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Torano Noventa Reviews

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The La Esperanza (toro) caught my eye on a Joe's Daily Deal, and I'm glad they did. They're a beauty to behold and smoke as good as they look. Great construction, firm white ash, and a medium-bodied smoke that's not complex but very satisfying to the palate. I was into the second inch before the draw opened up to where I like it, but it was worth getting there. Make sure you don't miss out on these limited-edition beauties. With the great CI deals on this smoke, you can't go wrong.
This is my first review on CI. I have been smoking cigars for 15 years and smoke 5 or 6 a week. I like to vary my cigars so I usually don't have a favorite. For comparison purposes my usual rotation includes Alex Bradley Maxx, Fonseca Series F, Hoyo De Mont. Exclaibur, and Gurkha (all kinds). I bought this cigar (Carlos Torano Noventa 90) as a Joes daily deal. It was fantastic! I have smoked other Toranos - Casa and Exodus and enjoyed them, but for the price this is a better cigar. It was medium strength, but in no way "boring" It had excellent flavor for such a medium to mild cigar. It burned very evenly and had a nice draw. I gave one to a golfing partner and he called me later to say he had just ordered a box because he enjoyed it so much. Overall a great cigar. Not as strong as many of my usual, but very flavorful and much more "complex" than many medium strength smokes. If you see them as a Joes special again, make sure you buy plenty, as that is my only regret. I only bought 1 box at that price!
The Torano Noventa is a cigar very much enjoyed. Pleasant pre-light aroma, nicely made and with an excellent draw. For the first half-inch the ash was loose and flakey, but became firmer very quickly. At a full retail price of nearly $13, I won't be buying any, but the CI price is quite attractive. I enjoyed this cigar very early in the morning with coffee and though it is, to me, a medium+ cigar, it was in no way too strong for that time of day. This one is certainly worth a try.
I picked up a box of robustos, 25 in a box. Great smoke for less than $2.50 per stick. Great for everyday smoke or sharing with friends or neighbors where you want a good smoke but don't want to break out the good ones, you know what I mean :-)
A masterful cigar from start to finish. The Noventa is as much of a mystery as it is captivating to behold right down to the very end.
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