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Customer Reviews of “Felipe Gregorio Icon”
“You will love the Felipe Gregorio Icon Collection cigar if you want the flavor of burned oil mixed with turpentine. By far the worst cigar I've had in twenty years. I couldn't give these things away.”
JB of Wahiawa, HI
“Wow! This smoke (Felipe Gregorio Icon) is surprisingly strong. It starts off with a great smooth taste and then, POW! Head rush. All I can say is this one smokes like a real gem. Anyone who says it states bad in my opinion needs a new set of taste buds and a new nose. It tastes and smell delightful.”
JD of Washington, DC
“Gentlemen you want this cigar (Felipe Gregorio Icon)! Might I suggest however that you smoke it alone for having developed an intimate relationship on the front end by the time you have reached the back end you just may find yourself speaking affectionately to what's left saying things like, "I love you", and, "where have you been all my life", "I can't wait to be with you again", and then when the end is near and your fingers are burning you may just begin to weep like a baby at the parting. It's that good.”
SN of Napa, CA
“i realy liked the "groucho" it had an unusual character, medium body , with a lot of toast, malted milk ball, yes, malted milk balls. light coffee ,and a little earthy on the finish, the twain torpedo was even more pronounced with chocolate malt flavor, i rarely smoke the same cigar twice in a day but ive done it a few times with this, look at the price. yowsa !”
JS of hamilton, OH
“Hawaii needs to stay off the coconuts, poi or whatever, it was no where near what he described it as. A little harsh yes, but look through the cigar(Felipe Gregorio Icon) and you will find a very good, medium based cigar that is worth the money. I purchased the Groucho's and am extremely pleased thus far. While I did not find the 'chocolate' flavor that some of the others have, it did not disappoint in any way, shape form, or fashion. Good cigar, good price, worth it!!!”
“I tried a pack of these in varied sizes, and found the churchill to be the most to my liking. An enticing, chocolatey, earthy, and somewhat spicy flavor that evolves a bit as the stick burns. Two complaints, though; it seemed to have some burning issues about halfway through, and started to develop a harsh, green flavor about halfway also. Other than that, a decent medium bodied smoke.”
NM of . Fallon, NV
“Huh, somethin's funny in Hawaii, dont you think? I was very, very impressed by the (Felipe Gregorio Icon) . It had a sweet, almost milk chocolate aroma and flavor. The wrapper was slightly sweet, but in no way cloying like some sweetened caps can be, and it produced prodigious amounts of aromatic smoke which was slightly herbal, like sweet thyme. Not an infused cigar (i dont think) but very unusual and tasty. Will order more. Way to knock it out of the park again CI!”
SD of Leavenworth, WA
“This was not bad at all. It was very mild and mellow. It's flavor reminded me and a co worker of old fashioned American cigarettes like Luky Strikes or Camels! It also was very close in flavor to a Don Thomas. It was definatley worth the price. I had the Groucho and smoked two straight away.”
DM of monaca, PA
ML of Weaver, AL
“I bought a box of these a couple of days ago...have burned 5 or 6 sticks, and am very disappointed with this cigar. The only positive thing I can say about it is the draw is decent. The burn is very uneven and the flavor leaves a lot to be desired. It gets hot as you get closer to the nub. I would not buy these again, or recommend them to anyone. This is a dollar cigar at best.”
JP of Indianapolis, IN
“Notes from a guy that smokes, on average, two to three cigars a day. The Icon is now one of my everyday stock cigars and I will ensure that I keep these babies around as long as CI continues to have stock at current or below prices. My reasons are simple, Icons are a pretty darn good smoke that will give you plenty of white smoke, the draw is smooth and easy, the ash holds firm...flipped it off at about 1 1/2 inches, has a taste that will satisfy most mild to medium smokers, good quality construction, and smells good enough to smoke inside even though I don't. My opinion, for what it's worth, is that these babies are a quality buy at a great price. Now to see if I can get an even better buy on these babies at MMAO...you listening CI?”
MS of Mobile, AL
“I purchased the ICON'S on a daily special. I am a neebie to the "art of cigar smoking". I have pucrchased quite a few bundles from CI in the last month or so. But these are by far the best I have chosen. I'm not a patient person so I smoked one as soon as they arrived. I live in PA. so it only takes 2days to get them. I found this cigar to be FANTASTIC right out of the box. Yes I will be purchasing more of them. Now I need to get a humidor to store my stash in. That's next.”
FB of Aliquippa, PA
“Ok I read the reviews so I bought a box, got a very good deal so figured what the heck, I have to say I am glad I didn't pay the full $95.00 for the box, they weren't as I had expected, the taste was inconsistent, I have four more to go, I am going to age them for a bit and see what happens, on a scale from 1 to 10, I would give them a 4, very disappointed.”
ES of Redford, MI
“After smoking the "Twain", my first Icon stick, I was definitely impressed. Lots of cocoa and dark chocolate notes, it was delicious! The burn overall was good, a few minor touchups were needed. Good, smooth draw, lots of rich smoke and a very smooth finish. I would consider this a mild to medium blend IMO. I have a dozen "Grouchos" sitting in an overflow humi right now defrosting and cant wait to try them considering the bigger ring gauge, it should only add to the flavor profile. Give them a try, you wont be disapointed.”
JB of Grafton, WI
“Each to his own! I have never had a bad Icon. I have smoked the sample pack cigars and enjoyed them all. I like the price and quality so much that I just bought two more boxes.”
ML of Pinson, AL
“I was very disappointed in this cigar. They were poorly made and had a bad draw. This is the first time I have had a cigar that did not live up to the Cigars International standard.”