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Staff Reviews for August 2005
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  • Liga IV

    Steve R
    As I write this, Liga IV is being counted in by our receiving crew. Crates upon crates of silky smooth Liga IVs, waiting for a home. I haven’t picked any from the shipment that just landed, but I still remember the samples like I smoked them yesterday. The first thought that ran through my mind upon receiving them was “Farmie”. For those of you that aren’t familiar with …
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  • La Gloria Cubana Serie R

    I just returned about a week ago from New Orleans, where the annual RTDA cigar industry trade show was held this year. Man, talk about a roll in the catnip. I always look forward to RTDA - catching up with friends in the industry, working out deals, discussing new projects, smoking 20 cigars a day....and hatching schemes to destroy the competition (he he he). It's sensory overload, with cigars as …
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  • CI Legends

    I love the Olympics. I stay up all night watching the stuff. I don't care that I already know who won, due to the time delay and all, it's sports history and greatness at its best - I can't peel my eyes away from it. These athletes do some pretty amazing things. And, to think of the stage that they're performing at, one slip and a lifetime of training down the tubes. Did you see our US gymnasts? …
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  • Nat Sherman Host Selection

    Back when I was cigar newbie, I think it was the summer of '95, I walked into a tobacco shop down in the west village of NYC. I pressed my eyes against the dirty glass case to get a better look at the goods. $11 - wow, that must be a great cigar. It was a Nat Sherman brand. Never heard of it, but if it cost $11, it must be phenomenal. And next to doin' the wild thing, it was the best darn …
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  • Natural Dirt Torpedo by Drew Estate

    Steve R
    As I write this, we do not have the Natural Dirt Torpedo in stock. However, it will be arriving shortly, and the more I think about the cigar, the more I am looking forward to its arrival. Drew Estate sent us samples a few months ago, and I burned through them quite quickly. They were good, but nothing too exciting. I thought, “It’s the same as the Dirt, why do I need a …
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