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Butz-Choquin Cappadoce

Butz-Choquin Cappadoce Pipes - the best combo since PB & J.

Cappadoce pipes combine the best of both worlds - briar and Meerschaum in one! This clever union allows the pipe to retain the classic look and durability of briar, while affording the cool flavorful burn of Meerschaum. A genius combination, these pipes go the extra mile in providing the most enjoyable smoke possible.
  Name   In Stock MSRP Price Qty Cart
Butz-Choquin Cappadoce 1025 - SmoothBRIAR/MEERSCHAUM PIPE In Stock $151.50$125.95
Butz-Choquin Cappadoce 1304 - SmoothBRIAR/MEERSCHAUM PIPE Out of Stock $151.50$125.95    
Butz-Choquin Cappadoce 1320 - SmoothBRIAR/MEERSCHAUM PIPE In Stock $151.50$125.95
Butz-Choquin Cappadoce 1601 - SmoothBRIAR/MEERSCHAUM PIPE In Stock $151.50$125.95

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