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Victor Sinclair Triple Corojo Reviews

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Overall Rating 4.58 out of 5 Based on 24 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “Victor Sinclair Triple Corojo”

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5 out of 5
5 out of 5
The quality is very consistent
The quality is very consistent making for an enjoyable smoke.
4 out of 5
This is a solid smoke, 3rd time I have ordered VS sticks. Tightly wrapped smokes even all the way to end.
5 out of 5
I buy cigars as a gift for my brother who lives in Las Vegas. He enjoys the size, flavor and burn of the VS Triple Corojo Gordo. I enjoy the price
4 out of 5
Medium bodied
So far I have only smoked three, but they seem to be more medium bodied than the full bodied I expected.
5 out of 5
Victor Sinclair Triple Corojo Gordo
Very good cigar. My every day favorite smoke.
4 out of 5
Nice smoke
Great cigar for the golf course. Allow time for the humidor to moisten up, they came pretty dry.
4 out of 5
Well worth the price!
Haven't had a bad cigar from Victor Sinclair. Great construction and flavor.
5 out of 5
very good cigar
very good taste long lasting. tis is the i will always buy.
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Best Victor Sinclair
These are the best cigars that I have ever gotten from Victor Sinclair.
3 out of 5
Poor wrapper but very tasty and good value.
I very much enjoyed these cigars except for the poor construction. The wrapper is really poor quality and not rolled tight enough - unravels easily. Otherwise an excellent smoke for the money.
5 out of 5
A great everyday cigar with
A great everyday cigar with plenty of flavor and aroma, perfect with a wine or brandy...
5 out of 5
A little slow on sending
A little slow on sending shipment but quality good
4 out of 5
Wanna have more!
Niiiiiceeeeee!! Love the favour, burns even, smells GREAT! Nice presentation too.
5 out of 5
Corojo bargain...
Very good smoke with a lot of oomph,,,not just power but flavor too... Good smoke,value,,great price point... One of my regular buys...
4 out of 5
Triple Corojo
These are strong, well made cigars. Easy draw with lots of smoke.
5 out of 5
Great product
Quick, easy, and delivered straight to my door. Thank you!
5 out of 5
Made well, medium bodied cigar
Made well, medium bodied cigar
4 out of 5
Another Tasty Sinclair !!
Got a box of Toro's off a " MMAO " thing. Like the Triple Corojo's from Victor Sinclair I've smoked before, these are just Dog-Gone good tasting cigars. The 6 inch size is great for those times when a 7 71/2 8 inch long guy is TOO much for the time frame presented. Victor Sinclair continues to provide Very Nice cigars at tolerable prices.
5 out of 5
This is one great cigar for the price. Try these and you won't be disappointed.
5 out of 5
VS Triple Hits a Homerun
Nice burn, construction, and lots of flavor. Wrapper has a nice feel, and cigar draws well. Great price point. Went through one box and will purchase another.
5 out of 5
Biggest bang for your buck!
Recently I have been enjoying cigars that have Corojo leaves, so naturally I gravitated to the Triple Corojo. It seems as if Victor Sinclair cigars are finally consistent. Not long ago I thought that may have been there down fall but I must say these cigars are tasty and have an excellent price point.
4 out of 5
Good smoke for the price
I got these strickly as an everyday smoke because of a good price point. I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of the cigar. Good even burn, nice ash and a consistant draw. I would definitely buy again.
Customer Testimonials
This is easily one of the best sub $3.00-per-stick cigars on the market. Flavorful but not overpowering. You'll love the VS Triple Corojo construction from start to finish. They do better after some time in the humidor -smoking one right off the truck tends to lead to uneven burn- at which point they could go toe-to-toe with any other more expensive corojo sticks on the market. I actually have buddies that come over and ask for "A Triple-C, please!" instead of the Romeos, Macanudos, Cohibas, and Partagas that they know I also have. Well done, Jose Dominguez, and CI for making sure the prices on these keep them in my humidor without batting an eye.
Mm Mm Good! My new favorite! I returned to smoking cigars a few months ago after a 20 year hiatus. I've recently tried many different manufacturers, recently tried another ... Corojo to learn there is nothing Corojo about them. These are hands down the best value for the money out there. Thank you C.I. Since my first purchase 3 weeks ago, I've ordered two more boxes, had a friend stop at C.I. and grabbed me two more boxes. My humidors are filled with Victor Sinclair Triple Corojo love. I'll be back this week for another box. These cigars are rolled to perfection, burn evenly, and soo enjoyable. I look forward to enjoying each stick.
Just delivered this morning. Draw is a little tight. Hopefully this will improve once they spend some time in the humidor. Great taste.
This is my first venture into Victor Sinclair, but will not be my last. I have smoked cigars for 40 years and I have to say this Triple Corojo I would rate as one of my top 10!
Very nice! Smoked one today after only 3 days in my humid. Only one word: GREAT!
Big flavor right from the start, then a less than stunning finish. I personally enjoyed the big spice this cigar began with and just couldn't believe the lackluster finish. With a little conditioning, I hope to bring my remaining few back to life.
Holy hot damn what a spicy cigar! Love the body. Smooth and tangy. The after taste is a spicy Latina dancing on your pallet. 8/10 Rating. Damn, what a cigar!
Been a cigar smoker for many years.... IMO, the VS Triple Corojo is definitely one of the best hidden gems in the sub $3 category. It's not a stick that goes through many transitions as it's smoked, but the profile is plenty tasty enough that you don't mind. Goes great with a glass of real southern sweet tea on a summer afternoon.....
I got these to go along with an order on cigarbid and man was I surprised. I bought them to give to my buddies when they "forgot one". I tried one for the hell of it and it ended up surprising me. Great burn, excellent flavor. The draw was perfect and they were cheap. What else do you want? I ended up keeping them for myself and I love them. Makes me want to try more from Victor Sinclair.
Great cigar after work. Kick back and enjoy it with a Bud Lite or three.
I am a casual smoker and bought the VS Sampler pack when it was on sale. As I was going through the sampler I happened upon the Triple Corojo and let me tell you, I stopped at this one. The burn is even, the flavor is perfect for my taste, even at the end when you expect it to be more bitter, it's still pretty smooth. Cant wait for my next delivery!!
well i am a new cigar smoker and i knew right away i was a corojo fan after sampling Rockey Pattels R4. then i found these babes. by far the most corojo flavor ive had. good job VS!
Truly enjoyed this Corojo. Less than full, however flavorful. Would buy again and recommend to a friend. Yeah CI!
Smoked until the last 3/4 inch....will buy more.
Very nice cigar. Tastes great, smells great. I would really like them if I could keep it lit. Tunneled like crazy and for the most part looked like a profile of my big toe......constant touch ups with all of them.
Perhaps the best cigar for under $3.00 sold on Cigars International. This cigar breaths and allows for the easiest draw for the money and erupts mountains of flavorful smoke. The cigar burns for well over an hour and is requested by my friends as it is becoming their cigar of choice as well as mine. Honestly, there is not another cigar like this one for the money and if you enjoys some bite with your smoke, this baby is for you! However, if you do not wih to purchase them, don't worry, I will. (Note: I truly only like the 6 X 60, the others are just not the same).
In my opinion, Dominican smokes are generally weak and "papery" tasting with an airy mouth-feel. They are beginner cigars. I turned my back on Victor Sinclair (and Dominican tobacco altogether) several years ago, as I moved into Nicaraguan and Honduran cigars primarily seeking more strength and flavor. I smoke my share of A.J., Rocky, Pepin, Perdomo, Oliva etc., and loved many of them. But I realized I really didn't want the strength of some of those blends, and the ol' pocketbook was taking a hit. So where does a man turn when he wants an affordable, flavorful corojo wrapped cigar that BURNS WELL and doesn't knock you to the canvas? I guess the reviews made me consider Victor Sinclair Triple Corojo. But my expectations were low, after all, this was 100% Dominican and I was thinking it would be another bland stick. Boy was I dead wrong. Triple Corojo is a solid medium bodied yet full flavored smoke that will always satisfy despite never blowing your mind. By far, the best bang for your buck Corojo on the market (boxed or bundled). This is a Dominican standout that tastes like a Nicaraguan or Honduran. Think for a minute how hard a feat that is to accomplish (I tip my hat to you Jose Dominguez). Triple Corojo has given me confidence enough to try some other stuff Victor Sinclair puts out.
I was disappointed by this smoke. The construction was decent and it burned fairly evenly but the taste was somewhat bitter even after being in my humidor for several months. Not for me.
Really loved these cigars. Nothing to complain about. 2 big thumbs up !!
Just wanted to give my thoughts on this cigar. It was noted to be a full bodied cigar: however I felt it was more of a mild to medium bodied. The flavor was great and sweet,it burned pure white and drew very well,but the strength was not there,to me. I know everyone's taste is different:however if your looking for a real full bodied cigar I can not recommend this one. This cigar should be labled mild to medium.
I bought the cigarillo version of these that came in tins of 8 a few years back, and have been waiting for the opportunity to try the full sized version. Delicious, consistent, great construction, and no shortage of corojo flavor. They get better with age and always surprise me whenever I pull one out of the box
Not an overly complex cigar, I had a hand full of these at various vitolas, and all seem to burn and taste similar. They all seem to start out with a lot of flavor with nice nutty and creamy quality and light smoke. The torpedo seems to burst with initial flavors, but all eventually get blanketed with a strong peppery finish, great if that's what you're into, but I require a bit more flavor throughout. But this is a great stick for it's price. VS has become a frequent repeat throughout my experience.
Hey guys, Because of the current weekly deal on the VS Triple Corojo 6x60s, I wanted to give them a try again before buying more ... I pulled a torpedo that had been aging in the humidor for quite some time (maybe up to a year). I was really pleasantly surprised, I really enjoyed that stick ... more complex in the flavors than I remember ... light around the edges, stronger in the core, it kept my interest ... the draw was just right, and it burned evenly, down close to the label, where it needed a major correction (might have been my fault for not paying attention while on a long distance phone call). All in all, it was a very good cigar ( I tend to like the torpedos which have a decent length and larger -54- ring gauge) ... I don't know if the 6x60's have the exact same composition of tobaccos, whether anything has changed in the blend from the time I bought mine to the present ... but if it's the same or even better, it's a no brainer ... definitely worth the money ... very fine cigar (espec. with a good quality sipping scotch on the rocks).
Had one of these out of a Victor Sinclair sampler. Just added it to my favorites. I think though I will get the 60's next time, it seems like the perfect tobacco for a big cigar. Constant cool burn right down past the wrapper (not many make it that far for me). Nice mild to med flavors that mix well all the way down. Hints of cedar and spices. Not a 'wow 'factor, but a consistant relaxing enjoyable smoke.
I like the corojo wrapper so I had to try these. Fancy looking box. Burn was good, flavor was O.K, but nothing special. I guess I was expecting more from them. I still have a few in the humi, I'll give them some more time...
Good cigar,very enjoyable and consistant. In fact the entire Victor Sinclair line are all good smokes, and I've tried them all. In my estimation the Victor Sinclair line represents great value. Have not had a bad one yet....Great job.
Bought some of these in a Daily Deal a few weeks back and am glad I did. Nice firm stick with a nut-brown color. Smoke was pleasant and plentiful and the burn was straight enough. I hardly ever smoke a cigar down past the band because I find most get somewhat bitter. I smoked this 'til I couldn't hold onto it anymore; a really pleasurable hour or so. I am delighted with the quality for the price; even without the deal they would be a bargain. In my opinion these are more a medium-full rather than full like advertised.
I smoked a box of these. Very tasty, love the corojo tobacco and these smokes were well made. I am making these a regular in my humidor.
I am not a cigar expert,but i know waht I like . I buy several types,brands ,etc. i bought these last week (Victor Sinclair Triple Corojo) and let me tell you .I have never had a better cigar.These are top od the pile.These are very tasty,a little strong but a very nice taste.You can not beat this cigar at any price .Now they are discounted so If you have not tried this ,please do ,and i bet you will BUY another box.I know I am.
Victor Sinclair Triple Corojo Robust were amazing especially for $40. Consistent every time so if you didn't like the first you probably won't like the second. Smooth taste and easy to smoke even at 6am with a cup of coffee. Highly recommended.
You guys at CI did it again! The .440 Victor Sinclair Triple Corojo have got to be one of the best buys you have had. These little smokes are FANTASTIC! Even burn and nice smooth draw. If you haven't noticed, I'm a small cigar smoker and these have to be one of the BEST. Thanks again for another great deal! Keep this up and you will have a another life long customer! (and I'm sure I'm not going to be the last one, either!)
What a great thing, to be a cigar smoker these days. There are so many excellent cigars available at CI. Yeah, it can be tough to pick. That, my friends, is where I can help you out right now. I bought a brick of the Victor Sinclair .440 Mini-Corona on a CI special. Bear in mind, this is a brand I had not even considered trying before. I have tried many small cigars (certainly not all of them) ranging from the Villigers and Don Lino Habanitas to the CAO Cameroon and Cohibas. This Victor Sinclair smoke is the tastiest litlle cigar I have tried to date. (I have not yet tried the 5 Vegas Shorty.) I did not think I could find a small cigar that offered this much satisfaction in a 20-minute smoke. These cigars pack a rich, medium-bodied, zesty flavor in a small package. Incredibly nice.
I've always said that I have never smoked a Corojo cigar that I didn't like. The Victor Sinclair Triple Corojo does exactly that, triples the enjoyment of that great Corojo experience. I am smoking one right now and enjoying it as much as any cigar I have ever smoked. I strongly recommend this cigar to anyone who loves Corojo tobacco.
This cigar is SIMPLY AMAZING, PROLLY my BEST PURCHASE so far! Ofcourse there is NOT ONE of Victor Sinclair's products I abhor! I ordered the triple corojo churchhill size. The cosmetic design was nice with a cute lil box, but F*** that I wanna a OUTSTANDING smoke! I am counting every single dime B4 I place a order! The cigar burns even and I MUST emphasize the TASTE! The flavor was pretty SPICY and if you thought Victor Sinclair's "Cuban Corojo" was good, then I suggest you QUIT READING and just ORDER a box of Triple Corojo! *THIS IS NOT A CIGAR FOR THE PEOPLE THAT LIKE MILD*
The VS Triple Corojo is not the best looking cigar, it’s somewhat rustic looking, but the stick is rich, incredibly aromatic, it leaves a long after taste (which I enjoy), burns fairly even; I had to touch it up once. I can’t emphasize the aroma enough; it had a kind of perfumy bouquet, the amount of smoke was perfect. The wrapper is thick and leathery to the touch. The flavor was very spicy, full flavor, med-full strength. A must try, if you like Corojo cigars, like I do.