3-Pipe Ashtray with Knocker - Blue

Go for the trifecta.

It seems everywhere you look, you find a black ashtray. And that’s why I’m such a big fan of this piece, it really adds some vibrant color to the mix. Plus, it comes equipped with all the necessities: three contoured pipe rests, large ash reservoir, cork pipe knocker, and an easy to clean high-gloss finish. It also happens to be pretty easy on the eyes.

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Style:Table Top
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Customer Reviews of “3-Pipe Ashtray with Knocker - Blue”
“I received my Comoy's Blue just this morning and was pleasantly surprised. I was looking for a Pipe Ashtray that was specifically for my Pipe. Not to be shared with a Cigar, a Cigarette, or any other smoke of choice. It is of ceramic and has plenty of heft to it and its size (8" diameter) is perfect for my stand (looks grand on my desk top too). Above all it stands out above all for it's Blue color. This and all of it's features are worthy of high marks. I highly recommend.”
EP of Albuquerque, NM