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Nica Libre Reviews

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“I'm a Padron Fan, These AREN"T for me! Light in the hand, soft and spongy, they burn hot and fast. Flavor is minimal. this might be an acceptable $1 cigar, but save your money for a better deal. ”
“The new packaging looks nice, although a bit reserved for a cigar that is anything but ordinary! At the end of the day, you will be buying this cigar because it is truly an amazing cigar regardless of price. I'm on my second box and I'm so impressed with the overall quality of this cigar! The draw, burn and flavor are "world class"! I believe this is one of the best cigars in the world, regardless of price! As a cigar smoker for over 20 years, I find this cigar a treat every time I light one up. Hints of coco and nuts coat the pallet; billows of smoke enhance the flavor and overall experience of this virtual candy bar! After my first box, I found myself craving more. Do not hesitate buying these...they are tasty treats that deliver on every level.”
“It pains me to see the rhetoric about Padron vs Nica Libre rearing its ugly head so soon. There will be much fan mail forthcoming, mostly total praise for AJ Fernandez's master stroke of genius. But some will play the Padron card, as we have already seen. I'm a big Padron fan myself, yet logic dictates that when faced with a choice of buying one excellent Padron cigar or Five delicious Nica Libres, .....well, you know which I choose. Now, on to the business at hand, praising Nica Libre for the tremendous pedigree & unprecedented value this blend represents. For two bones & change, you can lay hands on the finest Box Pressed Maduro Robusto available this side of Padron. Loaded with medium bodied flavor & the distinct smoothness AJ Fernandez blends are famous for. Tastes of cocoa, caramel, anise & expresso boldly flow from the luxurious billows of smoke Nica Libre emits. Complex, bold, yet civilized. Construction is very good, consistent, yielding a 40 minute experience. It is true that these are not overstuffed, but don't mistake that for slipshod workmanship. It is part of the plan & it works perfectly. All things considered, my favorite Maduro cigar. Highly recommended & highly rated. 92/100”
“many times when I are researching a cigar to possibly buy, I look to see if BB of Loveland, OH has reviewed it. He and I have very similiar taste in cigars, and I have found his reviews to be very useful. Now let me say that these Nica Libres are a very good cigar at any price, but when I can get them cheap, it's a fantastic value. On a previous order, at the end I had a chance to buy a ten pack of the Toro size for only 17.50. lI had smoked a few of these in sampler packs and really liked them, and now love them at only 1.75 apiece in the Toro size. I love box pressed versions of cigars, and everything about this cigar is top shelf. I just came inside from spending an enjoyable hour with one of these Toro sized Nica Libre. I would have ordered more of them on my latest order, but I simply don't have room in my humidors right now, maybe next month. These are cigars I really want to keep in my personal stock. It's medium bodied in my opinion with plenty of flavor. I am not one to be able to pick out all the little aspects of a cigar, I just know what I like when I put the lighter to the cigar. Thank you CI for having this great cigar at a fantastic price. I will definitely be buying more of them.”
“I'm a Padron fan also and, I feel, the Nica Libre does offer some of the flavors of the Padron 1964. The updated product look doesn't matter to me because the blend is the same. Consistent, flavorful and easy on the wallet.”
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