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BlendLab - ME-6052 Reviews

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Customer Reviews of “BlendLab - ME-6052”

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Have two of these from recent shipment and its one of my favorites. They call this a "toro" sized cigar (6.0 x 52). Also a beautiful made cigar, firm lovely color. Very straight burn throughout - no touch-ups needed. Ash was incredibly firm and hung on a long time. I'm sure everyone has seen photos in ads of a cigar standing on its end, balancing on a couple inches of ash. Well, if you had a level surface, you could do it with this one. Despite the firm ash and how well packed it was, the draw was excellent. The aroma out of the wrapper was like you walked into a big humidor - tobacco, wood, etc - it was wonderful. After lighting, it was very flavorful although I would not give it the full, "full" rating you see on CI, I have had a lot more "fuller" cigars. That's not a bad thing with this stick as its has a wonderful flavor I would not want messed up by trying to punch up the strength. Flavor of aged tobacco with bit of cedar - again just like a walk-in humi. Consistent but not overdone dark chocolate/mocha coffee undertones - but never "sweet" picked up a bit of choco-cherry at times. Again not sweet but you get that flavor. Lots of lovely smoke. Nice "meaty" satisfying smoke but no ashy or bad aftertaste. Lasted forever. No real pepper to speak of despite what the blurb suggests. The only negative - for some people - that I can think of is that the flavor profile stayed pretty much the same from start to finish. Although the undertone of cocoa/coffee/etc did fluctuate a bit in and out, the cigar was pretty much the same from start to finish. That was fine for me for how this tasted but i know some want a cigar to "evolve" over it's burn and this one really doesn't do that. At $6/per on CI its not the cheapest blend-lab, but not the most expensive either.
Slight veiny wrapper. but well made. Rich and flavorful with a subtle coffee undertone. Trace cedar character. Medium body. No harshness and very smooth. Draw was perfect. Another Blend Lab cigar that I will purchase again.
Just smoked the fists of the ME 6052. Good medium to full smoke, beautifully made, easy draw, even burn and mellow taste. Wish I had the taste buds to say more about flavor.....but this was a very fine smoke