Peterson Black Ceramic Pipe Stands much more than just pipes.

The Peterson reputation is well-known and equally well-deserved. Their innovative designs have revolutionized the pipe industry, offering a luxurious family of pipes, pipe tobaccos, and pipe accessories.

The Peterson Ceramic Pipe Stand is attractively crafted and a perfect addition to your desktop or den. It’s simply designed, but it looks great and works perfectly by keeping one pipe upright and safely stored or held. 

Whether you collect pipes, use different pipes throughout the day, or typically smoke with a couple of buddies, this 3-pipe stand from Peterson has you covered. It easily accommodates 3 different pipes, keeping them upright and safely stored.

  Name   In Stock MSRP Price Qty Cart
Peterson Black Ceramic 3-Pipe Stand TRIPLE CERAMIC STAND Out of Stock $50.00$40.95    
Peterson Black Ceramic Pipe Stand SINGLE CERAMIC STAND Out of Stock $25.00$20.95    

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