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BlendLab - QE-654 Reviews

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Overall Rating 4 out of 5 Based on 2 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “BlendLab - QE-654”

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3 out of 5
Shows a lot of promise, may need some aging.
Beautiful Cigar and great pre-light smell. Lit easily and never needed retouching. Razor sharp burn and firm ash. About 1 hour 45 min smoke. Huge amounts of smoke. Burned one ROTT and have to say this is one of the stronger Blendlabs I have had. Very strong tobacco and dark-dark coffee-sh flavors. When good, it was very-very good. At times, however, it was a bit harsh and bitter, like coffee that has been overheated on the warmer all day. Not always like that, but at times it came through that way. Other than that the flavor profile stayed the same the entire smoke, so those that want a cigar to "Evolve" over time would not care for this. This is a hard stick for me to categorize, so going to come up with a new category! I am putting this one in my new "wait and see" category. I am betting that this stick needs to sit for a while to mellow out just a bit, then could be a winner. So the remaining 4 from my fiver will go into the "aging" humi for a while. Will pull one out in about 3-4 months and report back, then, if still a bit harsh, another one 3 months after that. IF that doesn't do it, it will be cold weather time again so that last couple will get a whole year on them before they would get fired up - so this one might be a long-term project!
5 out of 5
Good smoke I would buy
Good smoke I would buy them again.
Customer Testimonials
This was a pleasant surprise. Great draw, slightly tight which is how I prefer it. Tons of smoke. Plentiful notes of nuts and spice. Relatively one-dimensional, but I enjoyed the flavors enough that I didn't mind at all. Burn was razor-sharp, and the cigar lasted for almost 2 hours. This is a strong cigar, but not going to knock anyone out. Highly recommended for the price.
Great looking cigar, beautiful wrapper! Excellent burn and draw. Smoke was peppery with leather and cedar. However, had a bitter taste after each drag from the beginning. I plan to buy more of these and try to age them to experiment but overall, it was a good tasting smoke, just a little bitter on the tongue.