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Felipe II Fat-Boy Extra Reviews

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Customer Reviews of “Felipe II Fat-Boy Extra”
Just received a bundle of these, 1st try as I've become a growing FG fan and generally like their other cigars. Burned down two of em today, perfect 1/2+ hour smoke, nice construction, clean burn, even and smooth all the way down to the last of the nub. Loses ash early and could use some aging time in the humidor. Otherwise a really nice cigar for the money, especially if you like big ring size cigars.
DF of Carlsbad, CA
We all know people's tastes vary and one of the previous reviewers mentioning giving these some time in the humidor to get them bring out the best in them. With that in mind, though I have not smoked more than a bundle of these, I can't recall one that didn't burn/draw right or didn't taste very good. I bought the original natural Fat Boys and at 3.5 inches, they were just too hot for me to enjoy. But I really like these longer, darker Fat Boy Extras.
SL of Mclean, VA
Wow! Just started smoking one of these from my Dog's Breath sampler. It is absolutely awesome. Reminds me of the Rocky Patel Winter Edition cigar. Taste is great. Burn is great. If you like a bold rich peppery taste, this is it. Even the wrapper taste stays on your lips after each puff tastes good. I'll be buying more of these for sure. Thanks CI!
JM of Tarpon Springs, FL
I bought a bundle of these because the length, ring gage and maduro wrapper appealed to me. I do love my maduro's. But usually I am at least a little disappointed when trying something out of the ordinary, for me. When these arrived they looked so good I had to try one that night. I gotta tell ya, everything about these impressed me, the flavor , construction and the strength. My humi's are filled with my share of the big names including Gurkha's, Rocky's and 5 Vegas' but I tell you I will be keeping a supply of these on hand as well.
LG of Columbia City, IN
Smoked one the first week of arrival,was not impressed, so after resting them for a couple of weeks they got better. Earth tones with a sweetness that pops in and out NOT very complex, this is good everyday smoke and for the price you can hand em out to your buddies. Value is key here gents, I would order again.
FP of Newnan, GA
Got 10 of em on a bargain deal, wish i had saved the money. Now I'm trading them away on the golf course. It's just too bold to be flavorful. It does burn well, but a hard draw combined with overpowering flavors just don't equal a good smoke. I think FG tried too hard with this one. I'm going back to my staple NUB.
CH of Falls Church, VA
If you were only allowed to smoke one cigar throughout the month, this would be a top candidate. Everything is just right with it. The size is good, the construction faultless, lights easily, burns smoothly and cool, draws easily, tastes great and gets better with each puff of thick rich smoke. If it has a drawback, that would be that it isn't big enough to last longer. In a word, it's a giant killer. Definitely worth always having on hand.
MH of Gardena, CA
Wimps need not apply ... worth every cent. I love a consistent great burn and a smoke that will slap your fat face- this is it . The flavor dares you to take another drag and finish what you started.
KC of Memphis, TN
Awesome cigar! Extremely rich flavor and thick white smoke. Had this immediately following dinner and now I want to go to sleep. The flavor is without equal. I received three of them in a CI sampler. I was surprised to see a mazo of 20 cigars for on $40. I would pay $8+ for the rich flavor. If you are a maduro advocate, this one is for you.
CB of Danbury, CT
I got these in a sampler a year ago and I have to say that they weren't that tasty at first. As stated in a previous review, once they spend some time in a humidor (3-4 weeks) their flavor is unleashed. They have such a smooth chocolate and coffee flavor that you just can't get enough of them.
The perfect cigar for me. Great size, not too long a smoke. This cigar develops the Maduro profile that I consider ... perfect. Long ash from well rolled cigar. Not too tightly rolled, nor uneven in any way. The cap is structured to take a cigar punch without fracturing or falling off near the end. The large ring gauge develops complex flavors, it doesn't bite, and just feels "comfortable" in my hand. I've gone through about 15 of my 20... and will order another bundle very soon. These are just perfect for an after dinner smoke or Friday night with a glass or bourbon (or a couple of port). In all... 5 out of 5.
HR of Springfield, OR
I was looking for a good, inexpensive 60 ring cigar for daily smoking and to keep the humidor full. I wasn't expecting much, but man was I surprised. These babies smoke as well as some of my favorite top brands. The burn is perfect, loads of flavor...I have yet to smoke one that I haven't enjoyed. They will be a regular visitor in my humidor.
JS of Manlius, NY
One of my favorites. Full, rich, smooth. Perfect price. A direct quote from my brother-in-law - "Was this the one you gave me before? Oh My Goddness that was a good smoke!"
Great smoke.
HM of New York, NY
Good smoke great price
CF of Bellflower, CA
I try most of the Felipe Gregorio blends, if for no other reason than they are a good value. I must admit some of them are not among my favorites. However, I was surprised by how much alike the Felipe II Fat-Boy Extras are to a similarly sized super premium commanding three times as much. I compared two of the blends of both makers & to be honest, would struggle to tell the difference in a blind comparison test. Again, this particular & oddly sized robusto, or rothschilde, or toro, or whatever it really is, is not among my favorite formats. I did concede after smoking about 10 of the pricey alternatives, that the idea of hitting the sweet spot just after lighting has some merit. For the price, so does the Fat-Boy. Tasty, well constructed & worth a place in your budget humidor. I wish CI would find more of the four very good Felipe Gregorio smokes I purchased for a song last year. Led by the spicy 53-82 Estillo Cubana de Pinar del Rio & the ultra smooth 52 Mexican San Andres Maduro & complimented by the creamy 203 Connecticut Gold & the full bodied Nicaraguan Habano 505. These are amazing vitolas that I would jump on if they were available.
They are freakin' awesome. Love them:)
ML of buffalo, NY
Followed advice from previous reviewers and stashed this 20 pk in my humidor to age....could only wait a week...and it was enough. What a great smoke with a cup of joe!! Will enjoy all of these...and a great price at CI too...highly recommended. Mild/med with good draw....same great taste all the way through to nub, no bad after taste...good solid construction and ashes well.
KB of Palouse, WA
Great smoke!
I've tried 3 bundles of the maduro and 1 bundle of the Connecticut, and I just ordered a bundle of the Cameroon. I have yet to have a bad one. These sticks are full of flavor from start to finish and for 39.99 well I just hope CI doesn't catch on and raise this price because I feel like I'm stealing from them. 5 out of 5
SB of Bristol, CT
Great smoke. Mild to medium smoke with an even burn. Great aroma and taste.
RB of Maitland, FL
Excellent cigar. Best CI value for the money.