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Puros Indios Viejo Reviews

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“A very fine mellow Churchill. Lasted through a long walk in the park and a perfect compliment to an espresso afterwards. Enjoyable all the way down to finger-burning level.”
GP of Minneapolis, MN
“You talk about deals! I'm one of the biggest deal hunters on the face of the earth! If it's cheap and above all a tasty smoke then you can bet that I'm trying to get dibbs on it. I've tried just about all of Rolando's line of bargain priced beauties and Puros Indios Viejo is by far my favorite! I can't believe how smooth this cigar is! Not to mention the taste! Now I've tried some premium and super premium smokes and let me tell you these babies come close if not go toe to toe with the best of them. WOWWWZAAA!”
AC of Los Angeles, CA
“This is a wonderful example of a well made, good tasting cigar that is affordable enough to smoke on a regular basis. I don't have any cigar smoking buddies to impress with outragously priced cigars, I smoke what I like, and this is definately one of my regulars!”
WS of marion, NC
“I'm one of those cigar smokers in the first camp: I think Don Rolando practically walks on water. This cigar is a lovely thing with a pleasant pre-light aroma and a lot of excellent flavour. What does it taste like? A good cigar, that's what it tastes like. At any price this is an excellent choice. CI makes it simple for us....”
MC of MLeesburg, VA
“I like all the Puros Indios cigars, but this one is fast becoming my favorite. Even though it is a budget priced cigar, it compares favorably to some more expensive offerings from Puros Indios...I like this one because it has a more...well, "earthy" quality to it. What I imagine American cigars were like in the 19th century right down to the rough construction and clouds of white smoke! Can't go wrong buying a bundle or two at these prices.”
DH of Silver Spring, MD
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