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Gold Strike Reviews

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I got a couple 3 packs for free, tried one straight away and it was so so. The peppery taste was all I got and it burned a little wonky and tried to go out constantly. The other 5 went into the the humi for about 6 weeks and boy, what a difference. Now these are not going replace any of my favs, but for an easy going smoke it's pretty good. I didn't get too much of a pepper taste, though it was there. Nutty and coffee flavors really came out after the first third. I had the churchills BTW. As I got to the end it got a little more pronounced with the pepper, but not overly so. The burn was a lot better after resting, but 3 of the 5 still wanted to go out, so I had to pick up the pace which I don't like. I am going to get a bundle of the toros when CI gets more stock. Bottom line is you get a very smokable stick for dirt cheap.
Not a huge fan of the pepper taste but it does have a hint of coffee. I was always fascinated by cigars growing up and when I turned 18 this was my first. The first few I didn't notice the flavors or anything I just thought I was cool. Now that I've started really getting into cigars and such I can say these aren't as good as I had once thought. I can now pick out flavors and really enjoy a cigar. I am smoking a Churchill as I'm typing this and for a cheap cigar it's not bad but there is a reason cheap will always be cheap.
An excellent affordable stick. Six bucks for a sealed 3 pack. Peppery yet sweet, good draw, even burn. You can't get more bang for your buck. Don't pass these up when you see em!
I'm always looking for a good everyday smoke. This fits the bill. Good flavor, (nutty, some pepper, and wood.) Burns well, and easy draw. Best part is the price. Can smoke these daily and not go broke. CI, you never cease to amaze me!
So I was craving a good smoke and stopped into the local truck stop in search of one. They had these in a three fer for $7 next to the counter. Not a bad smoke for the money. I get a little uneven burning on some and thats after putting the rest in a humi for a week or so. This is a good "Get me by" smoke.
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