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Progressive Jackpot Build-a-Combo #2


Big name brands as low as $2.19 apiece when you go ALL-IN!

Now is the time to try your luck at the CI Progressive Jackpot Build-a-Combo...where everyone is a winner! No need to count cards, place max bets, or try to determine the probability of winning. All you need is a yearning to save upwards of $231 while taking advantage of some deeply discounted 5-packs. Remember, the more you choose, the more you save. In the end, you can literally save up to 81% off normal retails! So, put on your game face and let it ride.

Step 1: Select one 5-Pack from Tier 1 - 5 tasty choices.
Step 2: Select one 5-Pack from Tier 2 - 5 more tasty choices.
Step 3: Select one 5-Pack from Tier 3 - another 5 tasty choices.
Step 4: Stop here and enjoy 15 cigars for $39.99, OR continue playing.
Step 5: Add on one 5-Pack from Tier 4 for $10 more - that's 20 cigars for $49.99.
Step 6: Ok, make your decision...stand and collect, or go ALL-IN like a boss!!
Step 7: Add on yet another 5-Pack from Tier 5 for $5 more - 25 cigars in total for only $54.99!
Step 8: Realize you just beat the house, and built an awesome sampler worthy of a king.
Step 9: Play Again!

It's that simple. The deeper you go, the more $$$ you save. Here's your chance to enjoy 25 cigars for just $54.99.
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Tier 1 - To begin, please select one 5-Pack from the list below.

5 Vegas Gold Churchill (7.0"x50) 5 CIGARS

Despite the pomp and circumstance surrounding full-bodied, powerhouse cigars these days, milder cigars still rule. The new 5 Vegas Gold is a perfect example why. This gorgeous creature is crafted with extensively aged tobaccos, including a beautiful, almost shimmering Connecticut shade leaf with a rich satiny texture. This charming blend is the big easy. I’ll recite the reasons chapter and verse. Top quality tobaccos? Check. 5 year aged long-fillers? Check. True Connecticut shade wrappers? Check. Made in one of Honduras’ top factories? Check. Handsome packaging? Check.

Toast the foot and take a draw. You’ll see some spirit up front: a slight nutty taste followed by some zesty peppery notes on the back of the palate. A feisty sucker! But instantly it mellows into a polished smoothness with ample creaminess. It stays utterly consistent from here on out, well-balanced with a sturdy creamy foundation, and booms out thick clouds of smoke. What a charmer! Mild to medium it is, not super-mild, but just shy of a middleweight. The fantastic “gold bar” style packaging and an astonishingly reasonable price point round it out. 5 Vegas Gold is a positively delightful blend.


Genesis The Project Torpedo (6.0"x52) 5 CIGARS

Genesis began as 'The Project,' a limited production, local favorite exclusive to the Honduran market, mostly used for gifts and events. Now available on a grander scale, the Genesis is ready to make its mark. The lush, well-aged tobaccos used to craft Genesis deliver a scrumptious and complex medium to full-bodied bouquet. An exceedingly complex core of vintage long-fillers from Nicaragua and Honduras, including select ligeros, visos, and secos. This complex recipe is expertly blended, secured inside a feisty Jamastran binder, then cloaked by a dark and inviting, triple-fermented Connecticut Broadleaf maduro wrapper boasting gorgeous oils. From the very first puff, it's clear this cigar is something special. Each Genesis wastes no time asserting its distinct array of eventful flavors. Thick and creamy smoke coats the palate, dusting the taste buds with hearty notes of espresso, roasted nuts, earth, and nutmeg. The finish is long and savory, offering a unique spicy-sweetness after each puff. Complex, yet highly refined and skillfully balanced, Genesis is a mere peak into the window of Ramon Bueso's extraordinary talents. Genesis The's just the beginning.


Gurkha Hudson Bay Churchill (7.0"x50) 5 CIGARS

In creating Hudson Bay, Gurkha owner Kaizad Hansotia hand-selected aged tobaccos of optimum quality as usual. But this time, he also honed in on one other very important detail: sharpening the pencil on price. The outcome is magnificent and Gurkha’s Hudson Bay is a true anomaly. How could a cigar composed of such fine tobaccos cost so little? It's a head-scratcher.

Handcrafted in one of Nicaragua’s top factories with a Cuban-seed Nicaraguan long-filler recipe, Ometepe binders, and a muscular, leathery San Andres wrapper, this lovely, densely packed premium burns slow and cool with a bold, rich bouquet. Medium in strength with enjoyable notes of leather, earth, black pepper, and espresso delivered in velvety-smooth fashion. Delicious. Deeply discounted. Deserving of a permanent stay in your everyday rotation. 


Nica Libre Toro (6.0"x54) 5 CIGARS

Hand-crafted in Nicaragua, Nica Libre is a veritable candy bar. This blend showcases an aged combination of Nicaraguan long-fillers secured within a Habano binder, inside dark and oily, positively resplendent San Andres maduro wrapper. A classic maduro experience: rich, hearty, and silky smooth. Deep notes of coffee and earth smack the palate in balanced fashion, leaving behind a bold, somewhat peppery aftertaste that lingers long on the palate. A hint of dark chocolate is present during the slow burn, completing an eventful and enjoyable medium-bodied cigar. One of the finest values in a Nicaraguan handmade maduro that you'll find on the market today. 


VS Serie '55' Imperial Habano Toro (6.2"x52) 5 CIGARS

Ok, let's be honest, Victor Sinclair undeniably creates the hottest, most affordable, cigars in the business.  Here at CI, we have a difficult time keeping these popular brands in stock. With that being said, we challenged Jose Dominguez, to create an uber-premium blend that we could still deliver to the masses at a great price. And boy did he deliver. While all of his blends thus far have been solid, this one takes things up a notch and catapults the brand into the big leagues. Dare I say, this one belongs on your top ten list? Maybe so! One little taste and you’ll swiftly agree.

VS 55 Imperial Habano delivers some serious flavor. Each one is packed to the gills with notes of espresso, oak, leather, earth, and sweet cream. It’s well balanced and complex, thanks to the blend of tobacco leaves from the best growing regions within five unique countries and have been patiently aged for five long years. This is one Habano-wrapped lovely that’s sure to please. 



Tier 2 - Next, please select another 5-Pack from the list below.

Tier 3 - Now, please select one 5-Pack from the list below. (15 Cigars Total)

Tier 4 - Add 5-Pack from list below for just $10 more! (Optional - 20 Cigars Total)

Tier 5 - Go All-In, add 5-Pack from list below for just $5 more! (Optional - 25 Cigars Total)