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Padron Family Reserve Reviews

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Overall Rating 3 out of 5 Based on 1 Rating
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3 out of 5
Good brand, but not their best cigar.
This cigar is average, which is rare for a Padron cigar. The cigar burns smoothly and evenly. However, when compared to the Padron 2000, the Padron 1964 (any of them), the Padron 1926 (any of them), its tates is average. Peppery for sure, but the overall taste is not the same. This is a good daily cigar.
Customer Testimonials
45 year maduro. Best cigar I've ever had. So many transitions, but yet so smooth. Smoked to the nub, and I was satisfied. Padron is the benchmark for cigars. Indeed.
I remember my dad telling me a fool and his money soon part, and that's how I felt plunking down 25 bucks for one of these at my local cigar shop. The problem wasn't that the cigar was bad, but that for a quarter of the price you can buy cigars with the same construction and flavor. Awesome cigar, if you have money out the wazoo.
Maduro 50 was, in a word, PERFECT. Absolutely amazing stick, perfect draw, unbelievable volume of cool smoke with the slightest tug, with aroma almost reminiscent of a fine pipe tobacco coming from this masterpiece. Slight sweet on the back of the palate, caramel, cocoa, leather, with almost no spice until the last third, which was light and pleasant. 90 minutes of pure cigar smoking pleasure. Budget willing, I would have bought as many boxes as I could have found and began resting them for my foreseable smoking future. No way you want to miss this one once you can find them again!
85 Year Robusto - One of my sons gifted me this before his wedding. 2+ yrs later, it was time. Words cannot do justice to how perfect this cigar was. Where to begin? Black cherry, unsweet chocolate, allspice, leather, wood, thick earthy undertones. Smoked lots of the "regular" Padron line. Very good, but this cigar exists in another realm. When torched, I knew this was not a smoke I would manage, it was going to manage me. Powerful. Seriously. Not Ligero power, but a slow, subtle power. Like a mule kicking you but with silk pillows on his hooves. Everything about it is sheer perfection. Had to fight the urge to subsequently dump all of my cigars in the trash because they pretty much suck in contrast. No doubt the best cigar I've ever smoked. It is worth paying a premium for. The north side of $20? Few things that are one & done are worth that. But this I learned, there's a huge difference between a $20 cigar & a $6 cigar. If you can somehow manage one in your budget one day, you must!
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