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Stanwell XMAS

Have a very Stanwell Christmas!

The Stanwell XMAS Pipes are beautifully designed exclusively for Stanwell by the great pipe marker Poul Winslow. Crafted of the finest Italian plateau briar, this yearly release is generous in size and adorned with 925 Sterling Silver applications. Encased in a Stanwell gift box and premium leather pouch, XMAS Pipes are top-notch in every sense.

We at CI are proud to be one of the very few retailers in the United States to get an allocation of these masterpieces. Pick one up most lickety split as these will be long gone before you know it.
  Name   In Stock MSRP Price Qty Cart
Stanwell XMAS 2009 Special Edition Pipe SANDBLAST BRIAR PIPE In Stock $384.00 $307.95
Stanwell XMAS 2009 Special Edition Pipe - Smooth SMOOTH BRIAR PIPE In Stock $384.00 $307.95
Stanwell XMAS 2010 Special Edition Pipe - Smooth SMOOTH BRIAR PIPE Out of Stock $384.00 $307.95    
Stanwell XMAS 2011 Special Edition Pipe SANDBLAST BRIAR PIPE In Stock $384.00 $307.95
Stanwell XMAS 2011 Special Edition Pipe - Smooth SMOOTH BRIAR PIPE In Stock $384.00 $307.95
Stanwell X-MAS 2012 Special Edition Pipe - Smooth SMOOTH BRIAR PIPE In Stock $300.00 $159.95
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Customer Reviews of “Stanwell XMAS”
You know I love you guys and gals at Cigar International, I really do, seriously, I have the mugs, the lighters, smoked more cigars from y'all than I'd admit to to a judge or any ex wife, but I'm not surprised no-one has written a review for this pipe. First thing anyone who is wondering, yes, this is a hell of a good price (124.99 as of today at least, 5-14-2013) and yes Poul Winslow really did design it and yes there is the hallmark of 925 demonstrating it is silver, and that silver band with silver mouthpiece is known as a military bit. Soldiers would use spent shells to repair their pipes. Throughout the years some of the most famous and innovative pipe carvers in the world have worked for Stanwell, and some, well the living ones, still do designs. There are a lot of places to look up the history of stanwell, none of them, however, is going to have this pipe this cheap. If you're reading this review and have ever considered smoking a pipe buy this one. Otherwise buy something really cheap, but there's a problem with that; too cheap and a poor smoker and you might miss out on the joys of pipe smoking (it's harder work than, say, clipping a good cigar and lighting it) buy too expensive of a pipe and discover you don't like it and you'll feel stupid. This pipe at this price is a happy medium and whereas buying a pipe as an investment is like buying a car as an investment (a bad idea) at least you will be able to resell this one without much of a loss. I ordered it. I haven't received it yet, and you can never tell with a pipe until you've broke it in whether it will be a good smoker, I know it's a good buy. Most of my Stanwells are good smokers. Whether the one I get is or not won't effect whether yours is or not. I believe their pipes are machine made these days, which isn't to say they are bad at all, just that Poul Winslow didn't care this, he just designed it. Good pipe great price, option or not of using filter.
HC of East Lansing, MI