a Dominican grown Corojo culled from the highest priming for maximum sun exposure, leaving a leaf that’s dark and loaded with oils. It’s evident that care was taken in the fermentation and selection of this wrapper – the quality, color, thickness and texture are unmatched. Added to the potent filler recipe of lush Cuban-seed Dominican tobaccos is a single leaf of authentic 12-year old filler. This is the “relic,” aged tobaccos specially selected by maker Manuel Quesada, who had set aside the bale of exquisite 1996 vintage leaf to tame down the otherwise powerful blend and give it a “noble” quality – a rounder, slightly mellower, well-balanced profile.

Relic is offered in just one size, a 5.75” x 54 perfecto. This size is an ideal vehicle for delivering the blend’s robust character. The special perfecto shape is closed at both the head and foot (note: I recommend cutting both the head and foot….in fact just clip ¼” off the foot which opens the airflow considerably for instant enjoyment).

After sparking it up, the initial sensation is mellow and light. But it gradually and steadily builds in strength until you start to feel warm and fuzzy. The aroma is consistent from foot to nub – a curiously distinct mixture of bold spice and a fresh-baked bread that’s soothingly warm and highly enjoyable. As you approach the midpoint it’s clear this cigar offers unrivaled complexity including intermingling nuances of coffee, sweetness, and white pepper with a constant underpinning of deep, dense toastiness throughout. As I focused on the changes, I deciphered different notes, strengths, and textures with each puff. The smoke unfolded like a classic story right on through the final puff. With a distinct beginning, middle, and end, 5 Vegas Relic is cool and stately, a thing of considerable beauty that pours forth with extraordinary precision, richness and structure.

You will not be disappointed.