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Gurkha Doble Maduro Reviews

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Customer Reviews of “Gurkha Doble Maduro”

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"Fantastic in all areas"!
I received some of these in a sampler pack and tried one after about a week in the humi. I must say was so unimpressed with the first one that I just put the rest of them towards the bottom of the humi. Today I came back by them an figured I should give them another shot. All I can say is WOW. I have never had a cigar that changed this much after some good quality time in the humi. I smoked that Churchill down to the nub and enjoyed the sweet chocolate and coffee notes more than any other Gurkha I have ever had. Take my advice. Let this one sit in the humi for a couple of months before you decide to endulge. Mild to medium maduro perfection.
Bought these a few months ago. A good tasting smoke, stays lit okay, not a razor sharp burn but tolerable, plenty of smoke. They all seem to split open and/or unwrap themselves about mid way. Real disappointing considering this would be the only smoke I took with me that day. I have many different brands at different ages in my humidor and are all treated the same way and they don't act like this. If they behaved themselves, I may buy more.
I always seemed to overlook this cigar for some reason. I love Gurkha and I love maduro cigars, how could it have happened???? This is absolutely in my top 5 all time favorites. Mind you I am not a "top shelf" cigar smoker by any means, but I do love me some Gurkha's, anytime I can afford them. This cigar is pure bliss for me. An hour of nothing but me and a "Doble". The construction, draw and burn are "Gurkha". The flavor pre-light is "Gurkha" and from first to last puff it is all "Gurkha". Just substitute "perfect" for "Gurkha", you get the picture. Thanks Kaizad, keep being "Gurkha".
Once again Gurkha performs to all expectations. At about $5.00 each these are a killer. Suggest the 6" length, the 7" version is wrapped a bit too tight, which makes the draw a little less than perfect. If you enjoy a medium bodied maduro this cigar will become a standard for you.
Bold, Rich, awesome cigar. A favorite.
I just received a "you pick 3 Gurkha 5 packs for 30 bucks, free shipping" sampler. I picked a 5 pack of Doble Maduro, one of Black Dragon Fury and one 5'er of Black Beauty Toro's. They arrived dry but I had to try them...Smoked a Doble Maduro and one of the Black Beauties. I'll tell you what, for two dollars each and no shipping cost, this has to be the best deal going! The two that I smoked were very good and well worth the admission price. I'll let the remainder sit in the box a while to catch up on some needed hydro. Tell you what, that's going to be hard, they're that good.
It was a pleasant smoke, with a nice flavor to it. I believe that it will be remembered.
This is the finest Gurka and the best Maduro I have ever smoked and that's coming from a regular smoker of more expensive Padron, Arturo Fuente and Rocky Patel Cigars. Great mild to medium taste throughout with no bitterness and at a great price.....what more could you ask for !!
this is a real smoke, what a cigar should be
This smoke is truly a grand experience for the hardcore maduro lovers Awesome
I've posted a review about a year ago. You can read it below. If you can keep one of these babies (Gurkha Doble Maduro) in your humi for a year.....well all i can say is " i wish my marriage was so good. OOPS! got to go, my wife just read this.....
Loving dark cigars anyway,Gurkha Doble Maduro I gave this one a go. As soon as I toasted the foot I wanted to put it down and serve it to people as a dessert!!! The chocolate rush is simply amazing, so many wonderful flavors, it's hard to belive it's a premium smokeable. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED TO EVERYBODY!!!
DoUble Maduro is another triumph for Gurkha, a brand that continues to impress me as I sample their various offerings. A simply gorgeous cigar to look at, the chocolatey wrapper almost makes me want to take a bite. It's intimidatingly rich appearance might lead you to expect an overwhelming body, but the Doble Maduro is smooth and silky while still delivering plenty of flavor. People who wandered onto the smoking patio at the officer's club while I was enjoying it all commented on the great aroma, the most memorable comment being, "I can tell you're smoking some money there -- that doesn't smell like a cheap cigar!" This will definitely join the "Legend" in my Gurkha humidor.
I'm doubtless a Gurkha enthusiast and the Doble Maduro is one of my very favourites. Beautifully made, fantastic pre-light aroma and and even burn. Wonderful cigar.
I am in awe. This cigar is more than just another smoke it is an experience; smooth, deep and rich (Gurkha Doble Maduro). This is Gurkha's gift to man. Thank-you CI and thank-you Kurkha.
SPLENDID (Gurkha Doble Maduro) !!
UPDATE: This Gurkha "Double Maduro", is double delicious. As advertised, I don't think I've ever tasted a maduro wrapper as SWEET as this. WOW! I have no choice but to add this to the regular rotation now. If your a Maduro lover, and I'm serious... "BACK OFF! GET YOUR OWN".
A friend of mine was nice enough to give me one of these (Gurkha Doble Maduro). I have been wanting to try Gurkha for the longest time but had my doubts about it. It had a nice even burn to it. I smoked it for at least 45 minutes with some whiskey. It complimented the cigar perfectly. It has a nice dark flavor to it and the taste and aroma is even throughout the entire burn. Well worth trying some.
I bought this cigar (Gurkha Doble Maduro) after receiving an email about the 3 mazo deal. It was my first experience with Gurkha, and let me tell you, my expectations were surpassed by far. The flavor is wonderful, smooth, and rich. I could smoke this every day for the rest of my life! Definitely a new favorite of mine...
This is without a doubt the best Maduro cigar I have ever had (Gurkha Doble Maduro). The price is absolutley amazing and the taste is incredible for beginners or for the affciando.
My wife bought me a membership in C.I.s Cigar of the month club for Christmas '05. Gurkha Doble Maduro was featured. One Sunday afternoon, I went out to my (unheated) garage to light it up. It was 27 degrees outside and I expected to crush it out in about a half hour. When she called me in for dinner an hour and a half later, I requested another 10 minutes so I could finish it. I stuck a toothpick in the nub and smoked it until the ashes singed my nose hairs. I searched for a whole year to find this cigar after that, Then I bought 20 of them. Thanks to C.I., they came with 20 free Gurkha Expeditions. The Doble Maduro is my "hands down" favorite cigar. Better than any cigar that costs 3 or 4 times as much.
I LOVE CI !! When I go into cigar shops to look at what they have to offer, it makes me really appreciate my account with CI. I am a Gurkha fan. I only smoke maduros. I have to laugh at the prices (by the stick) that I see in shops no matter where I go. Thank You, CI, for your FINE establishment!!
The Doble Maduro is one of the best all-around smokes available on the market today. I save this cigar for special occasions, yet the price of these beauties makes for a wonderful daily smoke. Hands down, the best mild-bodied cigar on the planet!!
Defintely should be a 94 rated cigar (Gurkha Doble Maduro). Amazing from start to finish.The mellow taste stayed true all the way to the end. Keep these in stock please!!!
I love this stick (Gurkha Doble Maduro). One of the best smokes I have ever tried.. Even my wife enjoyed this smoke I have to buy more just for her. When will we get to buy a box?
The Doble Maduro Gurkha could very well become one of my favorites. It is sublime to smoke and I hate for it to ever end. Great to the finish. It now holds a place of honor in my humidor, in the same drawer as the AFs and Rocky Patel Vintages.
This is my first Gurkha (Gurkha Doble Maduro). I bought the 5'er at your suggestion. My only regret is I bought only 1 pack. Awesome smoke from start to the finger burn. I will be back for more and pick up a few other 5'ers of other Gurkhas as well. Keep up the good work CI
Just got 5 of these (Gurkha Doble Maduro) as part of a great CI special. What a fabulous cigar! It is smooth and delicious all the way down to last inch.
One of the best cigars around (Gurkha Doble Maduro). On par with OpusX,and cubans. I wish it would be sold by the box.