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Victor Sinclair Serie '55' 2nds Reviews

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Customer Reviews of “Victor Sinclair Serie '55' 2nds”
I done bought a bundle of the Victor Sinclair 55-in both Maduro And Corojo. I found the maduro to be everything I look for in such a cigar; rich and has a sweet finish. The Corojo I am going to let the jury deliberate longer on. I found the taste of the wrapper in my mouth was bitter. I will give these another 3-weeks to rest and see if they improve. It was not a distasteful cigar, yet the wrapper was bitter in my mouth.
FF of Eau Claire, WI
I bought a bundle of both the Victor Sinclair Maduros and the Corojo 55's. These are both wonderful cigars at any price. The Maduro is rich and sweet and the Corojo is spicy with a sweet undertone. I have finally found my everyday smoke. I have been smoking cigars since 1980 and find these to be very enjoyable. These are truly wonderful sticks I would not hesitate to hand out to anyone who enjoys cigars.
FF of Eau Claire, WI
I ordered a bundle of each; Corojo and Maduro 55's. As I do with all ordered cigars I gave them three-weeks in the humidor to settle a bit after being on the truck. I found I like both of these cigars very much. The Maduro was rich with a sweet finish. The Corojo was the more robust of the two with spice, leather and a bit of sweetness of on the finish. A very nices sticks at a wonderful price.
FF of Eau Claire, WI
Blue label oscuro toro's are a well packed, very flavorful maduro with a nice hearty finish. The only thing I don't like is that they turn your fingers and lips black.
RH of Okanogan, WA
The 55 VS 2nds (red) are great, I tried to smoke one right off the truck and was not really impressed; it had a lot of spice up front and not much flavor. So I figured I would let them sit for a month and WOW what a different cigar. Creamy and nutty taste have now developed out of this cigar, and an hour later I still have that nutty taste which I like. If you do buy this cigar give them time in the humi; great draw and nice construction all conspire to make great cigar at a good price.
HH of Stuart, FL
Bought these a while back when they were on special and they are excellent. Got me to try a few more of the Victor Sinclair line.
PM of Ocala, FL
I just bought a bundle of the VS 'Blue' 2nds last week, and I believe that they are one of the best-kept secrets of the cigar world. I had the first one right off of the truck, and the flavor was exceptional. The draw was a little tight, but using a punch rather than a cutter fixed this on the 3 I've had since then. These cigars have a very clean, sweet maduro flavor and may be the best tasting non-infused cigars I've ever had. I bought these to stretch the more expensive cigars in my humidor, but I'm afraid it's going to work the other way! That's why I have another bundle on the way...
ME of Butler, PA
Not bad, although I find that the closer to the end, the more bitter and a bit of an aftertaste. I don't get the compliments on their smell as I do with Fernandez & with Flor de Oliva, but these are good cigars all the same!
TB of Pinellas Park, FL
First off, I heartily recommend buying the Victor Sinclair Baker's Dozen sampler pack..their 13 blends in the churchill size for less than $2 each. I totally enjoyed every single one and will keep buying them in this package. Great off the truck, fantastic after rest in the humidor. Mild to full, this full range of cigars will definitely deliver cigars to your liking, then buy the ones you like best. For me, these two blends are part of my top five in the package. The blue maduro, like a great desert after a fine meal. The red corojo, fantastic like a good south pacific medium dark sumatran coffee..lots of flavor but extremely smooth. Buy a bundle of each along with a good humidor if you find a great deal (which CI always has someplace on the website) and you will find they just keep getting better with aging. They burn so well, I have gotten two hours of enjoyment out of some of these churchill sized cigars, so don't light one up unless you have some time to relax and enjoy what I think is the best deal on the website. Oh, there are others I buy and enjoy, but these have been the best 'values' for me.
BW of College Station, TX
My first Victor Sinclair purchase was a Baker's Dozen Sampler pack. I love samplers because I can try cigars I wouldn't buy in a pack of five or ten just to try one. Well, 13 Churchill's for less than 2 bucks apiece? Man, what a deal. Every one of the 13 was well worth the money and the time to smoke better figure at least 75 minutes, have gotten up to two hours out of one without a relight!! These Red Corojos and Blue Maduros are two of my favorites and will be buying some bundles of them along with more of the Baker's Dozen. When my ship finally comes in, going to buy a big humidor just for the Sinclairs as my 'special' times cigars. Just bought my first 50 group of the Petites 55 Corojos since I wanted something great to smoke when I don't have too much time, and they really fit the bill. Great taste in a little package. Thirteen different blends from VC, and every single one has been great. From a mild Bohemian in the morning to a Triple Corojo with some great Sumatran can get pretty good for just a few bucks. Also, the Baker's Dozen makes a great gift, along with some humidor pillows, for the troops over in the rock pile known as Afghanistan. I have gotten great loads of thanks from the guys who do a nasty job in a terrible location who know that the once a week smoker party means someone back home cares for them and for the job they are doing so far from home.
BW of College Station, TX
I just received 20 of these in glass tubes which I picked up on CI special.... What I can tell you is that the Victor Sinclair Serie 55 Maduros are the best maduro cigar I have ever had. They look like a super model, feel great, and taste orgasmic. These maduros are on another level compared to anything else I have smoked to date.
I bought a bundle of the Maduro, let it sit in the humi for about two weeks and lit one up tonight. I was pleasantly surprised and I'm sure they will get even better as I let them sit. I'd buy another bundle now if they were in stock, great price for a great cigar.
JL of Indianapolis, IN
I am a fan of the Victor Sinclair Series 55 cigars. I wonder why CI doesn't offer the full line (the green, yellow and red) of these cigars. They would sell them by the boatloads. The red Corojo is the best of the bunch in my opinion. I am not a fan of the blue band Maduro however. I find them harsh. I know other smokers think these are great. Thankfully there are so many smokes to choose from.
I have tried 7 enjoyed both blends of the Serie `55`offered here. The Corojo is nice for the price. I only wish that CI could get there hands on a few 2nds of the very best rendition of this Series, the "Black" Habano. Just like the incomparable La Reloba (My Father) Oscuro, it is only available one place. Luckily, both are under two bones per stick. The Habano rates 88/100, while the Oscuro Corona is a solid 93/100. I would rate both the "Red" & "Blue" 85/100. You could do a lot worse.
If it's a Victor Sinclair Corojo cigar, I know it will be a great smoke. I am a big fan of Corojo wrapped cigars, but this one being all Corojo tobacco really steps it up a notch. Great cigar at a fantastic price. Buy as many as you can afford or have room in your humidors, you will not be disappointed.
My Favorites!
WW of Cottonwood Heights, UT
Kind of a hard draw. I am letting them set and relax for a while. Great flavor!
CB of Willoughby, OH
My son got me started smoking cigars about 6 months ago. Being new I have stayed away from all the 2nd’s. I just want cigars that are easy to smoke. I have been big on sampler packs. I want to try everything to figure out what I like the best before I start buying boxes. I decided to try the Victor Sinclair Serie ‘55’ 2nd’s because they put their name on them and wrote a # 2 to show they were not perfect. For some reason it is a big deal for me to have the cigar labeled. At the price CI had for these I thought I could manage with them even if they were not that good. I want to keep my humidor full. I did have a lot of concern about buying 2nds. I don’t care about the wrapper being discolored. I cared about the draw. I would throw the cigar away if the draw was too hard. I smoked about 7 of them so far and they all have had perfect draw. I should have bought 2 boxes of these things. I think they are a very good medium cigar. I hope the rest are awesome.
MM of Brunswick, OH
This premium smoke offers a lot of flavor for a reasonable price. Corojo goodness just adds another delicious dimension.