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CI Cigar Juice Reviews

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CI juice 16 oz.,.... reliable, a must for any humi and a nice big bottle.
Having to monitor 3 50 count humidors, and 150 count, until my 300 arrived this week. I've learned a great deal since I monitor my humidor very close. I tryed an experiment by using distiled water in one of the bead humiors, and Cigar Juice in another humidifier. My results were just as good if not better with the distilled water, than using the cigar juice. Very seldom do I disagree with the things CI has to offer, but this is one time that I have to. Having put the cigar juice to a test, save your money and stick with the distilled water. It should be noted, I used two 50 count humidors just alike when I did the cigar juice test against the distilled water. However, it's your money.
These do the job very well. I actually use this in drymist humistat tubes, which works great.
Great stuff! The gentleman who insists distilled water works just as well, may have forgotten that over a period of several years, using a 50/50 solution has the effect of extending the life of any humidification device that contains propylene glycol crystals. Not to mention the added benefit this solution gives to the regular sponge type humidifier, by lasting much longer & maintaining a constant humidity much better than when using distilled water only. You can pony up 12 bucks now for months of carefree maintenance or 20 for a new humidification device later. I like my old discs & rectangle humidification devices. I have kept many for years, thanks to a 50/50 solution, like CI Cigar Juice.
I have used Cigar Juice in my humidor ever since I bought it a few years ago. Never had any problems and the juice keeps a nice steady level of humidity. Would not try any other product in my pride and joy. Back for more as I write this review.
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