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5 Vegas Gold Reviews

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Customer Reviews of “5 Vegas Gold”
A terrific cigar (5 Vegas Gold). Mild, great draw, and easy smoking. A very light cigar. The best I have smoked.
JG of Fairview Heights, IL
Another beaut' from 5 Vegas. Lit one up on Friday afternoon, to roll in the weekend with big clouds of smoke. Steve-o's breakdown of flavors is pretty accurate, in my opinion. The burn was dead-even from front to back, and I agree with one of the other reviewer's comments, that you need to give it a warning puff before you get your real puff. That said, each "real" puff fills the airspace around you with white smoke, while you're treated to a balanced array of tastiness (I enjoy writing these reviews). I typically lean toward mediums, but this cigar is tough to argue with. Light one, kick back, relax, and enjoy your weekend.
MB of Milford, MA
I just paced my second order with CI, and you folks are just great! I'm on my second box of 5 Vegas Gold Robustos. They've kicked Macanudo out of my rotation! And a great service-kudos to your order person.
WS of Stamford , CT
5 Vegas Gold can look and feel a little rough around the edges compared to more expensive sticks, but I don't buy cigars to look at them. And 5 Vegas Gold has enough smoke and flavor to best most sticks $6 and up.
BR of Amarillo, TX
5 Vegas Gold's are one of my favorite cigars. Wonderful taste & burn - CI has the best deals on them too. I would highly recommend.
D of WCleveland, OH
Being a CT native,I am partial to cigars wrapped with CT shade tobacco. I really enjoy Honduran cigars with CT wrappers and 5 Vegas Gold is a great cigar. I believe it rates right up there with the Hoyo Excalibur but the 5 Vegas wrapper leaf is superior in my opinion. It has a lovely color to it and it tastes and smokes beautifully. Please shake the hand of the man who blended this cigar!
PR of Sandy Hook, CT
Best thing about Saturday morning is a Cinco Vegas Gold torpedo. Perfect Connecticut wrapper, heavy in the hand, mellow enough to help you forget how many cocktails you had last night, but just spicy enough to elicit some optimism about the day ahead - all for about 3 bucks. I've no idea how many of these little darlings I've smoked, but I've never had a bad burner or an off tasting one. These make me very happy.
DB of Ellensburg, WA
I gotta say that after smoking many, many brands of cigars, the 5 Vegas gold is about as good a value as you will find. Not for nights when you crave a full bodied cigar, but a great everyday cigar. Construction and burn is generally very good. Thick smooth creamy smoke. I love em. They have offered a square pressed in bundled with the 5 vegas original. They are also excellent.
RB of Fort Lauderdale , FL
I have smoked some great cigars that were mucn more expensive and not near as good. To sum it up GREAT SMOKE ! (5 Vegas Gold)
WE of PDenver, CO
I literally get hungry when I open up my humidor and view these golden ladies (5 Vegas Gold). The price must be a typo. Would still be a deal at $100 a box. Consistency in all aspects. My favorite all around cigar (I'm a mild-medium fan) and I think it is the most flavorful mild cigar out there. CANNOT BE BEAT at this price, or any price for that matter. Even those who enjoy stronger & more full bodied cigars will enjoy this one. Mild crowd, are you looking for something that doesn't taste the same as all those mild Dominicans do? This is the one!
AD of Rochester, NY
I love all of 5 Vegas cigar brands. Sometimes I like a little stronger smoke, 5 Vegas has filled my needs. I was very happy when I tried the 5 Vegas Gold. It's just right for that lighter, not over powering smoke. Thanks, 5 Vegas & CI.
LS of Urbana, IL
I love these cigars (5 Vegas Gold). Everything that CI says in their pitch is dead on. I have had some of these aging for 5 months in my humidor and just enjoyed one on the deck with a Jack Daniels. They are smooth, creamy with really good flavor. Lots of smoke and excellent construction. I think I have found my new every day cigar. Now if CI would just offer frost bite insurance because PA is freezing this time of the year I would be all set. Its a heck of a note that you have to freeze your plumbing to enjoy a good cigar.
SM of Richboro, PA
I love this cigar, mild but with enough "oomph" to keep me happy. Smooth and creamy with a fair amount of pepper makes this a unique cigar to smoke. I find that a day or two of dry-boxing takes care of any difficulties in the burn and draw. C.I. claims that they brought this cigar back from the dead after the cigar boom of the 90's, I am very gratefull that they did, this cigar rocks!
PN of Yelm,, WA
I thought I was never going to smoke anything other than the Victor Sinclair Churchills, which I buy. Since I bought the #1 7-1/2" x 54 5 Vegas Gold ....I now have two favorites, leaning toward the 5 Vegas Gold.It is great, smooth flavor, good draw, and for someone who has only started smoking cigars for the last 2-3 years.....I have to say this is a great cigar. I started out by buying the assorted packs, to see what I like. Now that I know, I will never change.....5 Vegas you are it!!!
HH of Monson, MA
I wanted to drop you a line to tell you how pleased I am with both your product and service. I placed an order at 3:00pm yesterday, asked for next day delivery and was lighting up a 5 Vegas Gold at 10:00am the next day! Your product arrived in perfect shape and was just as advertised. I live in Tampa with many quality cigar shops and rollers all around me and yet I find the best provider is actually in Pennsylvania...whodathunkit? And your prices are much lower!!! Thanks for selling me a great product at an unbeatable price.
MM of Tampa, FL
I was in the French Quarter just after it opened back up after Katrina. I had just received the Vegas Gold (5 Vegas Gold) cigars. Great smoke. A little peppery at first then a creamy ultra smooth smoke. Oh by the way, the French Quarter closed @ 2:00pm... this is unusual because it NEVER CLOSES! Oh well... at least my house made out ok.
GJ of New Orleans, LA
It took me a while to get on the 5 vegas bandwagon, and I have no excuse. Here is a gar that's on par with CAO, Fuente, Torano, yet costs at least 1/2 the price. The great part is, 5 vegas has a cigar to fit any taste. Red label, Gold, A, or Limitada, you will find a 5 vegas to fit your craving.
SB of Glendora, CA
Just got done smoking my first Vegas Gold (5 Vegas Gold). I was pleasantly pleased with the quality of the cigar. It was smooth somewhere between mild and med, leaning toward the mild side. It burned nice throughout the entire smoke. Although, not the best cigar I've smoked, certainly the best for the price. A great cigar to smoke during a round of golf or working in the yard. I will be buying more
RC of Syracuse, NY
My favorite mild->medium bodied smoke (5 Vegas Gold). I'll call these mild, but they are really mild to medium. The taste is wonderful and the aroma is creamy and enticing. It does not have the grassy taste often associated with mild smokes, has a nice finish, and is plain and simple delicious (toro size).
CS of Tulsa, OK
My friend and I go through 1-2 hundred per month in Cigars(don't tell our wives) and these (5 Vegas Gold) are up there with the top 5 we smoke...
MW of Bethlehem, PA
Simply put, 5 Vegas Gold is a very flavorful and mild cigar. I prefer them over any of the other mild cigars I have smoked to date.
B of VColumbia, TN
The Five Vegas Gold is a great cigar. I have tried various gold labels and rate this near the top. Mild and great tasting.
JG of Fairview Heights, IL
I smoked the robusto (5 Vegas Gold) and have to say this is a very nice cigar! Smokes cool & burns evenly. The 5 Vegas Gold is a good example of a tasty (dominican?) lineage (tastes that way anyhow). I will definately purchase a box in the near future for times when an ass-kicker is too much and a good mild cigar that is easy to like piques the taste buds! Recommended for the novice who really WANTS to get hooked!
KK of Rochester, NY
I think 1 word sums up 5 Vegas Gold...Delicious. After Sampling a few with one of my buddies, I decided to grab a box. They just arrived (fast shipping by the way. Ordered them yesterday, got 'um today!) And I can't wait to bust one out. Thanks CI!
JB of South Byron, NY
I was told of your site about 10 months ago at a Shriner function. I have ordered several times since and have always been pleased. My last order of the Vegas Gold sampler (5 Vegas Gold) was terrrrrific! Smooth, nice draw, great burn! Keep up the great specials!
SJ of Urbandale, IA
i would have to agree with the guy underneath me an amazing mild cigar
JD of Staten Island, NY
I would say the write up by CI on this cigar is spot on. Ive been smoking the heavier cigars so I thought Id try this one and it was a nice smoke. Nice burn, nice draw, plenty of smoke. Just what I needed to start my day. Thanks CI
RR of Spokane, WA
Incredible!! Outstanding (5 Vegas Gold)!! Just a few words to describe the smoot, nutty flavors that come from this easy drawing, white ash cigar! Truly a "Gold" Standard cigar!
KK of Orlando, FL
It has been a long and lousy winter with few opportunities for cigar smoking until last week's mild spell. This morning I took my first 5 Vegas Gold of the new year out on the back porch. I am happy to report that what was true in past years is once again true in 2011, namely, that a morning which includes 5 Vegas Gold is a morning well spent.
JL of Brentwood, MO
Just received my order for five of the 5 Vegas Gold cigars and sampled one immediately. Can't tell you how much I enjoyed it and am reordering same, a box this time. The cigar draws nicely, burns evenly and has a wonderful mild flavor.
DF of Beaverton, OR
OK - I'm gonna be #66 to post on these beauties (5 Vegas Gold) - but why not! I was after a late morning smoke and dug deep into the humi and came across a 5 Vegas Gold Toro that I got from a great CI sampler. Fired this beauty up and man was I happy with this cigar!! The construction and draw were perfect - and the Connecticut wrapper was a thing of beauty. Thick white clouds of smoke and a real gem from first foot toasting to finger burning nub! A great morning cigar as it was mild but not wimpy - quite a tasty treat! I am on the lookout for these from here on in!
TH of West Boylston, MA
Received the 5 Vegas Gold Sampler, what a fine smoke mild to medium, smooth very similar to a Macanudo. I am usually a medium to full body smoker but I love this for an early day cigar. What a buy.
SL of Monte Vista, CO
This is a cigar that I find benefits greatly from some aging. Right out of the box, they're honestly a little boring - "flat", I'd say. The flavours are predominantly of a mild tobacco with a hint of that woodsy, cedar flavour. However, after 3 months they start to take on a really nice sweetness, almost getting a baked bread flavour. But from 6 months on is when they begin to live up to their name and become GOLDEN. Absolutely gorgeous flavours of sweet bread, roasted nuts, and a hint of vanilla sneaking itself in there every few draws or so. It's not going to convert anyone who doesn't like Connecticuts, but if you do, buy yourself a box and forget about them for a couple of seasons. You'll be very pleasantly surprised.
BA of Bronx, NY
To me, "mild and mellow" usually translates into boring and mundane. That's not the case with 5 Vegas Gold. I consider myself a maduro man and usually go for the spicy-n-sweet blends, but the Gold is a refreshing departure from my usual smokes. Right off the bat you get a explosion of peppery goodness. This lasts for the first inch or so and then she settles into a nice mellow rhythm. A light peppery finish lingers throughout... All the way to the nub. The Connecticut wrapper looks as tasty as buttered toast, and the construction is as consistent as the taste. Best give this one a try before you swear off mild cigars. It's got a "dirty librarian" thing going for it... Mild and unassuming on the outside, but pretty feisty when you get it opened up!
DC of Portsmouth, VA
Today is Thunder over Louisville in my neck of the woods. Along with fireworks galore tonight, there is a military air show flying all around my house. So I brewed up a cup of Colombian Coffee and grab my cigar cutter, box of wood matches, and a 5 Vegas Gold Robusto and went on my front porch. Upon lighting the Gold, the birds started coming into my yard to feed on the seed I had put out. Sunshine was warm, sky is blue. 5 Vegas Gold is by far the best mild cigar I have ever had. L.G. = Life's Good
JC of Louisille, KY
Usually, I like smoking AVO #5, however I do not like having to pay for them. After smoking the Vegas Gold (5 Vegas Gold) I ran around the back yard in my skivies, leeping for glee in celebration of this new found gem. Wonderful smoke, and easy on the wallet!. It will knock your britches off son. In short, this dog will hunt.
JB of Deland, FL
Yeah, you CI guys with your irrestible "special" offers... For me, this was one of them. I bought a box of Cask Strength, and the "bonus" price for a dozen mixed 5 Vegas Gold and Classic Torpedoes was too good to pass up. For the ridiculous price that CI offered, I simply had to bite - already being a huge fan of the series "A" from 5 Vegas. After smoking several of each of these, I would have to say that these dudes at 5 Vegas cannot make anything less than a stellar quality smoke. The Gold is an excellent cigar. I dare anyone out there to NOT smoke one of these to the nub. Try to put it out! YOU WILL FAIL! (The burns that I got from smoking these down to the 1/2 of an inch length were well worth it.) This is on hell of a cigar. You CI guys may have an evil marketing streak - "Try one kid - the first one's are CHEEEEP!!" I'll be buying 5 Vegas smokes for a long time to come. This may be one of the best values you will find.
PJ of Crystal Lake, IL
you guys are so evil with the 5 vegas specials! why couldnt you guys offer this before xmas? damn you!!
DG of Irvine, CA
I have been waiting to comment on this one (5 Vegas Gold). Now after smoking several I think I know how I feel. The flavor isn't as strong as I usually like in a cigar but with these 5 Vegas Gold and Classics it is just right. They draw well, don't get excessively hot, nice ash (it looks cool but does it serve a purpose?), burns even. The flavor is just really good. Mild to Medium strength but a creamy goodness that just makes you stop and savor the moment. 5 Vegas are quickly becoming my favorite and that comes from someone who has sought out strong cigars for years. Maybe I am mellowing in my old age. Try'em any cigar nut will enjoy.
DO of Soldotna, AK
five vegas gold cigars are loaded with flavor,they far exceed cigars costing 6.00 @ up,the construction and burn says it all to,a lot of attention goes into making these cigars,keep em comming.
When i first fired one up i thought What the heck is this it was very wimpy but after being in my humi 2 years i just smoked another one and the difference is amaising the body is still mild but the flavor really kicked butt 5 Vegas is a very consistant smoke no wonder it gets those high rankings you just have to let sit for a mounth or so.they are well worth the price
GT of Jacksonville, AR
This cigar is exactly what it describes itself to be. A good medium to mild body flavor, with a peppery note that mellows out to creamy halfway thru the smoke. Now keep in mind every once in a while you will get a bad drawing one, however I found that to be a rarity. Overall good if You like medium to mild Cigars. Enjoy!
JR of Orlando, FL
Well constructed cigar (5 Vegas Gold), great taste, nice even burn and a super price. This brand is on par with it's more expensive competitors.
CW of Panama City Beach, FL
What a delightfully tasty cigar. The "5 Vegas Gold", creamy, nutty, sweet. It burns like you would expect a good cigar to smoke, nice even draw...effortless, flavor consistent throughout. I like medium to full bodied sticks but when i want something light and like i said, simply can't sell me anything else. Oh yeah, the freebie ashtray is a real nice touch, thanks .....happy holidays.
VB of San Francisco, CA
Wow. I was very skeptical about these smokes but for such a nice price I had to try 'em (5 Vegas Gold). I saw all of these glowing reviews and said to myself, "wow...not one bad review, this cant be real." Boy, was I wrong. I'm very glad I tried these smokes. For your money...these are probably the best mild cigars on the market. And for fans of fuller bodied's a stretch to even call these mild. This is truely a cigar for everyone.
SL of Warwick, RI
Just got a box of 5 Vegas gold Nuggets, and I must say these are my favorite small cigar. They compare very favorably to the now-unavailable Perdomos that are the same size. The usual 5 Vegas spicey start transforms into medium-strength creaminess and smoothness with a very tasty depth, all the way down to the nub. These are world class- an excellent cigar, indeed!
DP of Ball Ground, GA
Smooooth, Very Smooooth... This is a delightfully creamy smoke (5 Vegas Gold). A well made cigar that gets even better as it ages in the humidor. If you are looking for a mild smoke with lots of gentle flavor, this is the one.
JD of Washington, DC
I've been an avid cigar smoker for more than a decade now and I can honestly say that of all the cigars (a ton of them) I've smoked over the years, no other cigar can match the flavor, construction, consistency, and overall value that the 5 Vegas Gold has to offer. It is my "go to" smoke any time of the day, but best in the morning with a cup of coffee. Medium bodied and chocked full of creamy deliciousness (see CI's description for specifics, its on the money). I strongly encourage the larger ring gauges for full effect of the flavor profile on this beautiful cigar.
BH of Baltimore, MD
If you're like me, you want a cigar that costs $1.50 and smokes like a $5 cigar - In fact, I expect it. Well, the 5 Vegas Gold doesn't cost $1.50, but it IS a wonderful, top-shelf smoke - and worth at least twice what they are selling for at CI. My favorite (so far) of the 5 Vegas line. Read the CI description. They nailed it.
DM of San Antonio, TX
I haven' written any reviews yet, but I must start with the 5 Vegas Gold. It is my absolute favorite golf course cigar. They burn consistantly and smoothly and draw beautifully. The flavor is smooth and mild but it is complex and satisfying! I must Echo those who smoke it down to the very last, as I had one on he course last night, and my partner asked me if I needed a roach clip. Funny; but then I proceeded to kick his ass on the back nine!!
The (5 Vegas) Gold is a nice cigar, if a wee bit milder than I usually enjoy. Excellent construction, excellent draw, very even burn and pleasant flavour.
MC of MLeesburg, VA
I received a free 5 pack of these 5 Vegas Gold cigars when I ordered a box of 5 Vegas Series "A". I don't really like mild cigars so they have been sitting in my humidor for a few months. I opened my humidor looking through my inventory to see what cigar I was in the mood for. For some reason the gold band of the 5 Vegas Gold kept drawing my attention which is not easy to do in a humidor that holds 3000+. I grabbed one and lit it up. All I can say is WOW! Although I am not a fan of mild cigars, this one was a very flavorful smoke. It was mellow at first but the flavor profile grew to be more complex and the aroma was very inticing as I continued to puff. I was pleasantly surprised by this cigar and I am definately going to stock it in my humidor. Keep up the good work and exceptional prices. You definatley have me as a loyal customer.
ER of Murrieta, CA
A great cigar for such a modest price. This (5 Vegas Gold) has become one of my "favorite smokes".
KF of Arnold, MD
Just tried my first 5 Vegas Gold yesterday. Awesome smoke. I really enjoyed the smooth creaminess and aroma. I'm converted
RB of Honolulu, HI
All the accolades about the 5 Vegas Gold blend are correct and then some! Here is my opinion: YOU MUST TRY THIS EXCELLENT CIGAR!
J of HFolsom, CA
I have smoked cigars for 30 years smoking my first 5 Vegas right now (5 Vegas Gold) Where have these been? GREAT SMOKE. I usually smoke Maduro for the taste but these have plenty. Mild but flavorful. Macanudo better watch out. Will order more must keep a box of these in my humidor problem is keeping my son's out of these.
RM of Cleveland, TX
Beautiful to look at and heavy in hand, the 5 Vegas Gold #1 is a cigar smoker's dream. The outward appearance is just a hint of the good things to come when you light it up. Slightly peppery at first, it mellows to a creamy smoke with wonderfully nutty undertones. Easily a one hour smoke, this thing is so big, it barely fits into my Herf-a-dor. Very nice made even more nice by the crazy CI 1 day sale. Keep up the great work!
SO of Barstow, CA
Very mild cigars (5 Vegas Gold), Gonz's review was dead on! I purchased a 5-pack of the robusto size and they have all smoked great! I'm looking forward to placing an order for a full box of the robusto size as these babies are always mild, and I tasted the nuttiness all the way to the nub of the cigar. Always lots of great smoke and none of them ever acquired the stinky, rotten egg smell / taste some stogies get when you smoke down to your fingers. Just great, mild cigars.
JK of Sierra Vista, AZ
I was very impressed. I bought a 20 cigar $29.99 sample with another purchase. I was very impressed with the (5 Vegas) Gold. It had a beautiful draw, contruction was excellent. Nice white smoke, and a nice aroma. Five of us smoked it and we all agreed it smells like fall in New England. It has a very unique flavor like flowery and woodsy. I smoke cigars alot and usually go medium to full, but I like these mild babies. These a good quality cigar for the price and will appeal to you whether you like mild or full bodied cigars. These will be added to my humidor as an everyday smoke. They are great in the morning with a 16 oz coffee. I highly recommed 4 out of 5 stars on my scale.
PG of Mt. Ephraim, NJ
I have tried numerous brands and brand samplers and EUREKA! I have found my every day smoke (5Vegas Gold)From start to the finger burning finish, this is one heavenly smoke, smooth to the last draw,with wonderous earthy undertones that dont bite back. If God smoked, this is the stick He would choose. Thanks CI for being there and for great service. I have tried other companies(dissapointment) But you guys deliver. Keep up the good work.
BH of alexandria, LA
Very nice (5 Vegas Gold). Silky smooth cigar, wonderful with a snifter of Appleton rum. The two blend well, creating a light butter rum profile. The cigar: 90pts, the combo: 94pts. Enjoy.
KH of San Jose, CA
Burned a 5 Vegas Gold Churchill I got in a sampler pack 2 or 3 weeks ago and immediately ordered a box of Toros. After a couple of weeks in the humi I figured it was high time to try one. It was better than I remembered! Great burn, lots of smoke, smooth as silk and never got hot or harsh. Had a beautiful ash, nice and concentric. Smoked it to the fingers and immediately wanted another. I'm a fairly new smoker so I'm still partial to the milder side but this one has a lot of flavor to go with the mellow. My new favorite. And CI's service is second to none. Keep 'em coming!
HP of Hereford, AZ
just finished the last of 5 torpedoes from a sample pack....just ordered another box.... this cigar (5 VEGAS GOLD) is BEAUTIFUL with a wonderful taste. I normally do not smoke mild/medium cigars but this one made a beleiver out of me. The construction is second to none....beautiful looking cigar...heavy in the hand and the 54 ring torpedoes draw smooth as silk. Lots of creamy smoke,perfect burn and plenty of flavor. I think anyone who loves cigars will appreciate this smoke. I burned my fingers on every one. These will definately be a regular smoke with me. Thank You CI for bringing these to my attention.
HS of west warwick, RI
The 5 Vegas gold and classic were some of the first cigars I bought from CI ... liked the creamy mildness of the Gold ... then went on to explore other cigars, wrappers, flavors ... kind of left them behind ... recently a friend was looking to buy some very expensive Maker's Mark (bourbon) infused cigars and I said I have a variety of (mild) cigars, a spare humidor and 6 weeks to experiment before the event ... let's see what we can do ... I chose about 7 different brands ... after a week I went to smell them and realized ... D'oh ... I left the cellophane on ... so as I was taking the cellophane off and gave each cigar a sniff, I was taken aback by the scent of the 5 Vegas Gold torpedo ... it had by far the richest tobacco smell of any of the others ... I gave them another week in the infusing humi ... and could not wait to try the Gold ... I was amazed at the flavor - the bourbon was very subtle, but it seemed that the process had just opened up and ramped up the flavor of the 5 Vegas Gold torpedo ... Now they are really nice just the way they are ... but if you like them, but would like to try a jazzier version ... this is it ... thank God, I have some more on hand to work with.
SP of Northern, VA
I just got through enjoying a 5 Vegas Gold(Torpedo) and I was blown away by the smoothness, and I mean all the way to the ring. I'm a big Candela(Don Tomas) fan because of there smoothness but this is one heck of a smoke. I will be coming back for more real soon I promise.
KS of Bakersfield, CA
First of all Cigars International is an excellent company. The sales staff on the phone know cigar are very polite and helpful. Great Company I can't praise them enough! Now this 5 Vegas Gold cigar. Wow! Excellent. Great draw, mild and oh so good. I have smoked cigars off and on since I was in my twenties and this is the gem or should I say 'nugget' for me.
DM of Monaca, PA
This is still one of my favorites in my rotation (5 Vegas Gold). Excellent! Smooth but not whimpy. Mild to medium flavor. I have never had a 'bad' one yet. I had three fellows at work try them and now they have them on hand in their humidors. A must in any cigar lover's stash.
DM of Monaca, PA
Very Pleased (5 Vegas Gold). It had much more flavor than I had expected. Spicy..nutty ..pretty complex. I would stack this baby up against any of the more expensive brands. Great value.
LM of El Paso, TX
There's a lot of 'hype' about the 5 Vegas Gold and let me tell you... they're right! The 5 Vegas Gold will start off smooth and finish even smoother- never bitter. Some call it an 'everyday' cigar, but it's my 'when I want a darn fine smoke' cigar. Friends, grap a bundle of these and you can thank me later. Heck, I'll even give you one if I run across you here in Iraq. Just don't trade me any of that rolled cardboard they sell at the PX!
SJ of Ramadi,Iraq, AE
WOW what a fantastic smoke (5 Vegas Gold). I've tried them in all sizes and can't believe the consistency of flavor with beautiful plumes of creamy smoke. I have turned many friends on to this great cigar and they all feel the same as I do. You find yourself burning your fingers on the nub trying to get every last puff on it. By far in my top 3 humidor stuffers. I will always have a supply of these. Keep up the great work CI in bringing us great cigars at great prices, and having them at my door in 2 days.
BD of Brooklyn, NY
Like many that have reviewed 5 Vegas Gold, I consider myself a medium to full cigar kind of guy. Since so many like-minded smokers praised this cigar, I decided to try it. Now let me add my praises - this cigar is as flavorful as most stronger cigars and perhaps even more flavorful than some. I think somewhere along the line many of us began to confuse strength with flavor. This cigar proves that mildness does not equal blandness and can be a great change of pace for the palate.
IW of Hoboken, NJ
Absolutely my favorite (5 Vegas Gold). Perfect draw, butter smooth, clouds of smoke, wonderful aroma.
MS of bloomington, MN
I normally smoke the Magellan Dominicans as my every day cigar. My relaxing treat is a 5 Vegas Gold Nugget with a glass of single malt. Each compliment each other.
RW of Crown Point, IN
WOW. Just wow. I was a bit hesitant about this smoke when I received my first one since I am generally a fan of the full flavored cigars but my curiosity overcame me and I am so glad it did. This is easily the best mild cigar i have ever tried. The 5 Vegas Gold was cool from one end to the other and incredibly consistant with a flavorful nutty creamy taste that kept my interest the entire way down. With the price of this particular gem I will definately be buying more to initiate my friends into the relaxing extacy of this particular smoke.
CF of chico, CA
just tried one a 5 vegas gold for the first time , i always gave em away . im not i mild fan, [macanudo bores the hell out of me] so i would get one in a sampler or what have you, my buddies would be their drooling for it, so finally i smoked one, first of all this is not that mild, it is a solid medium, plenty of pepper,in fact , a complex pepper taste ,and creamy for sure, this thing tasted so good on poker night last week i never took it out of my mouth, very pleasent aftertaste. smoked 3 in a row, never once did l think this was lightweight , fools abound , people paying for macanudo when you can smoke these,though i wish the band had a little more red in it and a little less gold. so ,along with 5 vegas classic ,ci sure has the market cornered on housbrand specialties. the miami's are good too, but i like the pepin yellow label legends better still.
JS of hamilton, OH
I looked back at the last 40 or so reviews on this and was thinking, hmm, haven't I offered my two cents (so to speak,) worth of opinion on these? I enjoy the reviews and have been smoking cigars for about 23 years or so, first I have to say I really wish I was a friend of the guy, (or gal, from Luguna who buys these mostly to give to other people. Wow I keep like Joye Del Jefes to hand out to first or seldom smokers. Ha! As a guy who always keeps a few M.O.Ws, D.P.Gs Cuban Classics, some Tempus's, etc. I seldomly smoke full bodies these days. I have Xicars HCs, G2s, Casa Toranos, some really fine Conn. The 5 Vegas Golds "I dare to say," stand up very well among these. Perhaps because my favorite time to smoke is in the morning with a great cup of coffee, (my G2 review was like that of being in a fine pastry shop with the gar substituting for the pastry,) I feel the same way about this cigar. For me it is the bomb. I have found absolutly no inconsistancy with this gar, either fresh or after months in the humi. Always a perfect burn, that lovely fresh out of the oven taste a great conn. provides, great billowing gobs of smoke and for me the nose is such an important aspect and man does it come through. With as many reviews as there are posted, I must not be alone in my opinion. With the price point being as is, I believe this is one of C.I.s greatest picks and there is a lot here to choose from. Again (opinion only,) this is a cigar that for me, can stand not only among C.I.s greats, but also one of which I would not hesitate to fire up with my cuban cup of coffee in Havana itself. If you havn't yet, buy this cigar, I prefer the Churchill or #1 but every size is an oustanding cigar.
RD of Wausau, WI
Excellent cigar! (5 Vegas Gold) I ordered on the 1 day special double corona offer and smoked my first one tonight after just a couple days in the humidor, and I was very happy with my investment! Very smooth, mild to medium cigar with little to no aftertaste. No cotton mouth for the wife to complain about! I wish I had bought more!
GS of Tulare, CA
I can't say enough good things about this cigar! If you're looking for an early morning smoke, this is it. I get up around 3:30 AM and I like to make coffee and grab a cigar but I can't enjoy anything too heavy at that time of the day. The 5 Vegas Gold is perfect. Mild to Medium flavor and lots of smoke. An easy draw with just enough resistance to make you feel like you're accomplishing something. Nice nutty flavor that turns a little spicy the farther you go. Give 'um a try and you won't be disappointed!
CL of Marshall, TX
I am guessing the (5 Vegas) is your house brand, I haven't really paid any attention.. They just keep showing up in the samplers I buy. I have to say, I finally started smoking them and for the first time I found a house brand I personally think is a great cigar....Dang dude, the Gold Band 5 Vegas is a great cigar. It smokes good, smells good, tastes good and the band is pretty darn cool looking.. Good work C.I. It's funny, I find myself actually looking for the the gold band in my humidor when I'm heading for work in the morning, haha, good job on a good cigar!
JW of Port Angeles, WA
I have smoked countless 5 Vegas Gold cigars over the years. I have to say, they aren't bad cigars. I don't think they are in my top 10, but they are okay. These are very mild cigars. I typically buy them and give them to friends who want to try a cigar but have never had one. They won't make you sick and aren't overwhelming in flavor. I would say they are good every day smokes or starter smokes.
BA of Laguna Hills, CA
These are by far my favorite cigars! I would consider them more full bodied then mild. Don't let the mellow flavor and smoothness fool you! This is the perfect cigar to end any day. They are worth every penny!
BG of Jacksonville, FL
Great mild yet complex cigar that doesn't break the bank. Could they just stop gluing the cigar band to the wrapper leaf?
BM of Derry, NH
(5 Vegas Gold) is a cigar for everyone, it is amazing. the start shows some spice but the undertones of this cigar are sweet with a hint of caramel which is amazing when you taste it. this is a cigar i smoke a couple of times a week i cant get tired of it. i consider this to be a smart mans 18 YR conn cusano my second favorite smooth smoke. smoke this one and smoke it till your fingers burn.
DR of new orleans, LA
I just got by box of (5 Vegas Gold) nuggets yesterday and just smoked my first one. This caused a chain reaction because I just chain smoked 2 more. These are very tasty cigars, a real bang for your buck. Here is another cigar CI is causing me to stock in my humi. You will not be sorry if you buy these!!!!!
SF of Tampa, FL
I ordered my first box this past month (5 Vegas Gold) and received an 8 pack of double nickel for a fraction more. I must say these 5 Vegas cigars brand are my favorite cigars from the gold series to the classic. These cigars are always in stock in my humidor. The gold have a zesty peppery start then rolls into a medium to full bodied smoke, Very through clean good puffs of smoke all the way. If you really want a good tasting cigar for the price. 5 Vegas is the way to go. I do not smoke anything else. The classic are just as good for a full flavored full bodied cigar. You should buy one or two and then you will be kicking yourself wondering why you didnt buy a box of them. My second favorite is sancho panza.
KD of Boken Arrow, OK
Not to sound like a broken record but.... I am a full bodied cigar smoker; my favorite cigars are Gurkha Triple Ligero, ITC Super Fuerte, Partagas Black etc. etc. These 5 Vegas Golds are NOT MILD, I won't believe that they are mild, you can't tell me they are mild, I don't want to hear that they are mild. They are richly flavorful, creamy, meaty, delicious. I can tell I am liking a cigar because (1) I take off the band and burn my fingers; (2) I look down at it after ever puff and say "Oh man." (3) I think about it during the next day at work like it was a hot chick. Check, check, check. Please don't read mild and think crap, I didn't really want to try this cigar when it came in the torpedo sampler, but I figured since the classic rocks, I'd give it a try. And now it is vying for first place with my good ole heavy hitters.
BG of Miami, FL
I had a group of friends over last night who were not familiar with CI or(5 Vegas Gold). (They definitely are now) For those who liked mild, I offered them the 5 Vegas Gold and let me tell you they all thought I had given them a $7 cigar. While I just like them as something mild, consistent, and not overly complicated, I do appreciate the fine quality for the price. They are well built, burn perfectly and have a nice aroma. 5 Vegas Gold should be in everyone's humidor.
RH of Spokane, WA
CI you have my trust and business after my first order. Being a newer cigar smoker, I rely heavily on the recommendations of others. (5 Vegas Gold) With your recommendation and the recommendation of 70 of your customers on the 5 Vegas Gold Cigar I ordered a box on Sunday and when I got home from work 2 days later on Tuesday they were waiting for me. I smoked one that Tuesday, Sorry couldn't wait to give them a nap, and they went right to the top of my list. You'll be hearing from me often. Your a great company who knows what they are talking about.
GM of Trenton, NJ
If you like them mild, here's your stick. A little too light for my tastes, but still constructed of the undeniable 5 vegas quality.
MR of Dell Rapids, SD
I like a creamy cigar taste. I have been looking for a Cigar to replace the super-expensive Zino's that I like. In a sampler pack from CI, I tried the (5 Vegas Gold). Well, It turned out to be much better than Zino's and I will not have to file Bankruptcy now. I love them and Just ordered 32 from CI. I am also happy to hear that CI owns this brand. I don't have to search all over for them. Just Point, Click, Order. Thanks CI
TH of Welsh, LA
MT of iraq, AE
I just tried my first 5 Vegas cigar and I have to say it was very enjoyable. It started off a little stong and boated a little bit but it eventually corrected itself and the flavor got better all the way down to the nub. I bought a whole box of these that are going to sit in my humidor for 3 months until I go to Las Vegas. I figure 5 Vegas cigars in Las Vegas has to be done. I think it is a great cigar for the money but I still find Gisperts to be my matter what cigar you buy CI will hook you up!!!
EB of Hamburg, NY
Call me a big o'l wussbag but I do enjoy a mild cigar, I love the Vegas 5 Golds, I bought the Nuggets 15 for $19.99 and its the perfect smoke not to long not to short, beautiful construction, great draw and loads of creamy white smoke, it has a classy gold band which looks great on conn. wrapper, burns nice and even and has a wonderful mild flavor. You'll wanna peel off the band to get every inch of this stick, I will buy these again for sure, Thanks C.I. for the great smokes and speedy delivery.
MA of edison, NJ
I generally prefer fuller bodied cigars, but on weekends after breakfast I want something mild. The only mild cigar I keep in my humidor is the Gold Bullion. It has the most taste of any mild cigar I've ever smoked.
RF of Anderson, IN
The cliché goes you learn something new everyday, but to think that I would pick up anything further from my all time hands down fav. (cinco Vegas classic) is absurd, or so I thought just a week ago before my shipment of dub nickles came into the picture. I think of the 5 Vegas classic the same way as my most favorite pair of perfectly broke in blue jeans. Nobody can tell me that these cigars where not crafted just for me, they fit my taste to perfection. I know what to expect every single time I set one a blaze. Well, that is until a couple weeks ago when I was a bit low in the wallet, and was getting dangerously low on my top 3 brands basically my day revolves around a series 'a' in the morning, a gold at lunch, and a classic after dinner. luckily CI had the answer as they usually do with the triple nickle sampler, which conveniently come with 5 each of the before mentioned flavors in the Double nickle size (5.5x55). I thought well I'll have to deviate from my cherished torpedo but this is just what I need till payday. When they arrived I thought OK the plan will be I'll smoke these up first, and let my torpedo's age a bit more while I wait for more. After lighting the first one up I immediately noticed a difference in the draw, some how the draw got even better, a bit smoother, and somehow it allows the flavors to dispense a little differently, so I'm thinking wow this is far from the norm. Further more the box pressed shape is a nice change of pace as well. The stick felt very stout, and well balanced in my hand. In the end I guess 5 Vegas has done it again, just when I thought it couldn't get better they go and somehow do it. Keep Up the good work, and Thanks CI for your awesome ability to put samplers together that always feed my need!!!
RT of Norwood, OH
5 VEGAS GOLD is perhaps one of the best Med/Mild cigars on the market bar none. Reason has lots of flavor. Bonus points for price, excellant draw and consistant even slow burn. It's one of those cigars you can lay down and pick up three minutes later and puff away. Great smoke guys. I love the Double Nickle box press. This cigar and Perdomo Lot #23 are my favorite mild/med picks.
SH of Saint Petersburg, FL
I am a fairly new to cigars and have been going through many samplers looking for what I would call a great cigar. I started with the high end cigars but have found that you don't always get what you pay for. I don't know what a great cigar tastes like, but I know what I like and that is the 5 Vegas Gold. It had a smooth nutty flavor all the way to the nub.
JL of Norman, OK
The 5 Vegas Gold is one of, if not my favorite cigar. It is picture perfect to look at because of the flawless CT wrap, but the true beauty is in the smoke. Toasting the foot, you get some surprising pepper up front that instantly smooths out on the palate. Like the pros at CI call it, "Just shy of a Middleweight" sums this up. The draw is easy that fills the mouth with creamy rich flavor, and they can set off alarms with the volumes of smoke. Out of the thousands of cigars I've sampled, this cigar never disappoints me. I'll continue to try other smokes because I like to find some jewels out there, but I will always have an ample supply of "Golds" at the ready because real jewels like 5 Vegas Gold are hard to find.
PC of Penfield, NY
A great tasting, yet mild cigar, that anyone could enjoy. The wrapper is a little delicate, but given the taste and price, this is a winner. It's my "go to" cigar for those early morning flyfishing days.
RG of New Milford, CT
Got these 5 Vegas Gold Churchills as part of the 5 Vegas Traditional humidor deal (LOVE IT by the way). I am not a mild cigar kind of guy, but I have to say that I like these a lot. Mild yet flavorful, great construction and burn. As soon as I'm out I'm ordering some more. Like the other 5 Vegas lines too, specially the Classic.
JR of Gurabo, PR
This is one of the best cigars I smoked! What a wonderful cigar.
RT of Des Plaines, IL
I ordered the 5 Vegas Gold because of feedback and the price. I'll admit, the first one I smoked was sharp and had a bitter finish. I shared the cigars with some friends who enjoyed them. I tried another 5 Vegas a couple days later and it was much better than the first....may have been a bad stick ... Overall, it's a nice, mild smoke ...
GG of Northern Virginia, VA
Gift from God: 5 Vegas Gold
KM of San Diego, CA
WOW! Just smoked my first Vegas 5 Gold and all I can say is YES. The bundle seemed very well made upon inspection. Great burn, perfect draw, and no relights. I did have a slight issue near the end of the smoke with it splitting but nothing is perfect. Reminds me of a Don Diego only cheaper. Good change of pace cigar.
RL of Ridgecrest, CA
Just let me say wow!! This smoke blows me a away evey time I light one up, it's the perfect mild cigar for the end of the day and u just cant beat the great CI price!!!
MN of Seekonk, MA
I haven't had Gold for over 8 months. They taste as good just like the first time. Now I know why they're ranked the top ten best seller. You can't go wrong by purchasing. Thanks CI.
FD of Gardena, CA
Big fan of this smoke. Ordered the Jumbo Mild and mellow sample pack, which it came with. Tried it, and convinced this is the best mild smoke out there. Kept smoking the other samplers, but yearned to come back to this cigar, with its long white ash. To top it off, it is reasonably priced. Plan on doing autoship with these puppys.
JL of Burke, VA
I ordered some (5 Vegas Gold ) cigars 7 months ago. I still have a few in my humidor and let me tell you - they age VERY WELL! Initially, these babies have some kick with some spice and ceder notes. After 7 months, they mellow out to be very smooth with just a hint of that spice. Still very very nice! It's 28 degrees in Northern Virginia right now and it definitely warms you up!
GR of Sterling, VA
This toro has a lot of favor right from the start. The draw are like sucking air but with full favor that's comes with it. This is a amazing cigar. There no room for any bad comet. Really this isn't my type of smoke just because there too much favor. I can say I'll buy again just so I can change from time to time. Every cigar I've smoke down to the nub. I hate wasting quality cigars. I can't find anything bad with this cigar.
F of DGardena, CA
I've been curious about these for quite some time now, but never saw any occasion to pick some up. Finally my curiosity got the better of me and I added a pair of torpedoes to my turns out it was one of the best decisions I ever made! I smoked one right out of the mail....I know, I should let them sit for a week or so but it was a nice day and I couldn't resist. Toasted, lit, and puffing away...hmm, little bit of spice at the back of the palate for the first few puffs, and then a nice smooth creaminess that's very appealing. Hints of cedar, bread, and mild tobacco...smoked it right down to the nub, which is rare enough for me. The key I think was that there was no "bite" or aftertaste towards the nub which usually compels me to stop smoking and light another. With the Gold, it was smooth and consistent all the way through the smoke, something that makes it stand out in my mind. The description in the catalog really hits it right on the head. They get even better after a few month's worth of aging, with the flavors really separating nicely.
RR of Crystal Lake, IL
WOW! Just got my box in today (5 Vegas Gold Toro) with the freebie special. I smoked one of them out of the freebie pack (a Torpedo) and this is one excellent smoke! Smooth and buttery throughout baby. You can't go wrong for 59 bones a box for these treasures! Hook yourself up you won't regret it. Well worth every cent for sure.
CH of Ludington, MI
This is my favorite cigar of all time. The first one I ever smoked was the No. 1 and I was hooked. Starts with a kick of pepper then a mellow but flavorful smoke. The No. 1 took me more than two hours to smoke. My regular order, the Toro, usually takes 1 to 1.5 hours. I have never had a bad experience with this cigar and even turned more experienced cigar smokers into fans.
RM of Woodland, CA
RH of Bethlehem, PA
Good burn, easy draw and buttery smooth conneticut wrapper thats super smooth to the touch. The taste is amazingly consistent from one to another. You always know what your getting! The flavor builds on the palate without overstimulating your senses for people like me who enjoy a more mild cigar. Enjoyable from first puff to the nub. I could smoke these morning noon & night.
JR of Paso Robles, CA
I've had better Connecticutt shade cigars, but I've also had worse. These were flavorful and consistently well burn issues.
PB of Deland, FL
Absolutely incredible. I ordered a couple in a sampler, and batta-boom! I was hooked. I highly recommend the largest size... hours of perfect clouds of creamy, smooth smoke. I sent one to my uncle, and he said it was the best cigar he'd ever had... top notch! Buy a box of these and keep em' handy, cuz they are just about the finest mild cigar you're gonna find!
DS of Rensselaer Falls, NY
Not a fan of mild/med. cigars, but these were good for a change of pace. Good flavor. Tried two sizes 6x54 torpedo and the 6x60 bullion. The bullion is the biggest cigar I have ever smoked. It is alot to manage because of its size. I got a ten-pack of these giants. I prefered the torpedo size more.
MB of Rensselaer, NY
The 5-Vegas Gold series offers a subtle flavor at first, then hits you with some full on spice before mellowing into a really nice smoking experience. While the burn was pleasantly slow, the draw was a bit tight at times. 5-Vegas appears to offer consistent quality and everyday value for the price paid. While the name may be ‘gold,’ the cost certainly is not!
FS of Orlando, FL
As a "full-bodied" cigar smoker I was pleasantly surprised by 5 Vegas Gold. If stranded on a desert isle with only a humidor, cigar cutter and long stick matches this is the cigar with which I'd stock my humidor. I smoked these with my son, who just turned 22, and it was one of the best gifts I could have give him. The young lad now knows what a cigar should taste like. We were both impressed that we could smoke this to the nub and there was no bite or harshness, just a creamy and memorable flavor from start to finish. The flavor was consistent and delightful from start to finish, almost buttery. The taste is as regal as the cigar band. Purchase these in quantity and enjoy leisurely. This is the cigar I would take to heaven with me (if there were such a place). Or perhaps ... heaven is a 5 Vegas Gold.
AC of Bloomington, MN
I recently received a gift pack that included a 5 Vegas Gold Robusto. I smoked it directly after a Padron 1926 principe. I have to tell you, overall, and I know this sounds weird, but I enjoyed the 5 Vegas Gold more. I smoked it down to my fingers and considered a roach clip, it was that good. I just bought a box of Toro's and I am waiting very impatiently for them to arrive. Please never let them run out. Oh the burn was perfect and the taste was phenomenal. Very easy draw and great flavor without and harshness at all. I may start to give away my cache of other cigars and occupy my three humidors with 5 Vegas Golds. Excellent cigar!
SR of Coatesville, PA
I am fairly new to the world of cigars, but I have been diligently sampling and experimenting with new sticks. This one is one of the best as far as I'm concerned. Sure, I've had smoother cigars, but for an everyday smoke, this cigar takes the cake. I always find myself at my humidor trying to decide what to have, and a lot of the time, I find myself grabbing up a Vegas Gold.
MM of Plymouth, NH
I smoke all sorts of cigars including all strengths. I always keep around 100 to 200 stocked premium cigars. I smoke the real cheap ones during work purposes. I love this cigar and would rate it between a 90 to 91 (I do not consider it a real cheapo but bargin for what you get out of this cigar). I rarely write reviews but this cigar deserves one so here it goes. I have tried every Vegas cigar. In the 5 Vegas Gold I tried the 7.0 x 5.0 and then 7.5” x 54. I have recently ordered 40 of these that are on the way after smoking 10 of them. All I can say you better have an hour and half to smoke this baby. I experience a great draw every time. I did not once have to relight the cigar as I smoked it straight for about an hour and half. I am sure though just like most cigars if I walked away for a while then I would have to relight it. This cigar could easily last 2 hours as what I like to call a "pleasure puffer" if that’s a word. I was amazed by the flavor. I smoke bolder and stronger cigars which dominate my humidor. This cigar (Vegas Gold) had plenty of flavors to satisfy any cigar amateur to veteran. This cigar made me rethink that life should be full of flavors and now it’s one of my all time favorites. I am buying more mild cigars (I hate harsh cigars and this one is not harsh at all). Sure I can smoke a Rocky Patel 92 reserve or higher dollar cigar that I have in humidor but in all honesty why? Economic times are tough and while this is not the most expensive cigar on the market it sure taste like it. I have smoked cigars costing a lot more than this one and the Vegas 5 Gold will hang right with them and even beat some of the other brands I have smoked that are considered mild. I save my costly cigars and smoke those 2 or 3 times a week but may just cut back to once a week on those. I average about 4 to 5 cigars a day (I know I need to slack off a little but hey George Burns lived to 100 and out lived his doctor (he also attended the funeral of his doctor look it up sometime great comedian and the cigar king in my opinion). After a while I want something different. I do have a budget and these cigars do not taste like a 3 to 5 dollar cigar. I consider this cigar mild with plenty of flavor and no signs of harshness from my experiences. I do not consider harsh cigars mild I consider those crap but would smoke them anyways (I never throw away any smokes regardless of taste I will tough it out) which is not the case of the 5 Vegas Gold. Here are the flavors I experience every time. I light it up getting a hint of spice making me think that I am up for a heavier than expected type smoke which is not the case. 5 Vegas Gold is very consistent smooth all the way through. I get a nutty taste along with a smooth blend of cream almost none stop. After I get below half way I pick a little sense of pepper taste but the smooth cream taste is still apparent with some sweetness of flavor lingering. I get the continued smoke cloud that is thick and dark all the way through this tower of a cigar. The ash of the cigar gets pretty long. I am not a Connecticut wrap fan but however this is not even an issue for me as the construction is beautiful for a cigar in this price range. Like I said it is mild but with full enjoyable flavors that is cigar heaven. This is a true great for relaxing and great for any other occasion. If you have not tried one you do not know what you are missing. I am 33 years old this year and I have been smoking cigars 13 years. I gave one to friend who is a retired construction house builder and plays golf (he is in his early 70’s). He told me he has smoked cigars for about 50 years and this is the best one he has ever been given to as a free gift. I thought he was just saying that to be nice. He now placed an order and came over to my home because his order would not be in time for his fishing trip in another state begging to buy some (I was out but would have give him 3 or 4 for his trip). If you want a good mild (not harsh) this is the cigar to have handy. This cigar should cost more per box but I am not complaining. The original (classic) Vegas are wonderful as well but the Vegas Gold will always be stocked in my humidor when I need something other than a bold heavy cigar. I cannot think of a time during the day were this smoke will not fit into your day (not good for a 15 minute break unless you clip the cigar and save it for later as it takes a long time to smoke this baby). I
TH of Morristown, TN
Smoked all sizes and they are all great. I have the Bullion and No.1 size in daily lineup. Great in the morning and the size I mentioned burns forever. Mild and rich taste I love it and will continue to buy them for my morning or anytime cigar. Highly suggest this cigar with the rest of the Vegas lineup.
TH of Morristown, TN
The best breakfast cigar imo. I had 10 sticks and recently just got 40 more. While I smoke a heavy cigar sometimes it is always to have a stick such as the gold in the humidor. It has become one of my personal favorites and burns for a very long time. A little toast, butter, and spice taste just hits the spot. Happy Smoking!
TH of Morristown, TN
The 5 Vegas Gold. This is one of the highest rated and selling mild cigars on the market. After sampling, I can see why. Although it's mild, it has good flavors present. The predominant flavors I got were roasted nuts and wood. There is a slight spice towards the end. This smoke is nearly identical to Baccarat with two distinctions: 1- doesn't have the sweetness from the binder found in Baccarat's, which I can leave or take. 2- It doesn't have the slight bitter aftertaste of Baccarat's, which made for more enjoyable smoke. Good draw, good burn. Combine this with a $3-4's not hard to see why it's one of the best selling mild cigars. If you're looking for a mild stick to not break the bank, this is your ticket. Very nice selection for a great price.
FR of Las Vegas, NV
If cigars had an award show this would have to be a top contender for 1st place. From its near perfect burn to its so so mild and smooth and creamy taste, its a winner in all areas in my opinion. If I had one beef with this cigar ( and trust me its not a big one) its that it simply burns a little fast after it has been aged for more then 3 to 4 months. I smoked a toro in 2 hrs after a week or two of having a vegas gold, then a few months later grabbed one from my humidor and it burned in 1 hr and 20 I said, a minor beef at best. Everyone I know who has smoked these cigars loves them and so will you!!
ND of Staten Island, NY
This cigar rocks. I was lucky enough to score some No. 1's through MMAO. They're a solid, 90-minute smoke that mellow enough for your to enjoy. And a stick you won't get tired of. Thanks for the rockin' deal, CI.
PA of Hinesville, GA
Usually I stay away from sticks with Connecticut wrappers, but i tried it and I thought it was very smooth, mellow and overall quite pleasant.
DA of Beaverton, OR
One night while browsing CI, I came across the 5 Vegas Gold. I had never had one, but I bought a whole box of them anyway. I crossed my fingers and hoped that I wouldn't smoke one, not like it, and be stuck with 19 more. I lit one up after only a day in my humidor, and wow! This cigar is the best of both worlds. The smoke is very smooth and creamy like you would expect from a milder cigar, but it had the complexity of a more full bodied stick. This is a mild cigar that anyone can enjoy.
DG of Madison, WI
I had been interested in the 5 Vegas for a while. One day the Nuggets were on the Daily Deal so I placed a double order (30 cigars total). I was hoping that I didn't just waste a nice bit of change. Smoked the first one after about a week in the humi and thought "Not bad". Then I just smoked another one after several more weeks in the humi and I am thinking "MAN! Did I get a great deal on some great smokes!" Before I finished it I was wanting another one. Even though they were priced like an every day cigar I use them as my kick back and relax cigars along with a few others. I have others that are nice for everyday but these are just too good to rush through. When I finish these off I am positive I will be ordering more. I got to have these on hand all the time.
TO of Concord, NC
Luck arrived at my home when CI offered a 10 pack, of the 7 - 50. These cigars are fantastic. I'm thinking that this is the best cigar I've had from the CI stock. The flavor is a spicy medium that burn evenly, and delievers a smooth draw with plent of smoke. Until the Cuban Cohiba VI is legal, this would be my cigar or choice. Make sure you have time to burn this, because it is a long lasting cigar and good to the end.
DM of Taylor, MI
AWESOME!! Best cigar value out there. Mild to medium, big billowing balls of blue smoke you can chew on with and outstanding flavor, VERY nice draw, even burn and so good you'll definately burn your fingers getting your last luscious taste.
NW of Brevard, NC
The 5 Vegas Gold is growing on me. It is not a Macanudo, Man of War Virtue or Cusano 18 double Connecticut but it is a Connecticut wrapper that is worth investigating (if you like Connecticut wrappers). I have had some draw issues with several but for the most part, it has proved to be a very enjoyable cigar
JM of Hampton, TN
Three months in the humidor and I am really impressed by this mild smoke. It started off with a touch of spice and mellowed out through the middle. Delicate leather and oak flavors rounded out the profile of the cigar. I had one bitter draw with two inches left, but the cigar cleaned up its act quickly and finished strong. More time in the box should even out all of the flavors, but I am very pleased overall. For the money, a great cigar.
AW of Miami, FL
A good smoke, the robusto burned full and quite long. Great mild flavor and at the price you can't go wrong.
AB of Saint Cloud, FL
Of the three varieties of 5 Vegas churchills that I received with my humidor , these seem to be the most flavorful. I'm not much on putting foods with flavors , but I definitely get lots of scrumptious bread / toast flavors , and nuttiness throughout. Smoke is mild throughout , but to get alot of chewy smoke , i tend to have to give it a jump-puff before my main draw , if that makes any sense. Very good , will be buying some more of these.
MP of Watseka, IL
Of mild cigars, 5 Vegas Gold is one of my three favorites. Although I really enjoy a mild smoke, I'm not quite sure why I enjoy much hotter spicier foods than most. If you're not mopping your brow then it ain't worth it! But I do not really completely enjoy full bodied cigars. It seems contradictory to me. But it is what it is... The 5 Vegas Gold has consistent mildness all the way through the smoke. I've smoked and tossed other mild smokes because after a half inch burn they tend to turn bitter and never seem to recover. I've smoked a bunch of 5 Vegas Golds and never get this transition to bitter. I can even smoke 'em down to a nub and they still taste mild. Not sure why. But "why" is not as important as the fact that this smoke is extremely consistent, start to finish. Sometimes a relaxing smoke is just what it is, no need to stress out as to why.
MS of Bethlehem, PA
Great cigar for the price, very nutty up front with a good pepper through the nose, about 30 minutes in I got a faint bread, nice stick.
JB of Marrero, LA
I guess I'm missing something here. Vegas has a great line of cigars and it's hard to beat the 5 Vegas standard (red label) cigar. But when you see GOLD, holy cow, it must be something special. Unfortunately of the several I've tried, none of them trip my trigger. Dry, uneven burn, don't stay lit and really not that much flavor. CI likes to sprinkle these cigars in many of the assortment packs. Maybe it's their way of rotating old stock. Unfortunately based on THOSE cigars, I would never buy a box of the Gold. Sorry, it's just my personal experience.
PO of Clayville, NY
It's hard to beat this cigar for the price. It compares quite well with cigars costing 2 or 3 times as much. An excellent choice for a regular smoke and one to break out when friends are over. It will impress without impoverishment.
GS of South Haven, MI
I'm usually in the medium to full smokes these days, but picked up the weekly deal at CI-Hamburg recently and the 1st one I tried out of it was a 5 Vegas Gold Torpedo...and wow...a very pleasant and amazing smoke and experience...sturdy for a mild cigar...lives up to the billing it has been given...I shall cherish the rest of them in the sampler pack I got...and may look to buy a case by themselves at some point. I've had other mild cigars before that were okay and seemed not bad for mild, but this sets a standard for mild/medium.
Received a 5 pack and liked them so well, I ordered 2 boxes at the special price. Goodbye Macanudo Hyde Park Robusto, hello 5 Vegas.
WM of Lorena, TX
I have two resident Robusto's that will hold a permanent spot in my humidor and 5 Vegas Gold is one of them along with Rocky Patel Connecticut. I thought the RP Con was a great cigar but out of the two the 5 Vegas Gold is my number one cigar now. Absolutely delicious, great draw, lots of smoke and great flavor. I will always have these in my humidor. Great smoke anytime of the day. Thanks CI for the great prices.
ML of New York, NY
Nice cigar, I smoked the torpedo. The burn was a bit wonky and the draw was pretty tight at first, but all was well after 5 min and I enjoyed it to the nub. Smooth and a little sweet, and I picked up a nice spicey note on the finish. Nothing overwhelming, mild and flavorful. Got one from CI singles to try, getting a box soon so I can get these guys into the rotation. Highly recomend to the mild/medium smokers.
JM of Macomb, MI
Excellent cigar...just behind the Gurkha Beauty.
ND of Nooksack, WA
Two words: Love them! Enough said.
RC of Hemet, CA
Solid cigar. Above average everything (construction, flavor, burn, etc.). Mild-bodied. I always keep some on hand for whenever I have friends wanting to try a cigar for the first time.
5 Vegas Gold is my go to any day cigar. Stacks up to its pricier peers without any problems. If you haven't already tried one do it now.
This is a great, tasty, comforting and very enjoyable smoke....well, no new or groundbreaking review here, just a confirmation of what the other fine folks have said of this cigar. Smooth, creamy, nutty, delicious, consistent and enjoyable. Think of this cigar as you would a big slice of warm apple pie, or a hot plate of biscuits and gravy, or nice buttery mashed potatoes....this is the cigar equivalent of good ol' comfort food. No matter what way your cigar taste may lean, this is a solid choice for an enjoyable smoke, for all cigar-lovers. I will keep them stocked in my humidor, and you should too. They are like a warm, soothing hug from Grandma Tobacco.
ER of Templeton, CA
5 Vegas Gold Torpedo is an extremely well made cigar. The flavors are heavy tobacco with notes of coffee. The cigar has a wonderful lingering finish; pairs well with coffee or Dr. Pepper, w/o the rum. Billowing clouds of fragrant smoke envelope you and draw comments from anyone around. A winner!
PO of Fairmont, WV
Great mild cigar. Good flavor, fantastic draw, smokes for a solid hour. Couldn't be more impressed!
RO of Statesboro, GA
I received one of these babies in my sampler pack I ordered, and the creamy aspect which the experts mentioned was quite an understatement! Each draw becomes creamier and the finish is just as tasty as the beginning. I unfortunately had a small tear at the foot of my Gold, but it didn't hinder the smoke much. I will definitely be ordering these for my cigar club soon!
JL of Waltham, MA
ok, I am leaving a second review, if you don't like it, hey...pack sand.... I am already a True Believer for the 5-Vegas Gold, but I recently had a friend over for an afternoon cigar and beer, and he is ALL about the big, full-flavored and spicy cigars. Well, I gave him free-pick from my humidor, and he chose the 5-Vegas Gold, well about 10 minutes into the smoke, he remarks: "This is a REALLY NICE mild cigar!!!" which surprised me, coming from HIM, but not a surprise from 5-Vegas. Great job.
ER of Templeton, CA
I will definitely right these down as one of my favorites. Very nice flavor and smooth burn. Got my first taste out of a sampler and I'm stuck to 5Vegas Gold. If you like mild cigars, this is right on.
JM of Fort Lauderdale, FL
These were pretty good. Not as good as 5 vegas classic and high primings but I would buy more.
RF of Jeffersonville, GA
Wow I really Love this Cigar! The first thing to hit You is the Cigar band. It is so shiny it looks like real gold medal. The wrapper is so silky smooth it makes You salivate. I toasted this baby up then i lit it. So much flavor envelopes Your tounge that it leaves You craving more and more. I love it and so will You.
GP of Lake George, NY
This cigar would be a bargain at twice the price. Light creaminess throughout, with just enough spice to keep the palate entertained. Liked it so much, I bought a box to share and celebrate the birth of my son; now there are a few others hooked as well.
JR of Fulton, AR
Just wanted to add my 2 cents to the already long list of accolades bestowed on 5 Vegas Gold. My #1 pick in the morning with coffee and the drive to work. Keeps me going till the mid-day 5 Vegas Classic or other and I complete the day with a Park Ave or alternate. 3 squares a day!
JN of Stanhope, NJ
Smoooth , tasty and creamy.. best value for mild cigars ever. Save your mild money, if you like mild go no further.
If you like a mild cigar that stays consistent in taste throughout the cigar then this is for you. It is very mild with a very delicate flavor. I would recommend this to beginners or people who prefer a light, no-bite stick
TS of Flushing, NY
Tried a couple only a week or so after receiving my (2) bundle order. I was very disappointed after reading the positive reviews and did not plan to re-order. However I tried a couple more after they had some rest time in the humi and am very impressed with this cigar and will be ordering more.
AQ of Hephzibah, GA
I bought a box of the double nickels on faith after reading all of the reviews below, and am very pleased with them. Creamy and nutty in flavor, reminding me almost of banana bread. Perfect draw and tons of smoke as others have noted and a great price point to boot. I even got a great free cutter out of the deal. Recommend.
I've been a big fan of Nicaraguan sticks, in particular the Rocky Patel Vintage 1999. But this Hondoran cigar is making me change my mind, putting this 5 Vegas Gold in first place. It is as smooth as they come, with a great aroma and pleasant tasting wrapper. It will give you long ashes all the way to the nub. Its strength is given as mild to medium and that's pretty accurate. Take it slow and savor. Definitely a repeat buy.
AK of Topton, PA
The whole family of the 5 Vegas are amazing and stand out in a class of their own that no one can touch or imitate at all. The 5 Vegas Gold and the 5 Vegas Classic and the 5 Vegas Gold Maduro are my favorites! I just received my order of cigars in fine condition. They're resting in the humidor even though they seems like they were ready to be smoked right away. Nice hint of pepper and cream.... This is one of the finest cigars of this kind on the market in my opinion. What are you people waiting on, try all three of the cigars I listed. You wont regret it. Very well packaged CI, they came in fine shape and ready to smoke. I'll be ordering again.
Really good mild cigar. Smokes good and a super good deal!
RR of San Diego, CA
Of every mild cigar, this one is the very finest and best. You wont find anything other than 5 Vegas cigars in my humidor. I love the spicy kick start and the super fine creamy mild thick billows of smoke after that and all the way to the nub! Folks you do not know what you missing here take a moment and try one or 5 or a box for real. You will be thanking me in the back of your mind while your enjoying this smoke. Again, great job Nestor and The CI folks!
My favorite mild cigars!
CB of Westwood, NJ
For me this is another keep in the humidor. An easy smoke with a nice but mild taste. A good burn, excellent build and easy on the wallet.
BS of Anza, CA
Wow. Just Wow. Construction: A+ Flavor: A+ I bought a box of the Double Nickel box pressed sticks. Amazing. Tried one out of the box (I couldn't wait) and ended up taking 10 of them on vacation over the week of the 4th. I'll be buying more VERY SOON. An amazing smoke at a killer price. Nice work CI.
KN of Freeport, ME
5 Vegas cigars are one of the best. I like 5 Vegas Gold as the favorite because its smooth and smells great. Just a relaxing cigar with a cup of coffee in the morning and night. I tried a lot of cigars and 5 vegas is so far the best.
WV of new port richey, FL
Damn fine cigar!
I received the 5 Vegas Gold Double Nickel as part of the CigarFest sampler, and it was definitely worth the price. The pre-light draw, the lighting, the flavors, and the overall experience were very solid. My only complaint was the cigar itself wasn't rolled as well as it could have been with soft spots and burn issues throughout. Even with that, I would still order more of these cigars in the future as based on the reviews and my experience, this is a very solid mild-medium cigar!
CC of Baldwin City, KS
Phenomenal smoke, the best cigar I have smoked for the price..great everyday favorite.
LP of Santa Rita, GU
I had this torpedo laying around in my humidor for 3 or 4 years. I think I got it in a sampler pack and I wasn't expecting much when I smoked it last night. Totally surprised at how good it was. Beautiful construction and wrapper, surprisingly rich and balanced flavor, straight clean burn and white ash–that's my kind of cigar! I will be ordering more. Hope they're still as good as the one I had.
MS of Merrick, NY
My 5 Vegas Golds showed up today and I had to fire one up. What a great stick. My new GO-TO! A very smooth cigar that burned nice and slow. A great Mild taste, perfect midrange and sweet finish. I will be ordering more! Def give these sticks a try, you won't be disappointed!!!
smoked one of these babies last night! it was indeed a good stick. just needs some time to age in the humidor. good draw... burns even.. great bang for the buck!
RS of Ladson, SC
I've heard the hype about these from a few friends and got my first box in yesterday and I was not disappointed in any way. I tend to have a sensitive stomach with cigars where if I don't smoke it on a full stomach I get sick pretty quick (maybe I'm still just new at it?) but I had zero issues with these with an empty stomach (I was too eager to wait until after dinner). The Cigar itself had a wonderful aroma and burned evenly throughout the smoke. It started off very mild and creamy and slowly changed to a medium with a hint of pepper at the very end. If I could afford it and the Wisconsin weather would allow it, I'd be smoking these every day.
DB of Waukesha, WI
Decent everyday smoke. Not overly complex, but has a solid burn and good flavor.
SC of Collinsville, OK
Got a 5 pack of torpedoes from my wife for our daughter's birth. This was my first real cigar and I was impressed. It has a nice, but not overbearing aroma and flavor. I found it to be pretty smooth and enjoyable with a nice aftertaste. Definitely recommend for another beginner such as myself.
BS of Moore, SC
My go to stick. It was one of the first I tried and they remain consistent in flavor, construction and good value.
NR of Hesperia, CA
The best blend for light smokes found state side for this price; unbelievable and a great brand.
ED of Bloomington, MN
Wow. Great cigar. I'm not much for describing the taste, but I love these (nuggets). Spicy and peppery at the start, then smooth and creamy the rest of the way. And for being so small (nuggets) they do last long. Got an hour out of them before, but that changes with how you smoke. Definitely a top notch cigar for both crowds, the mild and more full smoker. will buy again.
SH of Clinton Township, MI
Got these as part of the "Tradicion" Humidor Combo pack today. Smoked one, it's my first 5 Vegas ever. Before this I have only ever smoked a few Rocky Patel's 15th Anniversary, which tasted dark to me. This 5 Vegas Gold was a lot lighter, it started off with a very 'nutty' taste to me. Like almonds or pistachio's and around 2/3's of the way through it, it got 'peppery' like there was a bit of spice to it. It's been so far my favorite smoke. Though admittedly I haven't had many actual cigars (swisher sweets don't count in my mind), but I'd definitely recommend this one especially to new cigar smokers.
DH of McCleary, WA
Not bad. A mild smoke with some nutty flavor. Not sweetness or spice I could detect. Just an overall mild smoke with no issues really to report.
AB of Pleasanton, CA
Yummy is the first word that comes to mind. One of the very best mild cigars I have tried and I've had many. Great draw, full creamy smoke, excellent smooth flavor, great burn, just a great everyday smoke. I love them!!!
Nice mild cigars. Nothing too complex or complicated for someone who isn't a big cigar smoker and all the flavor you look for if you are!
MB of Philadelphia, PA
Not happy. I bought a 5 pack of Park Avenues and a 5 pack of these to compare. All five of the 5 pack were plugged. All 5 had burn issues. Maybe a bad shipment and the cigar is ok but 0 for 5 is not worth the effort --but the Gerk Park Avenue is a major step up for a slight price increase. CI did a great job on my order but I would never order these over the Park Avenue.
JB of Perrysburg, OH
I have been nothing but impressed with the Cinco Vegas line. I first tried the Classic, which was phenomenal. I then tried the "A" Type and it wasn't my cup of tea, but still had an exceptional burn and wrapper. The 5 Vegas Gold was my latest treat from this super affordable brand. It did not disappoint. Smooth to the nub with a creamy core and slight spice in the final 3rd. It had lots to offer in flavor and I had absolutely no issues with burn, ash, or performance. I will be buying more Classics and Golds and the next single I buy will be a 5 Vegas Gold Maduro. Do yourself a favor and try an offering from Cinco Vegas.
AF of Minneapolis, MN
Took them to a big cigar event. These were the first ones to go. Smooth smoke.
Awesome Smoke! Nothing but smooth, creamy, bliss!
BH of Muskegon, MI
It was a very good looking stick. The cigar was good, smooth and definately a "will smoke again'. I do think I would put a big number in my humidor. It was good but not great.
CP of Ancaster, ON
Leave them in the humidor for 2 weeks and these mild smokes come to life. Times a wastin' place your order now!
WV of Brooklyn, NY
Great classic mild, definitely will buy again.
RO of Statesboro, GA
One of the mildest cigars I have had. This is my favorite and the price is reasonable.
JR of Lawrence, MA
I got these to smoke with some buds who were just entering the realm of cigars. The 5 Vegas Gold wasn't some mild starter that has no taste or body. The cigar is a little stronger than most other mild types and carries a good after taste. The Nugget size being one inch smaller than a normal corona made the experience enjoyable for everyone. It gave superior flavor, but also wasn't long enough to make a beginners head spin. My opinion: the perfect everyday cigar and hands down the perfect cigar for introducing someone to the dream that is cigars.
LB of Westerville, OH
My wife says they stink more than my usual, but all I noticed is they weren't quite as mild as the Montecristo or R&J 1845 I usually smoke, and I didn't age them in the humidor as so many have suggested. That said, they are on the milder side, yet have a distinctive flavor. They burned even with a nice, typical draw. They aren't Montes, but then, you'd have to burn down 4 of them for the price of a Monte, so overall, I'd say an excellent value.
MP of Benton, AR
gorgeous cigar!!!!!!!!!!! Anybody that loves a mild to medium cigar will love smoking this stick .
Smooth from start to finish. Mild stick with plenty of flavor. An excellent choice especially for the money.
very bold smooth taste, I would def recommend this one
AC of Lake Mary, FL