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BlendLab - PJ-5556 Reviews

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Customer Reviews of “BlendLab - PJ-5556”

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A bit of a sharp start, but then a solid smoke till the very end -- a great deal at $4. Definitely a cigar experience I will repeat.
Until now, I have always been a bit skeptical of "house blends". The PJ-5556 helped changed my mind about that. This is such a lovely smoke for the price, its a well constructed cigar. The nice wrapper, awesome smoke. For the price point, I could easily see this becoming an everyday smoke …minus $1 or $2.
This is a very interesting cigar that I will need to get more of to make a final opinion.... Listed as 5.5x56, but it seemed a bit thicker than that - going to have to get something to measure ring-gauge I guess for these Blendlabs. Started out very "Cuban-esque"; reminded me of the H.Upman Tubos I used to pick up in Windsor. Mild spice and lots of smoke. Tasted a lot more Cuban than many others that advertise that. About one-inch in (and that took a while as it burns slow) it hit a bad spot. Flavor left completely and it was simply harsh and ashy -wasn't over-smoking it either. The bad spot cleared and the spice was no longer there. Much more "toasty" and "earthy" still with a lot of nice smoke. Very tasty, but quite a lot different from the start. Huge solid ash that was not coming off. About 2/3 in the toast flavor faded out and spice started coming back(but never as much as the very beginning) and it got stronger. Also, at that point, developed a bit of a burn issue and needed several touch-ups Finished strong and flavorful with a savory/chewy aftertaste that was quite pleasant. Lasted a full two hours and I feel like I just finished off a nice steak. In all, except for the brief bad spot, was a very good smoke and a great value - 2 hours for $2.25 is a deal, but going to try and grab some more of these to get a better sampling.
The blend is what I need with my cup of joe every morning!