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Gurkha BK8 Pocket Tanto Tactical Knife Reviews

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I got this knife a couple months ago, it is very strong, and very sharp. The reason I bought it was really I wanted a knife that had a glass breaker on it, as this one did. The only problems with this knife is the glass breaker is not welded on, but it is screwed on with maybe 2 twist, and comes loose very quickly. So As I forgot to ensure it was tight one morning when I put it on and the glass breaker piece is gone. I still carry the knife and think it is great. Just don't understand why they would make an item so important if you're depending on it, so easy to just fall off. I recommend the knife only if you want to use if without the glass breaker.
Very cool knife and good blade. It's not my favorite design, but my friends and son love them. I have received four as promotional gifts and have given them all away to people. I just made another order with the free knife promo and I'm keeping this one for myself. A very good knife overall and well made. I like the glass breaker and didn't see how it would come loose, but stuff like that happens.
Hey, what can I say, it was free with my purchase so I can't really complain. However, if you are buying this for a quality knife or a "glass breaker" on it, save your money. It is a sharp blade but it is a very cheaply made knife....Rambo wouldn't approve.
Nice small pocket knife.
For a free extra added to my order, it's not a bad knife. Blade came sharp and the glass breaker is useful if you often find yourself trapped in submerged cars, but I would not recommend this knife if you're actually spending any money on it. Spend a little extra and get a quality brand name knife.
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