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Perdomo Mistakes Reviews

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Customer Reviews of “Perdomo Mistakes”
Dear CI, You have to be kidding right? I can't believe that you would sell a product like this (Perdomo 2 "Mistakes"). I am willing to let you send me all of these cigars and I will properly dispose of them so that no one else in your family of customers will have to suffer smoking them. I know it is the ultimate sacrifice to make, but it is one that I am willing to make....yeah, right. This is just another example of how sick you guys are. These torpedo's for just over $2 a stick. If people aren't buying these, they aren't very ah, everyone, don't buy these, you won't like them.....Once again, you guys, and Nick Perdomo, ROCK!!
MR of Pittsburgh, PA
Have had a chance to smoke a couple of these beauties (Perdomo 2 'Mistakes') and was very surprised at how good they were especially for the price. I prefer the milder, smoother cigars and these were just the ticket.
RB of Ellington, CT
First impression- Not pretty, but smokes well. (Perdomo 2 Mistakes) Excellent draw, even burn. A bit harsh. I like the sweetness, the cedary aroma from Cameroon wrappers, and it isn't very prominent in these. However, the more I smoke these, the more I appreciate the creamier aspect, the fullness of the smoke, the cooler burning of this torpedo. I am usually asked "Hey that smells good- what is it?" and at this price and quality, I'm happy to share.
DR of louisville, KY
I forgot about a half bundle(Perdomo 2 'Mistakes') in the humidor and they aged for a little over a year, unbelievable if you can wait it is well worth it.Of course they are great as soon as they arrive too.
RM of Pearsall, TX
I got one of these(Perdomo 2 ''Mistakes'')with a sampler pack. What a great smoke. It burns evenly throughout and has a consistent, wonderful taste till the end. I now order these by the box!
MM of Big Pine, CA
Just bought my second bundle of "mistakes". What a great smoke! I think the only mistake is the price. They should be 3 times the cost, but don't tell CI! They get even better with some time in the humidor. Great draw, lots of smoke, and the flavor is smooth with a bit of a chocolate note. Probably one of the best deals available.
KT of Atlanta, GA
I received my order in 24 hours! Great. Even better, however, were these Perdomo 2 "Mistakes" MADURO. They are simply wonderful cigars. They're well wrapped, very well shaped, nice and firm but not too tight, and the flavor is full bodied and complex. All in all a fantastic buy. that's why I've just placed my second order for the humidor. Thanks!
RP of Enfield, CT
Nice smoke. (Perdomo 2 Mistakes) The wrappers are a little rough and there is some inconsistency in flavor at times, but overall a great deal. Perfect for golf course
MG of cabot, AR
These cigars (Perdomo 2 "Mistakes" are delicious. "Mistakes" uh-uh, they just aren't square pressed. They are tightly wrapped, thick with tobacco, with smooth draw and flawless ash. If you like a milder cigar get the natural wrapper. If you like a spice, coffee and anise get the maduro. These also age very well, so give them six months in your humi for a real treat. Your friends will think you hit the lottery.
CS of Nashville, TN
When I ordered these "Mistakes" I could hardly wait to fire one up. (Perdomo 2 'Mistakes') Let me tell you they far exceeded my expectations. This cigar is by no means a mistake; it is well constructed and smokes like a dream. I purchaced the cameroon version and can't wait to try the maduro. This is in my opinion the best value on the market today.
BR of Cleveland, OH
1. Let's do the math on this: Perdomo does not make a bad cigar. Some are not my flavor profile and some may not be yours, but in the context of quality you will NOT got a horrid stick. 2. CI has NEVER lied to me about what they are selling. Meaning, if they indicate a "value" stick, that is precisely what you are buying. If they say a "good/great" stick, feel comfortable about purchasing at ANY price. (Besides, if they're wrong, they'll take it back.) So, the feedback? I've smoked dozens of these in both wrappers. In my opinion -- we all have them -- for the price, you will not consume a better smoke. These are dense (good way), flavorful, rich and tasty. If you can smoke these as your everyday, working man, buy two bundles at a time, cigar? YOU'RE A RICH MAN. :) Enjoy CI buddies!
EU of Parkville, MO
You know who makes a better cigar than Nick Perdomo?.....NOBODY...thats's who!! Working on my first bundle of Millinario Mistakes (Maduro). First of all the "mistake" part is totally insane. This cigar is flawless in it's construction, it's draw, it's burn and it's flavor. A beautiful looking cigar. It is truly a joy to smoke. Nick Perdomo is truly the master of Maduro. Tons of sweet flavorful smoke from this beauty. Guys, you've got to try this cigar. They don't get any better than this!!!
HS of west warwick, RI
The Perdomo 2 Mistakes are outstanding. I could not wait to fire one up upon their arrival. This is my first Perdomo of any kind...ever! I was not disappointed. I must admit that I was skeptical at first, but I am a believer! The flavor was full and complex, the ash was steady and white with some silver, the burn started out uneven, but it fixed itself in no time, a lot of smoke and flavor to the nub. As soon as I was done smoking this gem, I went back to place another order! Make no MISTAKE, this is a must have in everyone’s humi!
VP of Bistow, VA
These came recommended by a friend. I'm a big Perdomo fan and the price was just right. I ordered the maduros and what a great smoke! Sure the wrapper is rough but so what? Easy draw, even burn, plumes of creamy smoke and a full, yet not overpowering flavor. It's a great deal and I'll be buying plenty more of these. Great job!
RT of Burbank, CA
Just lit up my first perdomo mistake, and WOW what a good smoke; perfect draw, even burn with a slight sweet-creamy taste. (Bought the cameroon ones) cannot wait to try the maduro ones these will be on my next order for sure. Great cigar for the price, can't wait to see what some time in the humi does to them. Happy trails!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
HH of Stuart, FL
The only way to make this cigar better is to make it an inch longer or free. Otherwise, it is perfect.
MK of Lawrence, KS
Fabulous!!!! (Perdomo Mistakes) Perfect burn. Hell! I burnt my fingertips twice in two hours. Maduro torpedo heaven.I wanted to smoke the ash.
DB of San Ramon, CA
A while back I picked up a bundle of the maduro blend and the first thing I noticed was this is a solid and even imposing looking log. I tried one off the bat and it did not impress me too much, but thought it was nice for the price. Well, I have been letting them age for about 4 months now and I notice that they are becoming a very delicious and fragrant smoke. Still not overly complex or spicy, but very pleasant with a great burn and lots of smoke. Recommend without hesitation.
RF of Belleville, NJ
I have gone through a lot of cigars trying to find a budget everyday cigar. Then I stumbled on these cigars (maduro). I read the reviews and decided to give them a try. What a pleasant surprise. The flavor, burn, and draw are excellent. What a nice smoke. All I can say is if you haven't tried this smoke pick yourself up a bundle. The people that have reviewed these smokes are dead on target, which by the way I thank you all for the reviews. I am on my fifth bundle and no longer looking for that affordable everyday smoke because this is it. Thanks CI
MV of Enterprise, AL
"Smokin' Deal" and great flavor! Never disappointed me. Bigtime keeper! Thanks Nick.
CB of Savannah, GA
Great buy! Mistakes? You're kidding, right? You would never know it. I purchased the maduros and they were delicious. No problems whatsoever. You cannot go wrong here. Buy em and enjoy em! PS: I wish that I had one to smoke right now.
I was suspicious...un-banded? Really? How would I know if they were really Perdomo? Guess it doesn't matter because I've had two of these beauties and they are great. You can't beat the price and the quality is darn good. They are definitely going in my regular rotation. I'd write more but I have an urge for another one...
SA of Kennesaw, GA
I am on my 2nd bundle of maduro mistakes! They are a great smoke! No matter what else I have in my humidors I can always count on this stick to put a smile on my face as I light one up! Great smoke & the price just makes them better! Thanks C I !
For mistakes I'll take these Perdomos' any day of the week. Great taste and smooth smoke. I just hope you don't ever run out carrying them.
Whatever you do, don't buy these. Yes, I mean you-right there! Yeah, the guy that has some in his cart about to check out-stop! Please? Leave 'em all for ME! Okay, seriously though, these are one of the best bargains going. Smooth, great flavor, flawless construction. My greatest fear is that everyone else will find out just how good these Perdomo Mistakes are and either they'll become hard to get or CI will get smart and jack up the prices (please don't do it, CI! I'm just a poor boy from a poor family!).
Rich and mostly smooth!
RH of Chicago, IL
Just buy them, do it, now (if you enjoy a consistent, smooth, bold, maduro with a bit of oil on the wrapper that is). To me that is perfection.... I was really, really surprised by this cigar at this price. So, now, hit the order button, do it, I did (again)!
KN of Kansas City, MO
I don't care what people say about this cigar. It is a fine smoke worthy of the Perdomo name. Nice draw, powerful smoke that gives consistent flavor throughout. The only drawback is at the last third where it tends to fall apart. We'll worth the price of admission
SS of Chapin, SC
Great Cigars
Got my cigars today and wow!!! Smoked about half of one then ordered 20 more. One fine smoke my friends!
MF of Murfreesboro, TN
This is a very nice drawing, silky smooth maduro. Nice floral bouquet, great toothy wrapper, well constructed and a nice pepper bite to it. The only mistake is not grabbing a bundle when you have the chance!
GZ of Merrick, NY
If your looking for a very consistent inexpensive cigar. This is it. Easy draw, burns well and full flavor. Its all of a $10.00 stick for $3.00.
BF of fort hood, TX
I have ordered these a number of times and my friends who I have shared them with always comment on this smooth to the end beauty. I have been ordering from CI for years and this has been my favorite smoke in this price range. You will not be disappointed in this smoke.
Great smoke...Just like the Perdomo 100.00 or more for a box of the ones with no mistakes and the fancy rings of Perdomo trade mark on them. They do burn funny from time to time and the ash flakes during smoking just a little. What do you expect for the price. These little issues does not take away from the experience of smoking a high grade cigar at a great price. Get them coming CI.
KH of brandon, FL
What I call my standard choice for a cigar. Always pleasing and serves as a perfect "backyard" cigar. I buy more of these than any other cigar! Please keep 'em coming!
The best $3 maduro on the market!
I have bought but only one brand of "mistakes" or "seconds" in all of my years of cigar smoking on a wish and a prayer that this Perdomo could be as good as their premiums made me wish it could be. And so now I order them regularly despite the fact that a few in ever bundle turn out to be duds. But the rest are absolutely incredible and irresistible. Rich, creamy, smooth, and spicy, but sweetly tempered, and never biting. The Cameroon wrappers adds that perfect cigar flavor that balances the entire smoke. I enjoy these more and more, which doesn't happen even with the best of them at times.
CS of Ringoes, NJ
I've been smoking these from about the time they came out. I keep trying other brands and although I've found some I like, nothing can match the Perdomo Mistakes for quality and price.
Not gonna get in to a big write up excellent cigar all 20 of them smoked great only reason I can see calling them mistakes is because the size is not consistent, not that bad just knit picking, all in all great smoke
VS of Commack, NY