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Tatuaje El Triunfador

Posted by Steve R

Some time ago I wrote a review on Tatuaje Miami. Today, I am going to burn an El Triunfador by Tatuaje, an all Nicaraguan blend of Cuban-seed tobaccos inside a milk chocolate brown Habano Ecuador wrapper.

I have in my hand the No. 7 vitola, a double-stuffed Toro measuring 5.8”x54. The cigar is fitted with a triple-cap, like all Tatuajes. Oddy, these caps popped right off before I could even clamp my cutter down on the head of the cigar. No worries, the cap is removed (removed on its own) and the pre-light draw seems on point. Not too loose, with a little bit of resistance. Before lighting, I pick up a slightly sweet note of raisin and bread. The pre-light aroma is that of freshly cured tobacco. Time to light’er up.

Upon lighting, my palate is greeted with a very dry touch of tobacco and earth. It’s smooth and smokey, producing a bright white ash almost instantly. The finish is short and crisp, dusting the front of my palate with faint tobacco nuances and a trace of toast. This flavor remains pretty consistent up until the midway point, where I begin to notice a dash of white pepper creeping in on the exhale. It’s a unique subtlety, met with a slight sweetness on the sides of my palate. Still, the flavors are subtle and delivered with a noble smoothness to the bouquet which tells me the cigar will not increase in strength or intensity. And it doesn’t. There is no build-up in flavor or strength as you approach the end. Both flavor and strength remains constant from first light down to the nub.

By no means is this a bad thing – there’s a time and a place for a no-nonsense cigar free from changes throughout the burn. However, if you’re a Tatuaje fan that has yet to try this blend, you may be underwhelmed by your first go-around, so I suggest trying a few and you’ll likely appreciate the smooth, mellow nature of this stick.

Overall, I can get behind this cigar. It’s definitely not the strongest, most complex blend Tatuaje has come out with, but if you’re looking for an easy-going, straightforward cigar with a mild to medium-bodied profile you don’t have to ‘prep’ for....and you’re willing to pay a good amount for the Tatuaje name....I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.