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5 Vegas Gold Maduro Reviews

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Customer Reviews of “5 Vegas Gold Maduro”
I just got my recent shipment and tried one of these (5 Vegas Gold Maduro) right out of the package and I have to say it is very nice. Super coffee and leather overtones. Very mellow, almost a clean flavor, not much after taste. Some other flavors I am still discerning. I smoked that thing down to my finger tips. If I had a roach clip I would have kept on going. I recommend it. The last time I had this good of a smoke was Oliva Master blend 3 a long time ago.
RC of Greenfield, IN
Mmmm. A mild cigar with a tasty twang. That is quite a combo. 5 Vegas keeps coming up with good reasonably priced cigars. Always something interesting. Try'em you might be surprised.
DO of Soldotna, AK
WOW! Another Great cigar by 5 vegas. This 5 vegas maduro is a delight to smoke. It's rich smooth taste is very enjoyable from start to finish! On a scale of 1-10 this cigar is at least a 9! Hope C.I put these beauties up for sale on the daily special, so I can snag a couple of boxes right away.
JH of V IIILong Island, NY
This is simply a nice smoke; perfect draw, nice flavor, good even burn, ton of smoke. The 5 Vegas line never disappoints.
JB of Bemidji, MN
I love the 5 Vegas Gold and am a big fan of maduro wrappers so I decided to try this one went it was on sale. Overall, I am somewhat disappointed. I was expecting a medium bodied experience but to me this is a medium-full smoke. Starts out with some peppery overtones much like its baby brother, but does not burn or draw as smoothly. Also just a wee bit heavy on the aftertaste. I am finding the smoke behaves better if you leave the humi a little on the dry side. Next time, I will stay with the CuAvano maduro. Hard to beat if you like a mild maduro!
WW of Peoria, AZ
*** I'm a big fan of Nestor Plasencia & his cigars ... I think he takes great care in growing, aging, fermenting the tobacco and then in rolling the cigars ... all of which in my experience are very well constructed with a good draw ... so I'm really looking forward to trying these with the PA Broadleaf wrapper which is so good on the 5 Vegas AAAs and the La Herencia Cubana Oscuro Fuertes (LHCOF). Hope they are introduced soon on the Joe's Jambalaya or daily deal.
SP of Northern, VA
Delicious stick, guys. If you like the PA broadleaf wrapper but don't always want the high power levels that have come with it until now (e.g. Diesel, 5 Vegas AAA, etc.) then try this stick! It has that rich, complex PA broadleaf wrapper taste, but with a mild and mellow 5 Vegas Gold strength level! It's an excellent combination if you like mild-to-medium strength but lots of flavor. Very recommended.
JL of Wilkes-Barre, PA
At the behest of my favorite salesman here at CI I tried the Maduro Gold, I had one included on my last order. I haven't tried too many that I haven't liked and this was no exception. It was a bold expression in a little stick... not enough to bowl you over but enough to let you know that 5 Vegas is serious about delivering bang for you buck! The Gold Maduro had a heavy bouquet and a copious plume of smoke that emanates from an even medium packed cigar, the draw is consistent all the way through and ensures a consistent experience right up to the label. It to me embodied subtle hints of coffee and leather - that perfectly aged maduro wrapper adds to the allure for the discerning palette. If you are looking to add a boutique stick to your collection, this is a strong consideration. Certain cigars don't taste well in larger ring gauges, this is one I'd like to see rolled in a Cuban pack in a 58-60 gauge, this would be explosive and give Camacho a good run for the money lol! This is a great "tailgate" cigar to burn back with a shot of your fave bourbon, or amber ale! My rate on this stick: 88
CS of South Gate, CA
this cigar is exactly how it is described. I have been smoking cigars for 35 years and was very pleased with this mild and mellow maduro that holds true troughout with no bite at the end. A perfect anytime smoke you cannot put down, very relaxing.
JW of Buzzards Bay, MA
Ok, these are good cigars when they burn properly. The 10 pack box pressed, awesome. I got a 50x50 and it burned poorly. Each one tunneled regardless if i leave it sit for 65% humidity for almost a month or leave it where it is a lot less than 65% humidity. This experience is etched in my mind forever. Will I try again? Why not. It is probably a bad batch.
VG of San Diego, CA
This is a great tasting light maduro that won't over-power you. It reminds me of the kind of maduros I used to get back in the 70's and 80's. Too many of today's maduros are way way too heavy. Another home run for 5 Vegas!
PM of Hewitt, TX
Amazing! This cigar is just simply amazing. What a great smoke. Awesome taste, great ash, slow burning what more could anyone ask for. These are going to be in my humidor at all times.
DV of Ellettsville, IN
Just got my box today (5 Vegas Gold Maduro). What a treat indeed! This cigar is excellent in construction and appearance. It isn't mentioned in the description but I detected a slight woody taste along with a faint sweetness during the exhale through the nose. If you people at CI wouldn't mind, please thank Mr. 5 Vegas the next time he comes around your store to peddle some cigars for a nice cigar. He deserves a nice warm pat on the back for this one. I'm glad I've got another box on the way.
TL of Ely, NV
AMAZING!!! 5 Vegas Gold Maduro is just that pure gold. A great maduro cigar for an outstanding price. My humidor will never be without this cigar.
JJ of Brooktondale, NY
A nice stick at a great price! Especially for those of us into smooth and mellow smokes, yet crave a little more flavor complexity than the typical connecticutt wrapper. This isn't a powerhouse maduro, yet it offers similar flavors but with a bit less punch.
PG of Cincinnati, OH
RH of Bethlehem, PA
Great cigar. Not too heavy for a maduro, I mean I've had some that leave me drooling but this one is on the sweeter side. Takes about a month or two settling in the humidor before it really hits that "sweet" spot otherwise a great smoke that I recommend to anyone in search of that milder maduro.
SW of Guilford, CT
Great Maduro cigar, flavorfull yet not to strong or over power but upper mid on my own rating scales. If looking for a Maduro wrapper a must try. Owns a place on my rotation- goes well with a cold beer but perfect with Rum (Don Q cristal) and coke.
ER of Middleburg, FL
Overall this is a good cigar, mild yet very flavorful. But the burn on all 5 that I received was very uneven - took away from the enjoyment to have to constantly correct the uneven burn and relight cigar.
JV of Sylvania, OH
This cigar looks, smells and feels great. Even the box looks good. This is my first experience with 5 Vegas and it was very enjoyable. Slow smoking, over an hour, and great tasting without being too strong. Medium strength with lingering spiciness. Wrapper is very dark, oily and rich looking. Had some small running issues which fixed themselves. Can't wait to smoke and see how they age. Great maduro for the price.
DM of Haverford, PA
This is a great everyday smoke. Just about finished my 1st box and it will not be my last. Constuction,burn and smoke is awsome! 4 left from this box and not 1 burn issue. Whats that tell ya?!
BW of Hamilton, OH
Just as some others here have commented, I can't seem to keep this cigar lit. I've had more than a few of these and anything bigger than a robusto needs about seventeen re-lights to finish one. No joke, if I stop to take three breaths between draws, the thing goes out. I'm tempted to leave one on the dash of my car in the Texas heat for a couple of days to see if this will dry them out enough to keep them lit. Must be a fire resistant breed of tobacco. Taste is really pretty good, but it's a serious pain in the neck to smoke. Buying this? Buy an extra can of butane.
JE of Universal City, TX
I received this cigar along with 4 other Vegas brands for only an additonal $2.50, by ordering a box of 20 5 Vegas Gold. The color of this cigar would make you think that it is going to give you a buzz right off the bat. Not true. This is a great cigar that is in the middle when it comes to strength. While I smoke cigars on the longer and larger ring size. This one will keep you smoking for 45 minutes or longer. The taste was no over bearing, and I didn't notice any pepper taste. While I know many enjoy a pepper taste, I'm one that doesn't care for it. If you are getting ready to purchase a box of cigars, it is well worth the extra couple of bucks to get this cigar with the other 4.
DM of Taylor, MI
This is a very delicious smoke, highly recommended. If you like a little more strength get the coronas as there is more of that rich PA wrapper flavor and less of the mild filler. These are always in my humi. There are a few burn issues but I think it is the nature of the wrapper. I just quickly put a little fire to the part thats not burning and even it out don't let it go or you'll have a half inch to burn off. I consider it a minor issue compared to the rich delicious flavor of this medium body smoke.
SM of Dillsburg, PA
I have always liked 5 Vegas, but the Gold Maduro is my new favorite cigar! Great flavor, nice draw, lots of smoke, even burn, and not too heavy on the palate. You can smoke these all day long! ('ll need more than one box!)
WH of Loveland, CO
I tossed this cigar in the first third. Maybe I just got a dud. It would not burn even, the draw was horribly tight, and it was a chore just to keep it lit. I would have stuck with it if the flavor was there. It didn't taste bad just not interesting at all. Probably just got a rotten apple, other 5 vegas cigars have been good to me.
SV of Glendale, CA
I am currently writing this on the injury reserve list. I just stepped inside from smoking one of these and WOW!! This is one helluva stick. I ordered the robusto version a while back. Let them stew in the old humi for a few months and bam. These are going to be hard to hang on to. I just completed my order for the toro's (see if I can get a few more minutes per stick). They are fantastic!!! I smoked this one down to two fingers, then one finger, and shed a tear when I finally put it to rest (blistered finger and all). I don't believe i have ever smoked a stogie that far down before.... These will definately be in constant rotation hence forth. Keep'em coming CI. You guys rock!!
JH of Lawrence, KS
Gorgeous looking deep dark uniform wrapper on my 5 Vegas Gold Maduro Coronas. Too bad the reason for that deep, dark uniformity is copious amounts of deep dark dye. These cigars are like tanning the tips of your fingers while applying smidges of brown lipstick to your mouth. Nothing wrong with dyed wrappers per se, but personally I'll take the natural appearance of a well cured and fermented maduro leaf (that doesn't leave brown dye on your fingers and lips) every time. With that out of the way, how's the smoke? After some initial bitterness at first light, these settle down to a mild maduro smoke that has hints of sweetness, almost like a really mild molasses. Smoke is creamy. Draw is good and burn is very uniform. Well constructed. All in all not a bad smoke, but the dark brown dye is a turnoff for me. Doubt I will order these again, but they are decent smokes if the dye thing isn't an issue for you.
AA of Heflin, AL
5 Vegas is my number one brand…..but I must say that theses Gold Maduro’s are now number one on my list.
AP of Apo, AE
Just about finishing up my second box of these. The first box was great, excellent flavor, smooth draw. However, almost every cigar in the second box will not burn evenly, tunnels, and goes out in a heartbeat. Still tastes great but it is a lot of work!
SS of Eagle Rock, CA
A beautiful cigar, with perfect draw and burn. Reminded me of a mocha milk shake, smooth and creamy with rich flavors of coffee and cocao. Certainly worth much more than I paid for these, thanks CI
RW of Sarasota, FL
I'm just now finishing a 5 pack of these, and I'm putting in another order tonight. I'm not sure what happened with the first 3, but I was so unimpressed that I've been trying to give the last 2 away. This morning I decided to fire 'em up to save some of my favorites. I'm glad I did! I honestly don't know what changed between a couple months ago and today, but the mildness of this maduro was greatly appreciated. Great draw, smooth & slow burn, with a taste that's accented with a slight cavendish like pipe tobacco. Definitely can't wait to get another box in.
DW of Pearl City, HI
A cigar smoker for less than a year, my tastes are running to the richer end of spectrum in both price and body. A friend gave me a 5 Vegas GM and it did take a bit of correcting to burn evenly but the flavor was great. I've had a few of them in different sizes and the burn varies but the taste and smoke are consistent, that is to say very enjoyable. As I was checking out of CI on a recent purchase of another special, they caught me in the checkout line with a $25 deal for ten XO sized 5V GMs and I couldn't refuse, it's my favorite size. I haven't had a single one go out on me and the burn isn't perfect but I don't care. A quick blast with the lighter brings things back into line if needed. Worst thing about them? The band looks chintzy so it gets stripped off immediately. No issue with any dye transfer business either and I hold them till they're gone. Great knock-about smoke, great price.
ER of Memphis, TN
Smoked a bellicoso for the first time. Very mild, slightly sweet; a very pleasant cigar. Only complaint is that it went out too easily when left unattended, even for a very short time.
BB of Gig Harbor, WA
Just smoked my first one and found what others did. Started out really good but a third of the way through the cigar it started to go out and the tunneling was really annoying. Too much work to smoke this cigar!
RO of South San Francisco, CA
I usually enjoy a mild to medium bodied cigar but was disappointed with the 5 Vegas Maduro. The after taste too 'bitter' for my palate and the frustrating part was that the toro(s) wouldn't hold a light. CI customer service was tremendous for giving credit for the unused need to shop around!
GC of Norristown, PA
This is an OK smoke when it burns right. Out of the 20 I bought, 12 had real serious burn problems. I tried everything, dry-boxing for hours to days before I smoke. Nothing helps. Tunneling, uneven burns, just terrible.I give up. It's too bad because the flavor was there, just WAAAAAY too much work to enjoy.
Agree with several others that the maduro doesn't hold up to the regular gold or any of the other 5 Vegas lines like the classic that I frequently smoke. The draw was tight and needed several relights before I quit at the halfway point. I keep my humidor around 67 percent and no other cigars were as wet as this one.
I ordered the 5 Vegas Manduro robustos. I smoked 4 of them so far and am pretty disappointed. I couldn't keep any of them lit, if I stopped to sip my drink the cigar would need to be re lit. I was getting dizzy trying to keep these lit. Once I got the cigar going it was an uneven burn (boating). If you buy these cigars you'll want to have another lighter available because you will probably run out of butane on the first one.
Nice cigar at first, but the last batch are flame retardant. Perhaps a bunsen burner would help. Love the taste but very inconsistent burn.
Wow. A full flavored, even burning, good to the last inch smoke. Smooth drawing, even burning full flavored, yet smooth cigar. Chewy wrapper. Flavors of coffee, dark cocoa, leather and spice. Even, I swear to god, the taste of a good ribeye steak. Never burny, never harsh. Smoked it down until it was burning my fingers. I think I'm in love!
JC of Reno, NV
Just a top notch smoke all the way, and well worth the price...
Great cigar. Love the box press shape. No ugly burn or going out. Smoked like the best of them, creamy with a hint of leather cocoa coffee and cedar with just the right amount of spice. Going to order another 10 pack before the price goes off sale. Well worth 2 bucks a stick. I am going to let this bunch age for a month or so just to see what sparkles from them....
AV of Spring City, PA
I got one of these in a sampler and liked it a lot. Good smoke, some flavor and not too strong....I usually don't smoke anything classified fuller than medium. I ordered a 5 pack of robustos and having smoked 4 of them, I am sorry to say that they suffered from some of the same burn problems mentioned in other reviews.....constant relighting, uneven burn, and tunneling....I am going to try one more 5 pack just to make sure that it wasn't a bad batch....
An amazing cigar. Not too strong; it's just right.
Great cigar...nice, thick smoke and not on the hot side either. Construction is flawless and to be honest it's the construction of a cigar much more expensive than this. Enjoyable smoke for me, I tend too smoke more mild cigars so this is a good change for me. I purchased these to have on the weekends while working around the house. Ended up really enjoying them and smoking one every night while walking the dog. Take the chance to try these. 5 Vegas is an excellent brand. If it were not for the reviews of this cigar I'd not have tried it and missed out. So, I feel as though I needed to give back to CI! Give these cigars a chance, they are right in the middle of the road, not too strong and not too light, just perfect.
KC of Mount Ephraim, NJ
This is one of the best maduros I have had yet....I found that Jim Beam Devils cut is a good match. So if your looking for a good smoke for a Sunday cookout or hanging with the family, this is would be a good one, preferably the gordo.
ET of Joplin, MO
Was very interested when I saw the 5 Vegas GM. Very disappointed in this cigar. More of a medium to full smoke which didn't bother me, but it really didn't have an enjoyable flavor. All I could taste was slight leathery flavor but mainly pepper. And after a third of the stick like many others stated the burn was horrible! Very uneven and hard to keep lit. I'll stick with the other offerings from 5 Vegas. In my opinion, don't waste your money on this one.
SK of Slatington, PA
5 Vegas Gold Maduro, I just got a bundle of these, they smoke great taste great burn great all around great cigar. a little oil just like I like them, good tell the end : )
Even better than the regular goldies.
RF of Jeffersonville, GA
I agree with everyone so far that this is a milder maduro with some interesting flavors....I smoked about a dozen of these over the past year and not one stays lit long enough to complete two draws. Or, the filler keeps burning and the wrapper doesnt. I can use up all the fuel in a Xikar lighter just smoking one of these. Plus, the wrapper at the head seems to get really slimey and come apart on everyone. Unlike any other cigar ive ever smoked. My humidor is perfectly set at 69. Ive tried letting these set outside the humidor for days prior to smoking as to dry out the wrapper a bit and it doesnt seem to make much difference. Not good enough for the all the trouble. I'll stick to the original Gold, or the Cask Strength if I want more flavor.
JC of Lakewood, NY
I was disappointed with the box pressed stick, It took forever for it to get burning. I have smoked 5 Vegas Golds before and enjoyed them, however I would not recommend the box pressed style.
SP of Hope, RI
Nice label, smells good, lights up with pleasant flavor -- only problem is that it won't stay lit for more than a minute or two. Flameproofing is a good thing for kitchen curtains and kids' pyjamas, but a serious drawback in a cigar. Three of a pack of five Coronas have had the same problem; the remaining two are going into the trash. Be warned.
NH of Scottsdale, AZ
If you filled up your 100 count humidor with nothing but Cinco Vegas cigars: GOLD! GOLD MADURO! CLASSIC! A,AAA, and Miami you would not need to spend big dollars on any other cigar!!!!!!
Received a box 3 weeks ago. So far 5 out of 20 had burn issues. The taste and aroma is nice, but its hard to enjoy one when you have to have to keep correcting the burn.
DB of Fresno, CA
I was excited when these first came out because I love maduros and the 5 Vegas Golds had always been a favorite. I've tried many but the burn is never right and they tunnel. Unfortunately I keep them off my list now.
5 Vegas Maduro Corona; 1st stick, Great taste when I could get it to burn. Very tight draw, I lost track of how many times I had to relight it. 2nd stick, same, tight draw many relights.
RS of Richmond, IN
Tried one the other day. Very disappointed. Although wasn't expecting anything phenomenal either. Weak flavor, very bland. Burned very uneven. Needed too much attention and I'm not a slow burner either. Got caught in a sudden bit of heavy & instant rain. Thankfully the droplets put that one out of its misery. I'm not one to give up on one early and will always try to see it through to the end. With that one I was glad I didn't have to. Was hoping for it to be at least one I could recommend to beginners as a "starter" Maduro. Not so much.
AM of Freemansburg, PA
I just got my shipment of 5 Vegas Gold Maduro's and 5 Vegas Gold's. The cigars are still smoke-able, not dried like some companies, which you cannot smoke the cigar right away.... I put them in the humidor and I'm smoking a 5 Vegas Gold Maduro now for the first time as I do this review and I have to say this, I have smoked many different brands of maduros but this one has to be the best. Nestor P is a fine blender and I love smoking anything he makes. I love the 5 Vegas line, and it was hard to find them due to people buying them all up via the website. Very well done with the storing and shipping of the product. CI your the best!
Folks you will not find a finer tasting blend of maduro class cigar anywhere, and for the price this blend will stay in stock in my humidor. I have dropped numerous name brands to the 5 Vegas Gold Maduro and the whole 5 Vegas Line of cigars. You wont find me smoking anything else they are that good. Super fine, well done Nestor and CI folks, thank you. Now you, the cigar lover, what are you waiting for? Grab them while you can you won't regret it!
First off let me say that I thoroughly enjoy the 5 Vegas line, with my favorite being the original Gold. I really want to enjoy this cigar but have a hard time doing so. Three times I have tried this smoke on different occasions and the burn was uneven, the draw was tight and the flavor didn't match up to the 5 Vegas consistency -- I will age them tried aging for months.
AM of toms river, NJ
Just a little harsh. I would rather have something a bit smoother. Easy to light up.
CW of puyallup, WA
Appearance: very good Construction: very tight no loose strands with cut Burn/Ash/Draw: easy light at start up but disappointed in burn, kept going out Consistency: pretty consistent throughout Taste: mild/medium... slight spicy at start, not too harsh of a flavor Recommendation: nice tasting cigar would rate a 4-5 on taste... Preference: mild
KD of Jesup, IA
Construction: tightly packed not one loose bit when cut Appearance: good Draw: excellent Burn: fairly good smoke with nice ash but not quite as long as some other brands. Some have a tendency to more easily go out. Consistency: excellent Taste: slight pepper on lips when first started mild-med taste throughout to the nub no hot burn whatever Overall: smoked right out of box, smoke, IMHO very good smoke Rated a little lower only because tendency to go out. Maybe of course better after being in humidor for a while. Preference: mild
KD of Jesup, IA
Tonights indulgence...5 Vegas Gold Maduro. Its 1am in the morning and this evening I celebrate a big pay raise at my job. First a little back story. The 5 Vegas brand from what I have researched was one of the "Cigar Boom" brands of the early 1990's that was going belly-up when the bust came in the later part of the decade. Evidently Cigars International swooped in and purchased the brand and "retooled" it. What they have produced is one of the best mild to medium maduro sticks I have ever smoked. The regular Gold is a permanent member of my humi and these will now be as well. If you enjoy a fantastic mild smoke as I do (regular gold) as well as mild to medium (gold maduro) and fulls give these a try you wont be disappointed. You will indulge in a slow and very cool burning stick (the robusto's last well over an hour) with a perfect draw and burn. I have never had one that has failed me in any way. They both have a delectable slightly sweet flavor that is addicting to say the least. CI...SALUTE!
CJ of Oldsmar, FL
The torpedo Gold Maduro was my first 5 Vegas cigar. I am finishing up as I type. Burned perfectly, perfectly packed and quite tasty medium-bodied smoke. If all of the 5 Vegas are like this I'll be quite pleased. Getting ready to order a big guns sampler and hopefully they'll all be as great as this one.
MS of Surprise, AZ
Had my first one tonight and I have to say I am impressed. Though I believe it has been mislabeled. This cigar is strong strong strong mainly laying with pepper as the flavor. Quite tangy really but smokes nice and smooth and evenly. Not very tightly packed which is nice as well. Definitely on my list to keep ordering.
AG of Saline, MI
This cigar has a mild, buttery taste, with the sweetness of Maduro. The box-press delivers even and effortless draw. For the price, it is an excellent value, and I personally rate it nine out of ten, with consistent flavor profile from stick to stick.
DM of Nashville, TN
Very mild, well rounded tasting cigar. I enjoyed this cigar and will be making this a regular in my humidor. Check it out if you get the chance.
RC of Flushing, NY
Can I just say an excellent cigar with loads of flavor that entice youre pallet. I should have gotten two boxes but will buy these again. If you're looking for full packed flavors and a excellent burn all the way through give these a try, you wont be dissapointed.
TH of Big Flats, NY
Pretty disappointed....Every single cigar seems to either want to canoe or tunnel. No other cigars in my humidor are doing this.
A great tasting cigar for the money
NM of Revere, MA
Just what you would expect from 5 Vegas; a solid value that really has no negatives. A very good medium strength maduro that is a pleasure to smoke. They run about $3.00, (box price robusto) and smoke at about the $7.00 smoke shop level. No one who lights one of these up is going to be unhappy.
Got the 5-pack sampler of these cigars and they sure are good. Everything you would expect from a 5 Vegas cigar and more. I may have to buy a whole box of these now!
LM of morehead city, NC
Man these are some flavorful sticks. I prefer these over the standard Golds.
SD of McKees Rocks, PA
Not one burned well.
MS of guntersville, AL