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Helix Reviews

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Overall Rating 4.68 out of 5 Based on 28 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “Helix”

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5 out of 5
Great Stick for a small price.
The Helix x542 is a light creamy, and slightly nutty cigar with a hint of sweet cedar and a short finish that was nice to revisit after 10 years not smoking one. It seems to be a perfect smoke for the morning with a cup of coffee that doesn't hang on you all day. I would definitely recommend this cigar for someone who is interested in trying cigars....tasty, light and affordable.
5 out of 5
great mild cigar, at a
great mild cigar, at a great price...
5 out of 5
helix cigars
Very mild and very reasonably priced smoke. I really enjoy these cigars..
2 out of 5
NOT Complex Just Bad
Heard and read so much about Helix complexity and a great smoke that won't break the bank. There was nothing complex about it and I'd take dozens of "budget / daily" smokes over this any day of the week. I guess I found out why this stogie was on "Clearance".
5 out of 5
Casual smoker
These are great cigars mild smooth burn and no after taste in the morning!
5 out of 5
Helix Tubular...
Great Cigar. Perfect size when you don't have a long time to burn one up!
5 out of 5
Dr. Cigar
Outstanding deals
5 out of 5
Great ia
Great ia
5 out of 5
Helix x550
Great cigar for the money. Mild-medium
5 out of 5
Helix XP Maduro
Excellent value and quality
5 out of 5
Always quick and accurate service of fresh product. However I do not need advertisements other than Internet .
5 out of 5
super 8
Overall a great mild cigar.
5 out of 5
Helix 6X52
Great cigar for activities, when you don't want an over bearing cigar but don't want to do without the flavor.
4 out of 5
Good smoke for the money
Good smoke for the money
4 out of 5
Helix 550
Good mild smoke for after dinner reading a book.
5 out of 5
Great cigar; timely delivery; what
Great cigar; timely delivery; what more can I ask?
5 out of 5
cigar orders
Ordered helix for the first time because because of the small size available and they were on the mild side. I hit a home run on these cigars. They have a very satisfying taste, a nice draw, and an even burn. The price is a steal and I will be ordering these again. They can easily compete with the more expensive cigars. The guys in my foursome all agree. This is one great cigar for the money. Thanks CI for having these in your inventory.
5 out of 5
Dark and delicious.
A beautiful with a great taste. The chocolate dark wrapped is rich in flavor.
5 out of 5
helix cigars
Good cigar for the money.
5 out of 5
A pleasant light cigar. Goes well with a cold beer when relaxing.
5 out of 5
Helix Cigars
These Helix Cigars are the smoothest easiest cigars I've ever tried!!!
5 out of 5
Super smooth at a good price
I like a variety of cigars from mild to moderately intense, but I definitely prefer mild for everyday smokes. Helix delivers in spades. It is a solid, tasty, well made smoke that satisfies, but doesn't require lying down for half an hour afterward to recover. In the medium price, decent quality category, these are a winner.
5 out of 5
Lou Colavito
Good prices free shipping once and a while would be nice.
5 out of 5
S. Roper's Reveiw
smoothest, best tasting cigar I've ever smoked. Great cigar for the price!!!
4 out of 5
Helix x550 Maduro
Good smoke for a good price. Solid cigar that burns good, this is my every day smoke for work, working around the house and fishing.
4 out of 5
George H. Trevose PA.
I liked this cigar very much. I thought the flavor and the construction were top notch all the way through. I was pleasantly surprised at the cost as well. Good cigar!
4 out of 5
Nice Mild Cigar!
I bought 5 of these and they were a really nice mild cigar. I liked the length, and they smoked very well. At the same time as I bought these I bought a sampler pack of CAO Flavours, which I really enjoyed. I have since purchased the CAO Coronas in Moontrance and Bella Vanilla. These are one of the nicest cigars I have ever smoked!
4 out of 5
A very good smoke
This is a well made cigar. The Connecticut wrapper is Light colored and Flawless. It draws well and gives a nice Mild to Med. smoke.
Customer Testimonials
Received a 5-pack of these in the Super 8 Maduro Presidente, 8x54 size & my husband's eyes lit up soon as he pulled it out the box. We only managed to let it set for one day. Very attractive looking right out of the wrapper; very easy draw, mild-medium strength. Ash didn't hold very well but it surprised both my husband & I with not having to be re-lit not once which is enough for us to want to add it to our rotation. Not a bad choice or price for that matter...5-pack was $19...can't beat that for Presidente size!
Very peppery especially in the last third. G2 and RP Conneticut are way better. Not to say they are bad but so many are better. Smokes kinda hot and flakey ash. Middle third is good.
Very very nice smoke. Exceptionally smooth with a even burn and good draw. A fine cigar for beginners!
Great cigar when you don't have time for a Churchill.
....It's not a bad cigar, good mild flavor, but for something that is advertised as sweet and flavored, it is not....
I really like the taste of this cigar, it's dark has a smooth draw.
One of my first cigars ever. Tastes similar to a Macanudo at about half the price. If you like Macs, these are a good bargain alternative and they're also made by General Cigar.
I recently bought the Purple Label cigar. Honestly, I don't have too much knowledge or expertise on cigars, however, I do know when something is a decent smoke. For the price of the cigar, it was decent. The ash isn't all too strong as it does fall off after a shorter period than any cigar I've had. The hit is smooth, mild to medium flavor, but the flavor it leaves isn't all too pleasant. Some may enjoy it, others may not. But for the price I acquired this cigar for, I would say it's a decent smoke, especially for when you need some yard work done or housework at that. It doesn't burn all that evenly. It's very warm as well. I could've had a much worse cigar as well as a better cigar for sure. I am more of a casual 'sit back and relax with friends' kind of cigar smoker, and I would not smoke this very often with my friends out at the pool hall or when we lounge and drink some scotch. But I wouldn't recommend this to someone looking for a high-quality cigar. If you're looking for mediocre or slightly above average, this would be a good cigar for you.
Get the Helix Maduro if you can find it. It is a bargain priced very mild smoke and delivers a bit more than the light Connecticutt Shade wrapper version. Do not expect a Padron like experience, instead remember mild is the word here. You get a slightly salty and slighty sweet caramel like flavor as opposed to the deep semi-sweet chocolate and coffee flavors such a the heavier maduros of which Padron is king. It has little to no spice and would qualify as a nice early morning stick at a bargain price. These are a bit loose and the ash will drop all of a sudden so take care of that so you won't have a grey stain on you the rest of the day, otherwise the stick burned razor sharp.
The Blue Label Helix was the first cigar I ever smoked. Good flavor for a mild cigar, I definitely nubbed it. And at $3 a stick pretty much anywhere you can find them, can you really go wrong?
The Helix is a mediocre cigar at best. Salt and pepper ash that may hang on for a few seconds, very ashy. Taste was mild, very little flavor and nothing special. Burn was bad and was very hot, loosely rolled. However these are nice giveaway cigars to people who don't care what you give them to smoke.
I tried a Super 8 about a year ago. It was such an amazing cigar that I could hardly wait to buy a box of them. Now I only buy the Super 8 and the Isla del Sol (churchill).
To many people who love a nice smoke every once and awhile I strongly recomend the Helix Blue Label. Its got a nice draw,Mild taste and great burn rate. This is a good cigar for many people who are new to cigars. Its one of those cigars that you can just sit down and ethier V cut,Punch,or just cut. All and all I am sure you can find it in your local cigar shop and I would suggest picking a few up.
Being a new cigar smoker I was a little shy as far as maduro's go. Let me tell you though that this little dark gem of a cigar is pure medium delight. (Helix) My personal favorite size is a robusto because of the shorter time it takes to smoke. Only problem though is that I find myself chewin on these beaut's for a good 20 minutes prior to lighting because they are so good and I hate to see them gone. Only good thing about smoking this sucker to the fingertips is going back to the box and getting another one. I deffinitely recommend this cigar to anyone and especially the maduro to anyone thats a little bit worried about a maduro's harshness.
Very nice Honduran cigar. (Helix) Even the big ring cigars have a reasonably even burn and an ash that isn't messy. Well made and good looking. I should smoke more of them.
A friend gave me one of these (Helix) and about half way through the stick I said "How come I've never heard of these?" Nice and mild, but gets a bit spicier and stronger, never overwhelming. The ash burns evenly and the draw is easy. For the money they are hard to beat. If you like Connecticut leaf check these out.
"Wow". I tried these (Helix) for the first time and was delightfully impressed. Great tasting mild cigar which was expertly constructed. The Helix Blue has a beautiful CT shade wrapper that reminds me why I started smoking cigars in the first place. For the money you can't do much better than this. I will have to make room in my humidor for more of these babies. Thank you CI for the great selection and pricing, not to mention excellent service, that you offer us cigar nuts!
having bought many cigars from you, looking for satisfaction in the $3.00 range, and being disappointed ( quality of construction, draw, ect.,) i finally found my cigar....Helix Toro.!!! fantastic smoke man. everyone smoked the same, stayed lit, great satisfaction, good price...can smoke on an empty stomach. awesome....
I chose the Helix maduro robusto - X550 I was seriously impressed with this cigar for the price, and just impressed overall. Shiny, oily, and nary a vein on this Connecticut Broadleaf maduro wrapper. Dark, and super-juicy. The first bite is pure pre-light delight. They look strong as hell, but they are medium-bodied and as smooth as Tennesee whiskey. In fact, it's not a bad combination! The palate ranges from earthy, slight cocoa to black coffee, but hang on for that inital blast right after lighting. It took me a moment to adjust to all the flavors, but it mellows out right away, and you can coast. Took 2 weeks in the humi to get the burn right. Right out of the box, they burn like a treasure map. If you like maduro, this cigar should go on your favorites list...and near the top.
The Helix line of cigars is wonderful! I am used to smoking CAO and Diamond Crown cigars, my father brought me one from the cigar shop and I fell in love! I always have my Helix next to my CAO's and Diamond Crowns! Perfect anytime smoke, perfect for the course and with a drink. A+
IMHO this is one helluva $3 stick (Gispert)!!! In my short cigar smoking career I've tried a five pack of five or six of your fine selections and a 25 bundle of one of your other ones as well..Well I think I may have hit on "my brand"...These are mild bodied yet very rich, toasty, and, satisfying in flavor..What a treat!! And for about $3 a stick!! Enjoyed one of these while having an extended session on the practice putting green yesterday and and was kinda sad when it (the cigar) was finished..With these great prices and quick delivery at CI..I know I won't run out of them..Thanks