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Harlekin by Stanwell Pipe

Stanwell’s box of misfit toys.

When this first landed on my desk, I scratched the old noggin, grumbled a WTF and then proceeded to open this funhouse of goodies from Stanwell. At first you’ll probably have a similar reaction, because inside you’ll find 12 bowls and stems, randomly presented in a variety of finishes, shapes, and colors. Some are very traditional, while others probably belong behind a wall of glass in a museum somewhere. But that’s where this product really sparkles. You can mix and match any way you like to create some of the most interesting, if not eye-catching pipes around. The bowls simply screw into the stems for easy, pain free swapping. And each and every one is made from quality briar too. With twelve different bowls and stems, the possibilities seem endless. Plus, it’s extra easy to keep a clean pipe on hand for a fresh smoke each and every time. Think of it as your Stanwell erector set, and you have final say of what goes where. (It’s actually quite a bit of fun) Admittedly it’s all a bit wacky, but when you consider this was intended for the European market, it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise.

note: Bowls and stems vary slightly from box to box. Each box contains an assortment of smooth briar bowls and rustic painted finishes.
  Name   In Stock MSRP Price Qty Cart
Harlekin by Stanwell Pipe SINGLE PIPE ONLY - NOT BOX SET Out of Stock $35.00 $14.95    
Harlekin by Stanwell Pipe Set 12 BRIAR PIPE SET Out of Stock $420.00 $299.99    

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