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Vieja Tradicion Reviews

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“I thought " what a surprise" as I smoked the first maduro gordo. They are pleasantly interesting, full enough to satisfy a full body guy and impressive enough to get you thinking about your next box. At under 30 bucks a box, I'll buy em all day. ”
“i am smoking one of these as i type.very nice and well made.ROTT,,excelent flavor and draw,,not to bold but just right.i like a kinda gutsy cigar and this is great for a very well priced everyday smoke.the Corona Gorda are an excelent buy for the $$ price.the aroma is pretty good and it doesnt get you KICKED OUT of the living room and thats a good thing.this cigar will be even better with a lil humi time,,,,,if i can wait. JR”
JR of Fairmount, IL
“Just received my Vieja Tradicion, cigars and I have to say right off the top that they came in a beautiful box with hinges!! Nice quality!! The cigars were well constructed and in perfect condition. Tried just one and so far so good! A little humi time and they may even get better! Smooth draw and good taste! Can't beat it for the money!! Will definitely buy more!!”
“Took a shot in the dark ordering this unknown/unfamiliar brand cigar, But Boy Howdy!!!! Talk about a REAL Sleeper!!!! - - - from the CI Clearance Dept.!!!! This 6 X 52 guy tastes amazingly good. The listed price puts this cigar in the " Lincoln Continental at a Ford price" zone!”
“9 day shipping left the wrapper cracked, was not truly happy with the package, box looks better on the website as well. It's a decent taste. It was kind of a hit & miss with a few of them which is odd to me but, whatever. It's got a nice mild taste, I can't give a perfect review because they came cracked & 90% of them all the wrap fell off. I wasn't too happy but as for taste it tasted fairly well due to it being potentially pretty dry. I'd give them a 2.5/5 for the whole deal, presentation, etc.”
GD of Eugene, OR
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