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Blood Red Moon Reviews

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Hey, these are tasty little cigars in a unique size. I fell for the marketing and the cool artwork, and ordered 2 5-packs. Don't get me wrong, these are tasty little smokes, but more "hat than horse" as they say. I liked them, but for me, are too expensive for what you get. Better off getting some of the toro or corona bundles that CI offers in plentiful quantities.
Wow! At first I thought I was smoking a Cuban Fonseca(I lived overseas for a spell). The prelight aroma was slightly metallic and earthy. The mini corona held its ash well, burned straight, and I worked it down to the nub. The flavor notes were slighty vegital, cedar, tobacco, earth and slight spice....almost nutmegish! I will be getting more of these from C.I. on my next order. A true hidden gem!
Impressive. As these were given to me as a free promo with my order, I did not have high hopes. We all know these incentives usually consist of poorly accepted stuff nobody wants to buy. I was pleasantly surprised. These are definitely not cheap fad sticks. Nice construction (however unusual), nice bold flavor, and a solid medium body. I was especially surprised at how long it smoked. I expected a 20 minute quickie. It lasted almost an hour. Thank you CI!
I received these as a promo and was expecting them to be a low grade deal. I was 100% wrong. Everything about these was pleasurable from the ease of the cut to the even burn to the rich but mellow flavor. I was considering giving them to a friend, but after I tried one I was selfish and smoked them myself. A good relaxing 30-45 minute smoke and well worth a look at for any cigar enthusiast.
These are uniquely flavorful little smokes! I'm not big on assigning flavors to cigar profiles, but as one reviewer already said "almost nutmeg" really nails it (maybe butterscotch?) Anyway, I got a free 5-pack and came back to order a brick of 50. IMO they don't need any additional aging, but seem like they'll get better over time.
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