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Alec Bradley Mundial Reviews

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Mundial: a bit expensive but a great cigar
Worth every penny!
Let me first state that I am a novice when it comes to the world of cigars and don't have the vocabulary to describe what it is I taste. The cigar I smoked that got me first hooked was the AB Nica Puro and still today is my favorite cigar, and since have tried all of the AB offerings and most of them occupy space in my humidor now. The Nica Puro, Prensado and Tempest are my favorites. When first saw the Mundial had been released I purchased a 5 pack from CI. After sitting in my humidor for A few weeks I tried the first one last night. Simply stated it was the most enjoyable cigar I've smoked to date. Before I finished smoking I ordered another 5 pack. Then I went back a few hours later and ordered a box. The best way I can describe it is that it is in the Prensado/tempest family to my taste, although much bolder than a Prensado and a creamier finish than a Tempest. I would highly recommend trying this offering although after reading 3000 boxes were released last year and 4000 this year, maybe it's best for me to keep quiet.
This is absolutely the best cigar I have ever smoked, and I've smoked many. This beauty was a delight from beginning to end. I'll pay the price to experience these on an ongoing basis. That's all I can say.
This cigar is hands-down one of the finest full-flavored cigars on the market. I ordered five perfectos and was pleased with every one. The stick is well made, and even though one developed a wrapper problem in the humi, it burned evenly and only gave up its ash twice. There are hints of vanilla, some tiny hints of leather, and even a slight, natural sweetness. Also some hints of natural fine coffee. This cigar is well worth the price and puts other cigars in its class to shame. If you haven't tried any other AB product, this is one that deserves a sampling. Even in the last inch, this cigar had no "bite." I'm thinking of ordering these to be shipped on a monthly basis. Well worth the 92 rating; possibly higher.
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