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Cohiba Black Reviews

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Customer Reviews of “Cohiba Black”

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Being a fan of the red dots I was really looking forward to trying these out. I was somewhat let down. Beautiful looking cigar. Flavor was so-so and all 5 I've smoked burned horrible unevenly requiring a few relights. I'll stick with the red dot Cohiba's myself.
I take it all back. I aged these (Cohiba Black) about 6 mo and then smoked a couple of more and they are the best cigars, cubans included, that I have ever smoked. And I have smoke a many.
Well I bought a box of these babies (Cohiba Black)..sure look nice in the glass tubes. Great flavor, draws well, burns evenly, smells like a cigar should. Lots of flavors too many to describe. I like a good strong cigar.. I seek them out as a matter of fact but you know this one is just a little too harsh for me. I smoked one and am going to "age" the others and see if that helps but I don't think they are worth the money at this point. Still a good cigar just not a great cigar which is what I was expecting. I think the Cohiba XV is better.
Generally speaking, drinking too much and wandering into a cigar shop is not the best way to choose a good cigar; however, when such a chain of events led me to the Cohiba Black, I've been chomping at the bit to get another taste. As an avid fan of the mild-medium maduro blends, Cohiba's dark newborn may be their best yet!
If you're a man, hold on to your hat. If you'are woman hold on to your hair net and hat. What a riot of flavor (Cohiba Black)!
I could not wait to try these new blacks from cohiba, I actually paced the floor till there arivel. Being a big cohiba fan I expected nothing but the best from these fine hand rolled's. I poored a glass of good whiskey over the rocks and sat down to enjoy my new arivel, once again they did not dissapoint ! when asked at work the next day "what did I think of Cohiba's new Jem ? " My reply;...It brought tears of joy to me,...I weept !
With the exception of the Cuban version (Cohiba Black) this is by far the best cigar on the market.I can't get enough of this jewel. So much so that I won't smoke anything else.
I'm actually blown away by this cigar (Cohiba Black). The one I smoked came in a 3 pack sampler with a free Xikar cutter for $40. (awesome deal if you can find it) I was immediately attracted to the cigar by the scent alone and couldn't wait to try it. Now that I'm currently smoking it I don't want to put it down, even to write this review! Just like the Comacho Triple Maduro, its not the most affordable cigar. But it definitely earns its price tag from the first draw to the last.
I call this stogey the -fighter jet-because it starts off nice n smooth then when you get to the second half of this smoke the afterburners kick in n you get that nice strong feeling.My friends keep giving me others to try but nothing else works for me.I will never buy anything else...By far the topgun.....
This smoke is absolutely awsome...The first half is nice n smooth n then it's like the afterburners kick in n she becomes nice n strong......I've tried others but I keep coming back to the Black....This is my smoke now because it's not often you can find something that kicks ass so why keep looking when you have something that makes you happy.....
This is by far one of the best cigars (for the $$) out there!! There really is no comparison for a $10-$20 cigar!! Rich tasting, excelent aroma pre- lighting and better on the first draw to the nub! I never get a bad burn or "canoe" as that guy implied; did he hook it up to his vacuum cleaner hose? I recently went to Janmaica and hooked up some Cohiba Cubans at a smoke shop, "real" cubans, not the "knock offs" with full leaf fillers, wraps and rings; the "Full Monty" so to speak! Well to my pleasant surprise, even though they were very splendid there and "here" if ya know what I mean? The Cohiba Black held those "Cubans" up to a standard that they will have a hard time for me to remember as "something I won't forget!" Cohiba is the top brand in Cuba but Cohiba Balck is the top brand for this AMERICAN CIGAR SMOKER!
Pequenos! I've tried several different small cigars recently, and this little black beauty is certainly the best so far. The draw is slightly hard, but the reward is a mouthfull of very tasty smoke. It never gets harsh, not even at the nub. I was surprised at how long this little cigar lasted. I've had larger cigars that didn't last as long. It burned evenly and I almost had to beg the ash to fall off. At around $3.00 per stick, you cannot go wrong. I can't wait to try the Cohiba Red Dot Pequenos now.
Got a box of the crystal tubos for an early Xmas present from my wife. Love these guys. Good, even burn, no runs or relights. Great presentation. This is the stick that got me into smoking. Smooth, medium to full, I taste mostly coffee and chocolate, and very light pepper. These are expensive so I don't buy often, but am never disappointed with the smoke!
I picked up a few of these and liked them quite a bit. It's a full bodied cigar, but suprisingly mellow for one. thats not to say that it sacrifices flavor, but with how dark the wrapper, is I was expecting a punch to the face. Great burn. Very easy draw. The flavor notes are an almost floral woodsy and cedar profile with a slightly sweet cocoa finish.
One of the best cigars I have ever smoked. It has it all,three distinctive blends, with each third of the cigar. While is pricey it is worth it.
Short and sweet. I love this piece of work. Awesome flavor, thick smoke. Highly recommended! I would give it a 96. Wrapper looks fantastic followed with a flawless even burn. Cheers!
I just smoked one of these for the first time and WOW, it is a mouth watering delight. Hints of citrus in the first third, then it settles into a great smooth, earthy flavor. I too expected a little more bite with the dark wrapper, but it was smooth as silk to the end. Highly recommend this one !!!!!
Oh. My. God. If you haven't tried these yet, and you are thinking about it, like I did, for almost 3 years before I pulled the trigger and got a box. Do yourself a favor and pull the trigger.
Cohiba delivers on this cigar. An easy medium to full smoke with a lot of taste. Deep flavors with pronounced notes of black pepper and leather. Well constructed and good to the very end.
This is the best cigar I have ever smoked, can not get over the taste and the perfect burn and they last over an hour for a small cigar. I would love to smoke the big ones but the price is way to high. Some day I will break down and order a box of the big ones.
Incredible taste in such a little cigar. This is one that I smoke daily.
Boom! This is a perfect 3 stage cigar. Very oily and nice scent to it. It starts off mild and becomes peppery mid point. On the last leg I had to relight it and from that point on the flavors shifted to bolder flavors. In addition, it burned warmer on the last stage. Overall a good cigar. Good draw and lots of smoke. Goes well with single malt scotch or fall beers (Pumpkin, IPA). Lots of smoke. Perfect to savor outdoors by the fire place, but certainly not your every day smoke though.
Got one of these in a sampler pack. The flavor started off pretty mild but really picked up about half way through. Big earthy flavor and I think I was getting some leather on the back end. My biggest problem was that the draw was really really hard.... Tried cutting it a little more and that didn't help. I'm hoping I just got a bad one because the flavor was great!
Cohiba Black - Very easy to light. Excellent construction, draw and burn. Heavy, oily smoke on palate and thick smoke in the air. Medium strength with full flavors. Intense aroma of doughnuts/bread and dark fruit. Flavors of raisin, sweet tobacco and campfire smoke. Medium to long finish of molasses, dark cherry and dark coffee. No spice and no bitterness. An odd combination of intense aromas and differing flavors that works well together. Silky smooth.
Cohiba Black -- Very easy to light. Excellent construction, draw and burn. Heavy, oily smoke on palate and thick smoke in the air. Medium strength with full flavors. Intense aroma of doughnuts/bread and dark fruit. Flavors of raisin, sweet tobacco and campfire smoke. Medium to long finish of molasses, dark cherry and dark coffee. No spice and no bitterness. An odd combination of intense aromas and differing flavors that works well together. Silky smooth.
Great cigars. That's all I really have to say about Cohiba Black. From the first puff to the last you get a strong, but smooth taste. The burn stays nice and even the whole time as well. Well worth the money; I will be glad to buy again.
Recieved one of these from a friend and immediately stuck it in my humidor. 8 months later I found it at the bottom of my humidor and decided now would be a great time. FANTASTIC cigar. However, I believe that if you buy these you MUST AGE THEM. Just a tip! They are great cigars however and come very recommended!
I bought a single a long while back and it's been sitting in my humidor since then. Now that the weather's breaking in Upstate NY, I figured it was time to try this cigar. Lots of nice thick white smoke, the burn is pretty even, but a little full for my taste. I believe this cigar is stronger than the medium-full advertised. All in all a good smoke, but personally I'd look into another Cohiba variety.
My go to cigars for any occasion. A must try!
The Cohiba Red Dot has been my favorite for many years. I decided to try something different. Being a dark tobacco, I expected a heavier smoke. Needless to say, I was pleasantly surprised by the excellent flavor and the smooth mild smoke of the Black... my new favorite cigar.
Great sweet smoke and amazing construction. Cohiba is a little pricey, but it's well worth it.
Really good smoke, burns fairly slow which is a plus in my book.