Pipe & Cigar Ashtray with Knocker

Two birds of a feather flock together.

This pipe & cigar ashtray is one of the most versatile ashtrays around. Made of ceramic, and featuring a beautiful high-gloss black finish, it not only looks snazzy but it’s a cinch to clean. Gently brush out the remaining ashes and it’ll look good as new! Plus, its contoured basin has enough room for one pipe, and up to two cigars, as well as a long reservoir for ashes. It even comes equipped with a convenient cork pipe knocker. No doubt a mainstay for a true lover of the leaf.

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Style:Table Top
Type:Cigar & Pipe
Pipe & Cigar Ashtray with Knocker PIPE & CIGAR ASHTRAY In Stock$30.00$17.95

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