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BlendLab - ZV-654 Reviews

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Overall Rating 4.5 out of 5 Based on 2 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “BlendLab - ZV-654”

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4 out of 5
Great smoke, fool your friends!
This is a blendlab you could use to try an fool your neighborhood cigar snob. Beautiful dark wrapper. firmly packed. Incredible pre-light flavor. Good burn and flavors of Cedar & earth. Mild spice. Hint of salt. Slight sweetness at times on the finish. "Hearty" is a good buzzword here. Huge amounts of lovely smoke In another review, somebody compared this to a Padron and, flavor-wise, that is not far off. However the true expert (as opposed to the "snob") would note the uneven burn and need for a couple of touch-ups and a relight and the fact it burned much faster than a real premium. It did last a good while but went through the first 2/3s a lot quicker than you would get with one of the big money sticks. In all this is a very good smoke if you don't mind paying attention to it just a bit.
5 out of 5
Best one yet!
My favorite blend lab cigar so far! Nice smooth draw and even burn and easy to light. Nice cedar taste. One of my favorite cigars ever. From the second-hand smoker: one of my favorites as well! Very smooth and even. No bite at all and doesn't burn my nose. Rich woodsy smell and good lingering scents.
Customer Testimonials
I'm not long winded, so I will be short. This is my first BlendLab cigar and it was a great smoke. I would smoke this one again; great flavor, ash, draw, and smoke!
Easily my favorite blend lab cigar I have had so far! I think it tastes like a mix between a Padron & a CAO Brazilia/Italia..... Great medium to full smoke!