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Puros Indios Viejo Reviews

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Overall Rating 5 out of 5 Based on 3 Ratings
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5 out of 5
great cigars
These cigars are just the right blend for my taste and the price makes them an excellent value.
5 out of 5
Puros Indios Viejos by Rolando Reyes
This was my first experience with this cigar. I blindly bought a bundle of twenty, and smoked them for the few that I shared with friends. Jamastran tobacco isn't for everyone, so I wanted their input on the cigar as well. The wrapper felt like velvet; this is a cigar that one could tell had been aged for quite some time. According to the catalog description, the filler (and possibly the binder and outer wrap) had been aged for around six years, so when they arrived, I felt they were ready to smoke and didn't need much, if any, extra time in my humidor. I lit one up as soon as they arrived, and could tell they had enough aging time within the first inch of ash, which is nice compared to receiving them and having to let them rest. As my herfing friends and I experienced this stick, we all concluded that these were delicious smokes, with the Jamastran filler having a taste unlike any cigar we'd had before. The first third had a sourness that wasn't unpleasant and backed off just before the second third, where a creamy smooth flavor and aroma took over. In my opinion, this may be why there aren't very many cigars on the market that use Jamastran filler; most avid smokers don't expect a cigar to start off with sour notes. I, like all smokers, have my "go-to" sticks, but also like to change it up from time to time. Neither I nor my cigar smoking friends had a problem with the first third. It was a newly welcomed experience. Not a single burn or draw issue in the bundle. The sticks felt loosely packed, which I concluded was due to the long aging process. Each could be squeezed on the foot without fear of tearing the wrapper. A very different, yet pleasant smoke indeed. The second third brought out the innate flavor even more. Soft on the palate, the Viejo filled the room with a surprising sweetness that made these a joy to smoke. During the final third, strength picked up a bit without losing the sweet flavor. Creaminess was still present, and the cigar remained cool; it wasn't a lip burner. With this blend, you won't have to sacrifice smoothness for strength. While being quite a different smoke in terms of taste, it was a truly enjoyable smoke with no burn or draw issues. If you are looking for consistency and something a bit out of the norm, I highly recommend the Puros Indios Viejo.
5 out of 5
Puros Indios Viejo Corona
This is a favorite, not overpowering, and it goes great with a glass of red wine while working on my crpytograms and sudokus.
Customer Testimonials
A very fine mellow Churchill. Lasted through a long walk in the park and a perfect compliment to an espresso afterwards. Enjoyable all the way down to finger-burning level.
You talk about deals! I'm one of the biggest deal hunters on the face of the earth! If it's cheap and above all a tasty smoke then you can bet that I'm trying to get dibbs on it. I've tried just about all of Rolando's line of bargain priced beauties and Puros Indios Viejo is by far my favorite! I can't believe how smooth this cigar is! Not to mention the taste! Now I've tried some premium and super premium smokes and let me tell you these babies come close if not go toe to toe with the best of them. WOWWWZAAA!
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