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Fallen Angel Reviews

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Overall Rating 5 out of 5 Based on 2 Ratings
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5 out of 5
AJ is simply one of the best!!!
First, I am an avid fan of pretty much everything AJ Fernandez makes. Some of my favorite cigars (many of them AJ) are Ave Maria, Diesel, Man O War, Ramon Bueso, Alec Bradley, etc. This cigar is up there with all these greats- definitely a medium to full blend with a tinge of sweetness on the wrapper when you smoke it. I have ordered Fallen Angel at least 6 times from CI- hands down the most I have ordered of any cigar which says a lot. Reason? Fantastic smoke at a bargain. You are a master, AJ. Ione of my sons even has been nicknamed AJ ;-)
5 out of 5
Great smoke
I've always favored the darker wrappers and this cigar is filled with wonder. It's made with the best of the best from the plant. Dark, oily, smooth but rich with a slightly sweet after note , yet it retains its Cuban Esq full flavor profile....fantastic smoke....A
Customer Testimonials
This cigar is amazing. I will not call myself the most technical cigar enthusiast, or say I have smoked every cigar ever, but I have smoked quite a few, and this is one of the cigars that I would say is up there on my list. From when I first saw the box it was beautiful. It had a modern take on a classic look (I am going to turn it into a jewelry box once the cigars are gone) and my smoking buddy and I had trouble taking out the first cigar from the box. Once we got passed that though, there were no regrets. The flavor was very smooth and went very well with my warm mountain dew. The burn was very even and coned perfectly. The Robusto cigar lasted a good hour and was worth burning the tips of my fingers. My smoking buddy and I were ready to go long into the night smoking these, but wanted to save them to be enjoyed. I don't usually use a rating system to 100, but based on price, and I would say this cigar was easily worth $11 a cigar retail. Seeing a box for only $100 is a must buy for me, even though it is the smallest size. I will keep this in stock as long as I can smoke a cigar, and I have quite a while left for that.
I recently picked up a 5 pack of Toro's on the Jam and have smoked two of them already ... what can I say, I absolutely love this cigar! I am a huge AJ fan and have tried about everything he has ever released, current and some of the discontinued blends, and I can't exactly find a comparison in terms of how to describe it ... which is what I love about the cigar. The toro is well packed with nice firmness and some weight; there is no tooth to the wrapper, but you are greeted with an oily-sheen box press, and it just feels "right" in the hand. The strength profile I would recognize as medium, but the flavor is full. Upon lighting you are greeted with mild spice and that infamous pepper in the back of the throat that AJ is noted for, but slightly toned down. Espresso mingles with the spice and leather opens up after the first inch. The cigar seems to remain one dimensional, but the flavor profile provides more then enough enjoyment and makes up for that aspect. Retro reveals a pepper blast which opens up the sinuses. I am very impressed overall with the Fallen Angel and would recommend this to not just a fan of AJ, but to Nicaraguan tobacco. Thanks CI!
I recently picked up a 5 pack of the Torpedoes and tossed them in the humi for a couple of weeks and couldn’t wait any longer. What an impressive stick. I’ve had A LOT of AJ’s offerings and am quite the fan. All I can say is WOW about this stick. Construction is beautiful. Slid it out of the cello and first sniff was slight bitter un-sweet chocolate, slight leather, clean earth, and premium tobacco. Flavor was slightly leather, creamy, earthy, slightly peppery (that slowly builds throughout the burn but never overpowers), chocolate, hints of cedar, coffee and some slight notes of brown spice. Draw and burn was flawless. Strength starts off medium and builds to a solid medium-full. Smoke was constant with a creamy white smoke that added to the experience as is danced off the burning end. What was so impressive was how smooth the stick was through the smoke…it didn’t get spikey and just was a really pleasant and enjoyable smoke. I am really interested to see what letting them lay in the humi for a few months will reward. I certainly will be buying more of these…a permanent rotation addition for me. Great stick AJ and Thanks CI for bringing them to us.
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