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Cu-Avana Punisher Reviews

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Customer Reviews of “Cu-Avana Punisher”
A great cigar (Punisher) I truly enjoyed end to end!
LM of Winston Salem, NC
awsome smoke (Cu-Avana Pvnisher)
MD of Benton, IL
I thought I'd share my Punisher experience with everyone. Don't know if any of you have tried it, but it is by far the most full bodied smoke I have tried to date. It blows the Ruination, Series V, and Cains away in terms of strength. If you are a full bodied fan like me, you need to grab a few.
JS of Stamford, CT
I thought it (Cu-Avana Punisher) was awesome.
AB of Jacksonville, FL
OUCH!!!!!! I have been Pvnished. Who has attempted to herf the awsome pvnisher????? I am in HOT and SMOKEY HEAVEN!!!! It's kicking my %&$!
JS of Coatesville, PA
This is definitely an epic cigar (Pvnisher). Be forewarned the extra full description is very accurate!!!
CN of Huber Heights, OH
Man, I loved these smokes...laughed at my friends as I watched their reaction as they put their lips to it...but over the last few months, the once feared spice seems to be toned down a bit...anyone else experience the same?
BR of Milford, CT
*Warning* Warning* -Danger to battle fleet- Danger to battle fleet-...Im not going to describe the way this cigar taste but rather the way this thing kicks your senses in the private parts.Be sure and wear a helmet in case you pass out from the heat.Spicy for this cigar in an understatement and it should be described as "nuclear". Im ready to try the other one i got in my sampler but will need a couple of days to recover. BE READY!!!!
BH of Moore, OK
My stogie-fiend buddy and I got a couple Punishers each and on purpose read no reviews so there were no preconceived notions. It was early morning, spicy bloody Marys in hand (Franks Xtra hot) to kick them up a notch. We torched up the Punishers and found they were evil to the core. With our lips ablaze, nostrils filled with spice and tongue coated with rich earthy flavors we forged ahead in amazement. Truly a beast of a cigar, the Punisher lives up to it's name.
RH of Okanogan, WA
Wow! This is an ass kicker of a cigar and a very good ass kicker at that. Forget everything you thought you knew about full bodied cigars. This is not a cigar you will have hanging out of your mouth or smoke fast. Very spicy indeed. I'm an experienced cigar smoker. I've laughed watching buddies turn white and break into a sweat while sharing full a bodied cigar, but this baby made me downright woozy toward the last half. The cool thing is it is a very tasty, well made cigar. After the first third either the spice settled down or I got accustomed to it. My lips stopped burning and it became very rich and enjoyable. The Cu-Avana Punisher is an experience for only the experienced cigar smoker. It's a go big or go home kind of cigar. Macanudo smokers need not apply unless you want to end up in the fetal position.
JS of Fleetwood, PA
The description is accurate: if you don't like strong cigars, DON'T GO HERE! This is the strongest cigar I've smoked in years and is easily in my top 3 most powerful. If you like REALLY strong cigars, and can get past the feeling that someone just painted your lips with habanero seeds, then this is a very nice cigar!
JS of Fairfax, VT
Wholly Kow! Jumpin' Jalepeno lips Batman, call an ambulance! This cigar pairs well with a CASE of Ice Cold stout beer. Aptly named cigar and I love it! Not for the weak of heart.
KC of Brandon, FL
After licking the wrapper before cutting I thought my lips were going to burn off my face. First I thought it was from the onions I had before smoking, but then realized the wrapper must have been grown in hell, it was that hot! I quickly got on here and read the fan mail and decided to stick with it. After about the first inch the burning goes away and it develops into a nice smoke. If you have one lit, stay with it. I smoke almost exclusively full bodied smokes, but this takes the cake. I'll have another, but not this week.
CB of Toledo, OH
I got two of these Punisher cigars as the Cigar Of THe Month last month. HOT?? These things burn your lips the second they hit em!! Hot Tamales they are. Taste pretty dang good also. I'm toying with the idea of buying a box of them since they are 50% off. Won't smoke em often though, thats for sure. My lips would never forgive me. ;-)
RH of Midwest City, OK
Once you get past the initial shock of lighting this thing up, the Punisher turns into a very rich enjoyable smoke. Do not ditch it, endure the pain and you will be rewarded. I wonder if the habaneros are grown right at the factory?
GH of Chicago, IL
One hell of a cigar! I'm a hot sauce fanatic and as far as cigars go, the stronger the better. It's hard to believe that this much spiciness is naturally occurring in the wrapper on the Punisher. I've never had a hot sauce make my lips tingle like this cigar did. That being said, after a few minutes the spiciness tones down and this turns into a fine cigar that is very strong but smooth and not over powering. Excellent construction with a good draw and even burn with an excellent taste. Only have two left so I'm looking for the next special to restock. As the description says, not for everyone but a must try for anyone who prefers stronger cigars.
GC of Adger, AL
Just finished my first Punisher, and holy crap talk about on fire. After reading about the punisher i bought a sampler that had 6 punishers in it, so after a full meal on the belly I started out very very slow. First I licked the end cap for about 10 min to get used to numbing burn then lit this thing up, and like the one reviewer said try to stick with it because it does tone down a lot and settle in; glad i did because this is a really good cigar, you get the spice the whole way down to the nub gonna try a box when these are gone. This is a cigar you try from time to time not for everyday smoking. Happy trails
HH of Stuart, FL
Easily the spiciest cigar I've smoked. Like rubbing habanero sauce on your lips and toungue. It mellows out about 2 inches in but remains full bodied throughout. Not for anyone who is not an adventurous 'gar lover.
TB of Greensburg, PA
I'm sorry, gotta call it like it is. This cigar is obnoxiously spicy, and in my opinion, nasty. Not peppery, but habanero spicy. You can't even keep this cigar on your lips. I tried to wait out the fury but it (the spice) only slightly subsided, and I did stick with it until the end. Never again. There are too many great smokes out there that are full bodied and full flavored. This does not taste as if it were "naturally occuring". I eat and grow habaneros, but I don't wanna smoke them. Save your money and get a Cain, Diesel or Man O' War Ruination and enjoy what "full" should mean in a cigar.
DV of Middle Village, NY
Hot lips here I come!! I thought it was just a fluke when I licked it to stop runs, but nooooo it burned right on through to the flavor and full body you can enjoy(once over burned lips:) Thank you sir, I'll have another!!
TA of Mabank, TX
Unbelievable cigar not for the faint of heart. The name says it all. So complex for such a full bodied smoke. I cant wait to get more.
JR of Sycamore, IL
If your are a cigar smoking masochist, this may be the right stick for you. It provides an intense, lingering burn on the lips that is WAY beyond pleasure. It was more like rubbing your lips on the seeds of a ghost pepper. My lips were on fire at the prelight, yet I tried firing it up, anyway, and the burn got even worse. Maybe 3 draws into it, I had to get rid of it while I could still try and speak. It took about 30 minutes for my lips to stop burning so as to enjoy my next stick. I offered one to a workmate that will munch on habanero chili peppers, and he made it to about 6 draws before abandoning it, as well. It earns it's name... "Punisher"
GH of Douglassville, PA
I never met a cigar that kicked my ass...well I just did with the Punisher OMG.. was this thing rubbed in habenero peppers? This smoke is spicy beyond belief. I took 4 puffs and I was done ..lips are burning as I type. Just when I thought the CAO Sapprano was a beast...boy was I wrong. If u like it hot, this is for you. wOW!!!
VR of Suffolk, VA
I posted the first review on this smoke, but had to check to see what others are posting, and I am over here dying with laughter. I had the nerve to try and light one up tonight, still could not get past the very strong pepper AKA hot wing eating contest feel of the smoke. I keep my humidor pretty full at all times, but I will reserve this one for those who like to help themselves to my smokes who are not true aficionados. Smoke on my friends, smoke on.
VR of Suffolk, VA
completely agree with first review, this is a strong be honest im not a spicy anything kind of man, so after about 3 minutes of lighting this bad boy i wanted to throw it away because my lips were on, but i stuck it out and boy am i glad i did, its a amazing cigar, every puff i took kept feeling like it was my first never got boring or dull on me..there are cigars you only buy in singles, then theres cigars you stock up on in boxes, this is indeed that all you can and stick it out if its too spicy for'll be glad you did
TE of Skokie, IL
It is what it is. A real Punisher ! If you cant take the heat get out while you can. Although it had some wrapper problems. Some like it hot. Not for me full time. Real lip burner.
TM of Waretown, NJ
I just wanted to post for those reading that these cigars are not infused or dipped with pepper oil like others have posted. The spice on your lips is from the strong ligero tobacco used to create this cigar. For those of you who love strong lingero laced cigars and can handle the spice this cigar is for you. All mild cigar fans run away quickly. I love this cigar maybe becasue I love hot wings that nobody can handle the best part is by the end I cant feel my lips and that how it is with the punisher. This cigar does lighten up as it burns so if you spark one up and it gets a little hot keep going it get easier and the smoke will become very flavorable with hints of chocolate and espresso. Great burn, great smoke.
MS of Rome, NY
One of the best smokes I've ever had!! Spicy and sweet at the same time. Perfect burn, did not require any maintenance. I'll buy many more, when their back in stock that is.
RJ of Joppa, MD
I've grown up eating hot spicy foods from every country around the world,,,, take heed, Punisher will live up to its name. The smoke is great, smooth full bodied all the way, but this baby is like sucking on a Habanaro pepper, sets your lips on fire, lava on the tongue and acid down the throat until you learn this is not a cigar to clamp in your teeth and chew the end while smoking it. No sir, great smoke, love it, just don't chew the end, you've been warned.
JD of Wichita, KS
Like another reviewer, I got this in a sampler. I must say at first I thought I had a split lip with the way it burned. I am an avid Cain smoker, and a Cain F is not unheard of as a morning time smoke for me. This is definitely right up there in strength and flavor. The only thing I have had that came remotely close to this spicy is an El Rico Habano, and that was when I was relatively new to cigars. Macanudo lovers steer clear of this thing, if you want intensity however, give it a shot.
TH of Apo, AE
Agreed....Great Cigar when you really need a stress reliever. Not an everyday smoke. But if you enjoy spicey food, sharp cheese, good red wine, chilled top shelf vodka, or Don Julio Anejo Tequila.... enjoy it goes well with all of them. If you don't enjoy any of these with your smoke...this is not a cigar for you.
TS of Conshohocken, PA
If you can get past holding it in your mouth, this is a one of kind cigar. The outter leaf is so hot to the taste, that you feel like your lips are going to blister. The description written by CI is all true, and then some. If you are not a person who likes cigars full in body, mutiplied by 10, stay away from this one. However, if your up for a challenge this would be the cigar I dare you to try.
DM of Taylor, MI
I took this smoke with me to the golf course having not read the fan mail before I grabbed it, as I had gotten it in the "12 Angrier Men" sample pack. All I can say is luckily I carry a herf-a-dor with 5 smokes in it. Had it not came from CI I would have said this is a gag gift cigar, it reminds me of wing restaurant that have the "triple atomic nuclear" wings. But I guess there are people out there who eat those wings and would smoke this cigar. But if I ever go to a bachelor party I will take 1 one these babies to give away and laugh at the drunk idiot who tries to smoke it.
MB of Johnson City, TN
I received one of these in the "12 Angrier Men" sampler. The description C.I. gives says, "The lips will burn. The head will swim. The tummy will ache. The eyes will warm. Sweat will collect. The heat will render you prone." The only one I actually experienced was the burning lips. I guess as a gimmick they've treated the tip with pepper juice, that's the only reason I can figure that a cigar would burn your lips before you even light it. It really is as if you've just bitten into a really hot buffalo wing. Once you get past that, the cigar itself just doesn't seem as powerful as the description would leave you to believe. Overall, it's beautifully constructed and smokes well. The cigar actually tastes great once you get past the burning lips, I'd be happy to try more if they did away with the pepper juice treatment. But when I want wings I want wings, and when I want a cigar...
BS of Shelby Gap, KY
They weren't kidding about the lips burning--it felt like a hot-wing eating contest. They've actually infused or coated hot pepper oil into the tip of this cigar, it will start burning your lips before you light it! I found this to be disappointing, a real gimmick. On the other hand, if you can stand the heat until it begins to wear off you'll find that the cigar is otherwise beautifully made, solid, easy drawing, and actually quite tasty if you can get around the pepper. I'd love to try this stick without the pepper oils so I could completely judge it on it's flavor, but it's really hard to get past the "hot wing eating contest".
BS of Shelby Gap, KY
I really liked this cigar. Obviously not your everyday smoke, but a nice treat for one of those Marquis de Sade moods. Pvnisher is to cigars, as ghost peppers are to Mexican food or as Charlie Sheen is to hedonism. A fun, over the top stogie.
JE of Universal City, TX
To those who wrote reviews prior to this one; I salute you. I have wanted to try this cigar ever since the great description written concerning what you would be smoking. BELIEVE EVERY WORD OF IT! After make the first light to get the juices going, I then put it in my mouth to make the final light. BAB! The outer leaf on this cigar was like being soaked in Texas Hot Pete, or a higher hot sauce. My lips started burning so badly, it was if you had them with the hottest pepper made. The smoke from the cigar was not a problem, and nothing I couldn't handle, but the burn on my lips was so bad that I couldn't keep it in my mouth. I may have taken four draws before saying uncle. If I knew that the hot spice would end at some point, I would have stuck it out. As stated, I had no problem at all with the flavor of the smoke. I'm not going to give up on it, I haven't had a cigar yet that I couldn't handle. I'm not sure this is for people who like the strongest cigar they make. Had there been a way to keep the outher leaf from touching my lips I could have stuck with it. I put it back it the tube, then lit up a La Gloria R which was great. You can believe that I will try and smoke this cigar another time, plus there is one more that I have not opened. Not every person is going to like this cigar, and I'm not sure torture should be part of a smoking experience.
DM of Taylor, MI
Some like it hot. I sure do, this was the craziest cigar I've ever tried and I have to say I loved it! I've tried the regular Intenso and found it to be 'aight'. I'm fairly certain that besides the spice on the wrapper the blend has been tweaked as well. Once you get past the initial burning of your lips the flavors come in rich and thick. Not an everyday cigar by any means. Actually a good cigar to keep moochers from ever asking for a cigar from you again! But too good to waste on a mooch. Please sir, may I have another?!
JC of Anaheim, CA
This is a great cigar. Though, not an every day smoke. For those new to this cigar hang in there because it is worth it; excellent and smooth. Enjoy!
JH of Charlestown, IN
After the first five seconds, I began to realize the burning sensation was not part of my imagination. I set the smoke down and stared at it, confused. I began to wonder who I could have upset enough to make them sabotage my cigars with whatever was burning my lips. My mind raced through stories of the CIA trying to kill Castro with poisoned or exploding cigars. Now burning, what next? Would my cigar explode? So, I looked it up online and found out that it's all what is supposed to happen... no guilty party to be identified. Silly personal story aside, what a great cigar! Yes, the burning sensation was way too hot to be enjoyable, but once you got past it the cigar was awesome. Tons leathery ligero smoke and very complex and full bodied. This level of flavor is exactly what I was looking for, but next time I won't go through the pain to get it. Punisher would do well to have a non-burn-your-lips brand.
DT of San Antonio, TX
Holy Smokes, what a cigar. I swear I felt my lips SIZZLE! Did they dip this thing in habanero sauce. Yum, yum, give me another, please.
OE of Loudon, TN
You should recieve and award for finishing this stick! I started smoking about a year ago when i got to Afghanistan, and just bought the 12 angrier men sampler. Gave the Pvnisher a go and WOW. I have a complete body buzz now, and my lips still feel like i put the cigar out on them! I have another one of these waiting for me at home, and cant wait for round two!
MG of Uhrichsville, OH
Hot and peppery from the start. Will slowly subside about 3/4 of the way down. Wow, like smoking a Habenaro. My mouth and lips burned with every puff. Have plenty of liquids available to sooth your burning mouth. Definitely a smoke for the seasoned veteran, which I'm not. But am doing my best to become just that.
SS of Meridian, ID
Have to say I love a cigar with some flavor, but the tongue and lip burning sensation is not what I was looking for. Once that dissipates it isn't a bad smoke, but it does hinder the other flavors. May try again now knowing about the burn.
JK of Pooler, GA
All I can say is Oh Yes! Now that is a Cigar! If you like Thai Food! Something like Som-Tohm! Spicy papaya salad! You will like this! Yum! There is nothing like it! I enjoyed this with a couple of glasses of Bushmills Black Bush! Happy New Year!
RJ of Boynton Beach, FL
Got chapped lips? This stick will burn the chap right off them. WOW was not ready for this one! Managed to smoke it all. Great cigar! Lips and tongue are healed up pretty good.
JC of Bentonville, AR
I am not much of a writer but I do love my smokes. So that being said I don't know if this was going to by a good idea to smoke the punisher, but once I got my courage up I lit up and as everyone says WOW. Someone call the fire dept! It surprised me, I think its a great cigar so much that I am about to buy another box of them now. Everyone enjoy yours and if you haven't tried them- what are you waiting on? You're scared aren't ya?
DF of Martinsburg, WV
The first time I bought one of these was after telling the clerk that I liked spicy cigars! To this day I'm not sure if he was being sincere or if he'd had a bad day and chose to "punish" lil' ol' unsuspecting me! The first hit off that cigar was reminiscent of the day I tried XXX horseradish on a dare...the term "infernal bitch-slap" comes to mind! Three minutes into that stick my lips were ablaze, I was ready to stub it and give that clerk an earful. Then a funny thing happened, the cayenne mega-storm eased into something sweet, robust, flavorful...a smoke with hints of spice, molasses, maybe chocolate too? I'm not sure who's warped mind claims creator, but I'm thankful I gave it a full run before I jettisoned it into oblivion. For certain it ain't for the faint of heart, but for those adventuresome lads and lasses who don't mind a couple of minutes of unadulterated heat, you'll find this cigar transitions into something memorable...All hail the Punisher!
JG of Brackney, PA
My buddy really likes these so I figured I'd try one. Right from the get-go, I didn't care for it. I wet the head to prep it for the cut and felt like I had bitten into a hot wing. It really feels like they soak the head in jalapeno juice. The first 10-15 minutes of smoking the cigar was like this. Mouth watering. Lips and tongue burning. I really like to smoke cigars with flavor and like to be able to taste it. This one is just not for me.
ST of Fpo, AP
HOOOOO!!! I like 'em spicy...if you don't, then you better turn back now. However if you're the slightest bit curious then i suggest you jump right in and prepare for spicy tornado. I found a magnificent way to enjoy and tame this beast of a cigar. Dipping the tip in a nice red wine, or even better, a port wine makes this cigar come alive like you never thought possible. This will slightly calm the pepper oil infused tip and add a nice spice to your wine. Give this combo a whirl, you won't be sorry. I'll always keep this on hand to enjoy myself and to laugh at newbies when they come mooching.
DH of Lexington Park, MD
I got four of these with the Full-Bodied Frenzy II Sampler. Out of the five cigars in the sampler this is the only one I had never smoked, so I decided to check out some of the reviews before trying it. I have to admit that after reading the reviews, I was a bit skittish about smoking this cigar. However after smoking one today, I'm glad I did. True to the reviews, there was a lot of spice, but I didn't find it to be overwhelming. I also didn't detect a lot of pepper, which I'm not a big fan of, so I was pleasantly surprised. The pre-smoke draw left a tingle of spice on the tongue and after I lit her up there was quite a bit of spice on the lips. About a third of the way through, the spice on the lips subsided. The taste was different and very good. Maybe the bowl of hot jambalaya I had for lunch helped. I would concur with others, if you like a full-bodied cigar, definitely give this one a go.
Oh ya, so I finally got a chance to light up this bad boy, I read all the reviews and bought a 10 pack with CI. I've never had this one before so I did not know what to expect, and I was thinking here comes the MMA baby, who is going to get submitted, me or this Cu-Avana red hot pepper. I love this smoke. 1 1/2 hours into it, I gave it a double leg take down and the Punisher tapped out. I love full body sticks and this one is a one of kind for me. Also, I was able to hold this one in my mouth no problem. It was hot, but I love it. I will smoke many more of these babies. Thank you CI, I love you guys....
....It's not that it was a bad cigar. In fact, it was pretty good, but it certainly did not come anywhere close to living up to the hype of the description and reviews. It had a.... twinge of hotness for about the first 10 minutes. Once that hotness wore off, you have a medium bodied cigar with no flavors that would knock your socks off. If you are the type of person who goes running for the Tums if you just look at black pepper, then maybe this cigar would be too much. But if you are ok with a little flavor, this cigar might not meet your expectations.
JV of Cordova, TN
You guys are such sissies, and the retail description is also blown WAY out of proportion!!! THIS THING IS NOT THAT HOT!!!! Think Frank's Red Hot! Nowhere near cayenne powder, or even a jalapeño! From the reviews and discription you'd think this was going to be like Habanero, or even Serrano hot, but it's not..... It's a very very mild Capsicum infused ligero cigar. Excellent and enjoyable smoke, but NOWHERE NEAR the spiciness that the hype labels it.
PM of Jersey City, NJ
this cigar is very strong.this cigar is best smoked after a meal.or smoke at a casino. not reconmended for begginners
Incredible peppery surprise from the first puff. After twenty seconds I convinced myself I wasn't smoking something created to tear the lips off me. It suddenly smooths out into a creamy enjoyable smoke. Much like surviving gunfire to earn this excellent smoke. Will buy again.
HS of Pierre, SD
This is a damn good cigar. Full body - not exceedingly so. I know it doesn't seem to be a popular sentiment, but this could be an awesome every day smoke
I love hot, spicy food, I love cigars, and I especially love the Punisher by Cu-Avana. As mentioned before, these are not for the faint of heart. If you can withstand the peppery wrapper (a pleasure to me), the smoke is truly full bodied, but not harsh. Don't waste them on newbies or moochers. If you have tried them and don't like 'em, send them to me. I'd smoke them daily if I could keep a stock of them.
SC of Wallingford, CT
Honestly, Id put this cigar in the same category as the Camacho triple maduro as far as flavor and spiciness. The 601 La Bomba is by far the strongest cigar Ive ever encountered. Granted, the time span between smoking each of these 3 cigars was months apart from each other, my palate serves me well. Id put the Punisher at #2 on the list. Slightly stronger that the Camacho triple maduro. The true test may be to smoke all 3 on the same day. Now thats punishment!
JC of Lakewood, NY
Once you realize its a cigar in your mouth and not a friggin' jalapeño and all sense of feeling has returned to your lips, its a really tasty cigar!
Yes, I was hoping after a month or so of humidor seasoning the habanero on the wrapper would be even more pronounced. Expected it to burn the flesh off my skull starting at the lips. Alas, they simply mellowed, and in some regards got even more refined. Glorious.
RS of Dallas, TX
I read a ton of reviews and smoke a lot of cigars. Rarely does anything below a medium strength stick enter my rotation. I love a Camacho Corojo with my morning coffee. There is a descriptor used in many reviews that gets thrown around way too willy-nilly. Pepper Bomb. I see that used in far too many reviews. To truly understand what Pepper Bomb means, you must first smoke a Punisher. This stick is a tongue coating, lip tingling Pepper Bomb. I relished every puff, and will be keeping these stocked. As an addendum, if you are a regular smoker of Cu Avana connecticuts or maduros and are thinking about trying stronger and fuller flavored sticks, I strongly suggest Punisher NOT be your first step up. It would be akin to going from a Coors Light to shots of Everclear.
SJ of York, NE
I now know what it is to smoke a jalapeno. This shorty rocks, will always have a few in the humi.
I'm a full bodied freak and was blown away by this cigar. The reviews, eh, in my opinion are a bit over the top. Yes, the spice grabs you even before lighting and yes the lips continue to burn until I got 2/3 of the way down. But what I recognized was that the heavy spice was just for openers. The cigar then opened up to a full bodied cigar the kept this full bodied freak happy. Mild cigar lovers need not apply. You will be disappointed and might even feel that physical harm has come to you. No, I do not smoke them everyday, but it is a regular in my rotation. This is truly a unique cigar worthy of the price.
SS of Chapin, SC
I was introduced to pvnisher by an Army buddy. My first stick really rocked, lived up to the hype and more. I've taken to these like a duck to water. I have however found a few of my hundred or so pvnishers to be rather mild. Could be that particular leaf was a wimp, could be how it was kept prior to me getting my digits on it. I will say, every pvnisher I get out of a sealed box, seems to be what it is supposed to be. So my mind says that the ones I have bought onesie and twosie, may be the ones that don't kick me like they should. If you have tried them and like them, don't be cheap, buy the whole damn box!
TO of Garrettsville, OH
You've probably tried all the other "full bodied" cigars. Maybe you were left yearning for more. You probably won't like this cigar. With a spicyness that will make you feel like you've filled your mouth with fresh ground black pepper, it will burn your lips, your mouth and your stomach. This is the cigar version of Steve Martin's Cruel Shoes. You will feel pain. And you will probably love it. Hands down, my favorite.
JV of New Hartford, CT
I was given one by a friend and bought a box. It was an awesome smoke....If you don't care for heat, trust me suffer through the first 5-10min and I will promise you a top ten smoke.
GK of Vanceburg, KY
It rocked with nothing held back. A good brother of mine gave me this cigar to try. I have to say, I was impressed immensely.
DW of Arab, AL
Probably couldn't have one of these every day, but this has become my favorite harsh cigar on the market. Incredibly unique and such a consistent draw! I'd recommend having at least one drink before smoking this masterpiece. You're going to need to take a seat.
DR of Plainfield, NJ
Plain and simple. One of my favorites cigar. Strong flavorful and powerful.